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DayUse 2022 Review: Are hotels by the hour actually legit?

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May 25, 2022
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Armela Escalona
Armela Escalona
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If you've ever felt the need to book a hotel for a private excursion or temporary office, you're in luck. Learn how you can use DayUse app to your advantage for cheap daytime hotel bookings.

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If you’ve suffered the pandemic isolation just like the rest of us, you’re probably eager to do a lot more traveling this year. And if you’re a frequent traveler, renting hotel rooms has probably been one of the most challenging parts of your travels. 

What if you have a few hours to spare before your flight, is there a way you can book a hotel for daytime use? What if you need somewhere to host a business meeting? Or need a place for a quick luxury escape?

Seriously. Why would you pay the price for a one-day stay if you’re just going to use the hotel room for a couple of hours? 

Times have changed. Modern problems need modern solutions. is now offering daytime guests a way to enjoy their chosen hotel rooms for half the cost. After all, most hotel rooms are empty even in the biggest cities in the world, why not make daytime hotel use more accessible?  

What is DayUse?

Say hello to daytime hotel bookings. DayUse, or, is a smart travel site that offers daytime hotel bookings in over 23 countries. The French startup was first introduced in 2010 by founder David Lebée, a Parisian hotel director. DayUse seeks to help customers by allowing them to book hotel rooms for just a few hours. 

Today, Dayuse is becoming a leader in daytime hotel booking. It is slowly transforming how people are seeing hotels. Hotels aren’t going to be only sleeping sanctuaries, they can now be placed for temporary stay-ins. And that’s awesome. 

From a hotelier’s perspective, day bookings are amazing ways to increase revenue. Today, many guests would rather book a day room for lots of reasons. Furthermore, it gives income to the other services your hotel provides such as your on-site spa, gym, restaurant, etc. Day rates are cheaper but it’s better than missing revenue for a whole day for that empty room. 

Managing your booking on the DayUse App.
Image Courtesy of Dayuse

How Does DayUse Work? 

Using DayUse is incredibly simple. Just go to their website (Love their modern website design and style!) and look for Dayuse hotels in your location. They have plenty of listings in Europe, although there are also a few in some major cities in the US. 

Once you click on the hotel of your choice, choose the time window that suits your needs. You can book it without even having to pay up-front. Plus, there are no cancellation fees! The check-in process is also easy. Just go to the hotel front desk and check in to your room. Present your booking information, get the keys, and enjoy your room. 

Free cancellation policy of DayUse App
Image Courtesy of Dayuse

What We Love About DayUse

  • Discounted rates

A key part of DayUse's appeal is the discounted rates it can offer for expensive hotel rooms. In fact, Dayuse hotel deals are 80% cheaper than most night rates. It’s actually a win-win for both hotel owners and customers. People get a chance to stay in rooms they can’t usually afford and hotels have a chance to fill empty rooms and make some money they wouldn’t otherwise.

  • Last-minute hotel bookings

With DayUse, you can make last-minute hotel bookings. Hotels in the DayUse network have several booking windows that let you book on a same-day basis. This is also a convenient solution for travelers who frequently go to business meetings in different cities on a daily basis.  

  • A place to recharge and relax

Daycations are now growing in popularity. A lot of young trendy locals are now treating themselves to a trip to a spa or pool for a relaxing day. Having a day room can make their experience even better. With DayUse, they can now enjoy a cozy afternoon in a 3 to a 5-star hotel in your area. No need to pay the full price for just a couple of hours of room use.

  • Temporary office 

Need a private place to get some work done or host meetings with clients? DayUse lets you book a heavily discounted hotel room whenever you need it. If you need a place to work remotely, the service is also a good option. Let’s face it WFH doesn’t only mean working from home, it can also mean working from a hotel. Plus, a hotel room is undoubtedly more attractive than working at your desk at home. 

Cons of DayUse

The only downside of DayUse is the limited number of hotels in its network.

As of today, the french-based company has hotels only in 12 countries in the world including France, New York, London, Paris, and Switzerlacnd. Currently, there isn’t a lot to choose from. Not all hotels allow day bookings and it’s still a fairly new concept. However, according to their website, they are adding more and more hotels. It won’t be long till there’s a hotel in every location found in DayUse. 

Is DayUse Worth It? 

Overall, we highly recommend DayUse. A great and easy-to-use website with a good range of hotels available. It’s not yet available to many major cities in the world, but it’s rapidly growing. Day booking hotel is a new concept. But the number of travelers using them has increased in recent years. Modern travelers are more flexible than ever. If you ever want to save money for a day trip in a new city, try booking DayUse hotels for the day!

Our Rating: 4.3/5


  • Discounted hotel rates
  • Spontaneous and affordable stays by the hour
  • Same-day booking policy
  • Amenities included.


  • Limited Dayuse Hotels Worldwide
  • Situational
DayUse hotel travel app
Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

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November 14, 2021

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