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Halfdays Apparel Review: Who Said Winter Couldn't Be Sexy?

Halfdays Apparel Review: Who Said Winter Couldn't Be Sexy?
Kirsty Robyn Wilson
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Kirsty is a nature obsessed freelancer with a passion for securing adrenaline-pumping experiences, especially those that involve close encounters with wildlife of any kind. She aims to bring a sense of adventure to everything she writes, as a way of awakening the inner explorer in her readers. She's a dynamic writer, with a can-do attitude ready to take on any challenge presented to her.

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Winter isn't exactly a season where people feel at the top of their game. After all, we're tucked into three layers of jumpers and windbreakers, just trying to keep the nip of Jack Frost at bay.

But if you thought winter street fashion was terrible, you've never seen what fashionistas find to wear to visit the ski hills. 

Personally, I feel like ski apparel has gotten tackier and cheaper. Instead of changing the design to make something stylish and functional, companies slap gaudy patterns onto the fabric, use inferior materials, and then call it a day.

It's not good enough anymore! In the hunt for fashionable outdoor winter apparel, I realized scores of other women asking the same question: Why can't a ski suit look attractive?

Luckily, our prayers have been answered, and independent businesses have come to the rescue. After searching high and low, I discovered an online apparel brand that may have answered all my prayers: Halfdays.

And I've got to say, what a breath of fresh air. Functional and fashionable ski wear! Hallelujah! But before I get too overexcited, will it be worth the hype?

Well, let's find out!

Halfdays logo
Image Courtesy of Halfdays

What Is Halfdays?

Halfdays is the result of women growing tired of outdoor winter clothing brands sticking to the same tacky designs used in the '50s. 

I mean, we've come further than this, and with new technology, surely we can come up with better-looking winter apparel! Right?

The founders of Halfdays agree and put their heads together to start looking at a way to add versatility and trendiness to the functional outdoor apparel industry. 

And so, Halfdays was born, starting with a range of sleek and sexy ski wear to kickstart a revolution in outdoor apparel. Or at least, that's what the tagline implies. 

What Is Halfdays Goal?

The idea of Halfdays was originally to help create an appealing aspect of skiing that might encourage more females to take to the snow-capped mountains and embrace a more outdoorsy adventure. 

But, like any good direct-to-consumer company, they researched and discovered that their mission was more significant than they thought. 

Skiing is male-dominated, with most of the companies involved with the apparel and equipment for the sport designing their products to suit the taste of that consumer market. Unfortunately, they also shove the skiers who don't fit that dominating demographic.

So while the market has women's apparel, the companies behind it didn't really bother to ask the women what they wanted.

So, the whole issue of women's outdoor apparel became a question of accessibility. Too many women felt as though they weren't skilled enough to go and join the outdoor sporting community, and why wouldn't they? The companies that dominated the industry didn't seem to care about them nor wanted to make them feel included.

So Halfdays undertook the task of providing a comfortable community within which women could discover new talents and try their hand at outdoor sports, no matter their skill level.

Inspiring, right?

Woman on a ski lift posing in white Halfdays jacket and ski goggles
Image Courtesy of Halfdays

So What Makes Halfdays Different?

The reality is functionality and fashion have been on many entrepreneurs' minds for a while. In fact, Forbes has so courteously gone over lists of fashionable skiwear. 

So what makes Halfdays unique and exciting?

Well, that's what I'm trying to find out. With competitors on the market like Superdry and Dare2B, the market isn't exactly needing new brands, so what does Halfdays offer me that others do not? 

The Materials

Halfdays prides itself on being eco-friendly and sustainable, which translates into using recycled fibers to create its clothing. Surprisingly, for its functionality, the recycled Polyester holds its own and has some superb waterproofing capabilities, not to mention the 100% recycled insulation made from PrimaLoft.

Plus, the benefit of using this material is its versatility. More colors, textures, and weights mean more comfort and less garish designs. 

They've Considered Functionality

It's a worldwide pandemic that something as simple as pockets in jeans doesn't exist in the female fashion market. Yet, this is an essential functional addition to a pair of pants that women long for.

Why do I mention something like jeans and pockets? Well, it's because consumers want functionality, and Halfdays has considered this and delivers it!

Halfdays has taken it a step further, offering their buyers unique in-built tools they didn't know they needed. I'm talking about phone straps, in-sewn goggle wipes, and a perfect pocket placement that doesn't have you digging at weird angles just to find your lip balm.

Frankly, the creativity and thought process is awe-inspiring! It's like the designers asked, "How can we carry a purse around the slopes without carrying a purse around the slopes?" and, boom, not-so-secret additions. 

The Fit

One of the most reviewed aspects of the Halfday product ranges is the fit. Finding the right clothing fit is the bane of my existence and really discourages me from certain brands.

So, it's good to note that there's a good amount of positive feedback, giddy about how well the Halfday items fit. And this doesn't just pertain to one item. Multiple reviews, multiple different products from pants to bibs, all with the same feedback. 

It's all about the fit, and I love a brand that knows how to design clothes for all body types. 

Woman wearing a yellow Halfdays jacket in front of dark yellow wall
Image Courtesy of Halfdays

So What's the Catch?

The unfortunate reality is that I can't only say nice things when it comes to reviews. So yes, while I'm avidly a fan of the excellent work Halfdays is doing, I've got to offer you, the reader, the straight facts.

Halfdays may be an incredible example of what the tenacity and ingenuity of females can do. However, it's still a young company and has to learn a few things before it tries to fight the industry "big boys".

Let’s go over some of the disadvantages you may run into if you purchase from Halfdays.

Shockingly Not All-Weather Material

While the products receive excellent reviews from most of their users, some sacrifices were made in the hunt for ultimate quality!

One such sacrifice was the ability to withstand wind. Unfortunately, the price of that soft, luxurious-feeling fabric is feeling the bite when the breeze picks up, a flaw that can be fixed but all the same. 

Sizing Issues

Another problem is some of the sizing in some of their products. Halfdays sizes are true to ski brands because you'll need to order a size above what you usually wear.

I wouldn't recommend a blind buy-in and would encourage those who are itching for new equipment to check their sizing charts. Don't make a mistake! You've been warned. 

Unfortunately, for women 5'4" or shorter, you'll have an issue with pants sizing. The pants are either too long or the jacket too clunky, but thankfully they're aware of this and are working on it. 

Quality in Question

Finally, I want to mention the price point. After comparing the cost of ski jackets, Halfdays is on the more practical side of things. 

Ski jackets alone can cost well into the thousands if you're going for high-end. So the fact that one of their most popular items, the Aston Jacket, markets for a relatively affordable cost of $425 is a blessing. But it does make the hair on my neck twitch to think of quality.

Nothing lasts forever, but when you're out of pocket on a few hundred dollars, you want to be sure the item lasts through wear and tear. Unfortunately, this is not something any single individual can judge. The damage a garment acquires in its lifespan is a direct result of the activities of its wearer, which vary from person to person.   

While recycled Polyester is generally very durable, this is something to watch for as they're a relatively new brand to the market and don't have a vast user base to judge the quality from.

User Feedback: The Best of Halfdays Products

Aston Jacket

Price: $425

We're all suckers for a good winter jacket. Even though the Aston Jacket was born for the slopes, you don't have to be a skier or snowboarder to admit that it's pretty darn sexy.

With a removable belt to help accentuate your silhouette, the flattering design leaves you feeling styled to the nines. Still, it has the functionality offered by their phone straps, goggle wipes, and lavishly deep pockets.

Happy woman wearing pink beanie and Aston Jacket from Halfdays
Image Courtesy of Halfdays

Carston Bib Pant

Price: $325

A good and trusty pair of bib pants are an essential closet item for ski gear. So it's no wonder the ladies obsess over these. Waterproof, insulating, and with adjustable straps to work the garment to your body shape and size, what more could you want? They also have pockets, including a snug internal chest pocket to keep your ski pass and phone safe.

Woman posing wearing Carston Bib Pants from Halfdays
Image Courtesy of Halfdays

Johnson Top

Price: $95

This base-layer item is a must-have addition to your ski equipment, and its fans seem to agree. The sleek, soft, and comfortable design is breathable and easy to maneuver. You'll still maintain flexibility and agility without feeling restricted by your layers.

Woman wearing Halfday's Johnson top in pink
Image Courtesy of Halfdays

Where to Get Your Fix of Halfdays Garments

Halfdays is a direct-to-consumer company, meaning you'll be ordering directly from the source. 

Their website, which can be found here, only ships to the US and Canada at the time of publishing. However, the company does have plans to potentially expand its market.

Is Halfdays Worth It?

Ultimately, whether or not you like a brand will depend on your personal preferences and body type. After looking at Halfdays skiwear ratings, reviews, and general specs, it's a good choice if you're in the market for new gear at an affordable cost.

For most people, the pros outweigh the cons, and this is why the likes of Forbes and Vogue have keenly focused on this startup. Obviously, it helps that one of the founders is a professional sportswoman, so you know that you're not just buying Halfdays gear for kicks, but you're actually getting a product designed to improve your ski experience.

Our Rating: 4.1/5


  • Cost-effective
  • Stylish
  • Eco-friendly
  • Functional


  • Not all-weather
  • Sizing is different
  • Quality might not be the best
  • No international shipping

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