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Can Roomer Be Trusted? Know Before You Book! [Review]

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Here we dissect the app Roomer, which claims to allow users to sell and buy non-refundable hotel rooms. We review its features and categorizes it on what we like and don't like and if it's worth using the app.

Non-refundable hotel reservations would have been one out of the many disappointments you had to encounter during the pandemic. While some companies might have altered their cancellation policies, at least partially accounting for the customer’s loss, it’s not the case everywhere. After all, while companies like Secret Escapes can offer exclusive rates to hotels around the world, nothing's worse than life coming in the way of your travels and having the hotels rejecting your cancellation request.

Also, forget the pandemic. Even before that, you might have sighed in despair, having spent a good chunk of your wallet on a room you won’t be enjoying – because some emergency got in your way. 

Well, you are not alone. But don’t worry because Roomer might be the ideal solution for your problem.

Roomer is a platform that helps you sell your prepaid non-refundable hotel reservation to a potential buyer who might be scouring the web to find a roof over their head at the last minute. Exaggeration aside, it is a great website for desperate sellers and desperate buyers – like South Asian matrimonial apps. No offense though!

Sounds interesting? Read our Roomer review to find out if it is the right choice for you.

Roomer Logo
Image courtesy: Roomer

What is Roomer?

Founded in 2011 by Gon Ben David and Ben Froumine, Roomer is a “peer-to-peer marketplace” that allows travelers to sell their non-refundable hotel rooms they won’t be using to interested buyers looking for a similar accommodation choice in the area. Roomer calls it a win-win situation where the seller gets a “refund” that would otherwise be quite impossible, and the buyer gets a room at a discounted price! 

There is a website and mobile app for your convenience. 

Roomer Website preview
Image courtesy: Roomer

How Does Roomer Work?

You can use Roomer as a buyer or seller.

For sellers:

All you have to do is list your non-refundable reservation made with any hotel or Online Travel Agency on the website. Roomer will then proceed to verify your reservation and promote it via multiple channels. If it is booked, you will receive the money several days after the check-out date. Essentially, what happens here is a change of the name under which the room is reserved, so the room can be occupied by a new guest. Roomer claims to handle the transfer on behalf of sellers for a smooth service! It will charge 15% of the rate as its service fee. 

For buyers:

The non-refundable reservation option is popular among travelers because the hotel offers you a room at a discounted price. In return, the customer takes the risk of losing the refund in case of cancellations.

Now, for you, with no second thoughts on the booking, it is a great deal. Roomer offers discounts up to 90%, helping you get a comfortable room at a comfortable price! It helps you save money while helping a fellow traveler save money at the same time. Roomer’s customer support is available 24/7 for assistance should you face any issue during check-in.

What is RoomerFlex?

RoomerFlex is a feature that offers cancellation protection for non-refundable reservations made with booking websites like Secret Escapes and Loveholidays. If you purchase this service, you will be entitled to an 80% refund, given you inform them 24 hours prior to check-in. After you claim the refund, Roomer will put your Room up for sale on the website, allowing interested parties to buy it. 

Roomer user and visitor in hotel room overlooking city
Photo by Eunice Stahl on Unsplash

What We Like About Roomer?

  • Helps you save money

The chances of a hotel compensating for a non-reimbursable reservation are very slim. Think of Roomer as the loophole that helps you recover at least a fraction of your cost!

  • Convenient

If you were to find a fellow traveler to buy your reservation, it is going to be a difficult task. By handling all the behind-the-scenes of the sale, like marketing and transferring, Roomer helps you escape the non-refundable trap more easily!

  • Cheap deals

Roomer is like Scott’s Cheap Flights, letting you find accommodation at an impressively cheap rate. The discounts range from 10%-90%, depending on the seller’s offer. It is a good option for last-minute buyers who would otherwise be spending more.

What We Don’t Like About Roomer?

  • Refund issues

As per many users, especially sellers, Roomer has a poor reputation for processing refunds promptly as promised. There have been instances when the seller had to wait for several months and send many emails to get the reimbursement from Roomer, although it is cleared from the buyer’s side.

  • Booking issues

As it appears, Roomer is not a seamless experience for buyers either. Many have gone through a painstaking booking process, waiting for days for the transfer to happen, and then get rejected for non-existent issues with their payment method. It is frustrating and time-consuming and can easily cause you to switch to another website.

  • RoomerFlex 

Many customers have complained about Roomer’s refusal to refund the promised sum of their non-refundable reservation during the pandemic. In some cases, it has happened even when the hotel has agreed to provide a refund. No doubt, this puts Roomer’s credibility to question. 

Group social travel with family and friends
Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

Is Roomer Worth It?

Roomer is an amazing concept. However, it is far from a perfect or reliable service. We came across many complaints from both buyers and sellers with regards to using Roomer. Their customer support is not that great either. If it is to thrive and become popular, they need to improve their service drastically. Also, the website does not have a large number of listings from the sellers. That’s another aspect determining its usefulness.

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July 28, 2021

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