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What’s All the Hype With ResortPass, and Is It Worth Your Money?

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November 11, 2021
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Armela Escalona
Armela Escalona
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ResortPass, the travel experience app that supposedly revolutionized travel... does it sound too good to be true? Keep reading to see what we've found about the travel app.

Living in a tourist city can sometimes be hard. There’s a lot of jaw-dropping resorts in your city—this you know. Sometimes you want to have a staycation too. Perhaps, you’re in the mood for a spa or a lounge in the hotel pool or simply enjoy the fitness center. Do you really have to book a room at the resort to experience all these?

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Enter ResortPass, the revolutionary resort travel app for all your wanderlust. If you’re ever craving a leisure day by a dreamy hotel pool in your area but don’t want to stay the night, get a day pass with ResortPass.

Now that a lot of resorts and pools are opening their service for locals and travelers, day passes are the best way to get that resort experience you’ve been wanting. So what exactly is ResortPass, and how could they work for you? Let's find out now.

What is ResortPass?

ResortPass is the new way to have amazing travel experiences. It’s basically a travel app for resort lovers who want to access amenities without needing to commit to an overnight stay. 

First launched in May 2016 by Amanda Szabo, the app has successfully made a lot of tourists’ and locals’ lives easier. They have been earning profit through a revenue-sharing, commission-based model. Plus, anyone can greatly benefit from the app, even casual travelers. Resort Pass gives you access to some of the best hotel amenities such as pools, spas, and cabanas of over 150 resorts in the sunny states of America.

Whether you’re a tourist simply in town for business or pleasure or a local who lives nearby, ResortPass allows easy access to luxury amenities in the hotel or resort of your choice.

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Why Use ResortPass? 

If you’re someone who lives to find daycations and visit local hotels, this app is made for you. If you don’t have a pool of your own, ResortPass can be a good way to access some of the best local pools in your city. It’s a wonderful way to save money if you really want to get inside notoriously expensive resorts. 

ResortPass is also a great app to read reviews about the amenities of resorts from other ResortPass users. Perhaps, you want to stay at a hotel with the best gyms, you can use ResortPass to scour the city for your desired hotel gym.

Who Should Use ResortPass? 

Locals - You can now experience your own city’s resorts like a tourist. With ResortPass, any staycation can fit right into your budget. 

First-time visitors or tourists in the city - Travelers who are visiting a certain city for the first time can go to the city’s best resort and try multiple attractions each day.

Families - We all know how expensive it is to travel as a group and especially if you have kids with you. With ResortPass, you can save money while taking your family to the best resorts in your area. 

What We Like About ResortPass

  • Reasonable Prices

Aside from the fact that downloading the app is free—you’ll also be glad to know that prices for luxury amenities are quite reasonable. Prices for pools, hot tubs, and gyms start at $25. For high-end resorts, the price can go up from $150 depending on whether you go for a more private cabana or a full service with food and drinks. 

  • Easy to Use

Booking through ResortPass is easy. They also have extensive choices of great resorts in every price range. Whether you’re craving for a luxury spa experience or just want to have a pool day with your friends, it’s the app that gets you the experience!

  • No Hidden Fees

The price you pay for the day pass is the price at check-out. You can even cancel or change your day pass date at any time or day of your booking. 

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Image Courtesy of Resortpass

What Do People Dislike about ResortPass

The app also has some limitations. Digging through numerous reviews from users, we've noticed 2 common points that many people are talking about. There are things that aren’t included when you book the pass so make sure you know it before visiting. 

  • Hotels don’t offer free parking, food, or drink

Unlike a hotel guest, you have to cover the cost of these things during your visit. And they may be a little costly. You aren’t allowed to bring your own food too. 

  • Hotels give priority to staying guests

You might find that some amenities are closed or you might find yourself on the waitlist. If you’re expecting to always get the full hotel experience, you might be disappointed. Again, this doesn’t always happen. But some have experienced this in other hotels. 

Is ResortPass Worth It? 

ResortPass is a great way to experience some of the best resort amenities without having to book a room. We know that high-end resorts are expensive. No doubt about that.

For example, a few days at a top-tier resort in Florida can cost anywhere from $800 - $1000. But half the fun of being in a Resort is exploring it and its amenities.

If you have ResortPass you can visit the resort and try only the amenities you can afford. You don’t have to book a room to experience it all. If your location isn’t there right now, don’t worry, it’s still a new app, so it will soon cover more cities and hotels. 

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