What's the hype behind Uniworld River Cruises? A 2023 review

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What's the hype behind Uniworld River Cruises? A 2023 review
Booking a cruise is similar to an investment in your travel experiences. It might be worth it, and it might not. Wondering if Uniworld River Cruises are one of the worthy cruises to book for your travels? Keep reading to find everything to know for you to make your decision.

Going on a cruise of some kind is probably on most people's bucket lists. For a good reason too! Who doesn't want to be traveling while sipping margaritas aboard a large floating luxury ship? With cruises taking it further enhancing entertainment onboard, you can now watch movies, go on waterslides, or even gamble in casinos aboard some cruises.

Of course, it's no surprise that cruise lines are some of the most expensive travel experiences out there.

How do you know which cruises are worth the money? It can be hard deciding on which cruise to book with. After all, you're spending a considerable amount of money on a travel experience that you're not sure will deliver.

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Today, we'll be reviewing Uniworld River Cruises, one of the more popular river cruises operating mainly in Europe but having cruises worldwide. Uniworld River Cruises have truly made a name for themselves in the world of luxurious voyages. They're voted the world's best river cruise line in Travel + Leisure's global awards.

But, do they live up to the expectations owing to the hype around this prestigious company? Let's find out.

Uniworld Boutique river cruises logo.
Image Courtesy: Uniworld River Cruises

What are the Uniworld River Cruises?

Since 1976, Uniworld River Cruises have held a superior position in the world of luxury cruise lines. They describe their tours as a luxurious experience. Their one-of-a-kind River Boutique Cruises are an intimate experience and incomparable grandeur.

With Uniworld River Cruises, you don't just live the 5-star lifestyle for the cruise period but also an adventure of its own while traversing through the cities. Plus, you get to dive into the culture of your destinations before you set foot on them even, with the carefully crafted ship designs mirroring the artistic traditions.

Uniworld river cruise ships.
Image Courtesy: Uniworld River Cruises

From 8-days to even month-long cruises, they have a package designed to meet each individual's vacation duration needs.  

Visit their website and click on 'Request a Quote' to book your next cruise with them. Once you've filled in the necessary details, their customer service will contact you soon. You'll get the required information, upcoming trips for your desired locations, and special offers. Look through the packages, and you'll find that some of them have Uniworld's newest feature – railway trips alongside the cruise!

Who Owns Uniworld?

Uniworld River Cruises is as American as possible. Acquired by The Travel Corporation (TTC), a company owning 40 award-winning international travel-related companies, its acclaimed position doesn't come off as a surprise. A prized possession of the power couple – Stanley Tollman and Beatrice Tollman, TTC has been handed down over four generations of this family and continues to live up to its reputation. 

With 100 years of TTC and 46 of Uniworld, the cruise line operates worldwide throughout the year.

Where Do Uniworld River Cruises Go?

With Uniworld, there's an endless list of possibilities for your next dream vacation! Think of Europe, South America, Asia, and a small part of Africa, too. Those are the continents you can sail through luxuriously on these cruises. 

Let your tastebuds experience an out-of-world deliciousness of authentic Italian cuisine, or lose yourself in the rich history of the sacred Ganges in India. With 20+ countries on the list, a tour on this cruise might be everything you could've wanted for a perfect holiday escape! 

Modern and luxurious uniworld river cruises.
Image Courtesy: Uniworld River Cruises

What Do Uniworld Cruises Include?

Onboard or onshore, Uniworld vows to take care of each and every need of their travelers. If you feel like you're breaking the bank with an oh-so-oh-so-average cruise, you'll be having the tour of a lifetime on this cruise. 

Beginning with the necessity- food, they offer fine dining, nothing less than five-star restaurants. 

With a range of foods on the menu thrice a day, you're free to choose whatever suits your tastebuds. The exclusive alcohol variety is a must-have, in addition to your meals! Note that alcohol-serving policies differ from region to region, for instance, in Egypt. No need to fret about "what could you possibly do for an entire month on a cruise?" because the onboard activities and cultural enrichments will keep you busy. 

Life on a cruise.
Photo by Adam Gonzales on Unsplash

The gym and fitness classes keep active travelers in shape. Let's not forget something as essential to us as oxygen nowadays, Wi-Fi! The signals will be available no matter which corner of the ship you walk towards.  

That's the onboard amenities; what about onshore, then? Travelers get a tour guide included in the package who knows every nook and cranny of the destinations. They'll definitely help you explore the spot to its fullest. While keeping the energy high, the tours also come with the option of an onshore bicycle trip.

Has Uniworld Cancelled Any River Cruises?

Due to the prevalent pandemic and worldwide lockdown policies, the cruise line had to suspend their tours indefinitely in 2021. They canceled the pre-scheduled tours starting from March 2020 to June 2021.

When will Uniworld River Cruises Resume?

The company had already resumed its tours in June 2021 when countries started to reopen their borders for international traveling. Uniworld River Cruises adopted a wait-and-see tactic once the operations had resumed, too, in case of another episode of rising in COVID cases and lockdowns. 

For now, rest assured that Uniworld is currently operating to its full potential. With more and more countries going back to the way things were, the cruise line is ready to embark on multiple journeys in 2022. 

Uniworld river cruise service.
Image Courtesy: Uniworld River Cruises

How Much Do Uniworld River Cruises Cost?

You may find several estimated quotes on the internet for Uniworld river cruises. Still, it's best to get an exact quote from the team. 

There's no set price for these cruises, and it depends on the time of the year, destination, number of days, add-on amenities, and the ship, to name a few factors. You'll find packages as low as $1799 and as high as up to $20,000! 

To save a few bucks, you can visit their 'current offers' section and browse through the sales on upcoming trips. 

Cruise at night.
Photo by Kenan Süleymanoğlu on Unsplash

Are Uniworld River Cruises worth it?

A cruise line that's luxurious as ever, and reviews that speak the same about it. Uniworld has an established name in the industry. It never tires of the high praises it attains from its travelers. 

Safe to say, only a handful of people rated it anything below a 4-star service, and those, too, mainly because of the canceled trips during peak COVID season. Besides that, occasional reviews added upon the unfriendly behavior of the staff. Overall, we found the reviews of their services to be friendly, professional, and above most people's expectations!

Our Rating: 4.7/5


  • 20+ Countries with Multiple Destinations
  • All-Inclusive Luxurious Amenities
  • Pre-Scheduled Bookings
  • Special Offers
  • Immersive Cultural Insight
  • High Crew-to-Passenger Ratio


  • Unpredicted Cancelled Trips
  • Occasional Occurrence of Unfriendly Staff

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