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The Yacht Week Tours: Are Yacht Tours Worth It? [Review]

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February 9, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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Here we dive deep into the tour guide company The Yacht Week, giving you a guide into what they are, how they operate, and if it's the right tour guide for you. Read on to find out!

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Ever dreamed of sailing the seven seas with your friends on a yacht? If this is a bucket list item for you, The Yacht Week might be the perfect travel adventure for you. Hop aboard a yacht for seven days and sail through beautiful destinations while partying the night away.

Hesitant about traveling on a yacht and prefer seeing your options on land instead? Don't worry, sea travel isn't for everyone. Check out our reviews of popular tour guides, like EF Ultimate Break or ViaHero, to see if these popular tour guides are more for you instead.

However, if you'd like to learn more about sailing away into the horizon with your friends and family relaxin' on a yacht, read on!

The yacht week logo
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

What is The Yacht Week?

The Yacht Week (TYW) describes itself as “an adventure like no other.” Through this company, you and your closest friends can embark on a seven-day trip on the water in a yacht to beautiful destinations. Or you can join a pre-existing yacht if you’re looking to do some solo travel.

To travel with TYW, you simply choose a destination, get your “crew” together (you can travel with up to 12 friends with your very own skipper), choose a package or build your own, and then put down a 10% deposit to secure your sails. For an in-depth look at how to book, check out TYW’s helpful blog post!

When you choose your crew, you can opt to rent a full yacht or reserve solo cabins. If you get a full yacht, you’ll need to fill all 12 spots. If you’d rather not book a full yacht, there’s a crew finder option you can use to find already planned trips that have empty spaces. You can also book a double cabin with a friend and be assigned a yacht. 

You must be 20 years old by the date of travel to sail with The Yacht Week. 

Circular formation of yachts in the ocean group partying
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

Yacht Week destinations

When choosing where to go with The Yacht Week, there are many destinations from which to choose. Depending on your budget, and the time of year you’re looking to travel, different options will be available. You’ll have the freedom with your crew to decide the specifics of where you explore in your chosen destination (there’s no set itinerary beyond the starting port). 

Every trip has its own fun highlights, with some including music festivals. According to their website, the destinations and routes are the following:

  • Croatia, Original route. Sails in May, June, July, and August
  • Croatia, Circus meets the sea. Sails in September
  • Croatia, Hideout Festival route. Sails in September
  • Croatia, Ultra route. Sails in July
  • Greece, Athens route. Sails in May, June, and July
  • Montenegro, Adriatic route. Sails in June
  • Sardinia, Emerald Coast route. Sails in September
  • Polynesia, Tahiti route. Sails in April
  • Caribbean, Martinique & St Lucia. Sails in December/January
  • The Bahamas, Abacos route. Sails in March
Yacht party at sea with friends
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

How much does The Yacht Week cost?

Since there are different destinations you can sail to with TYW, prices vary. With every trip you book, several amenities are included. Every yacht comes with a skipper on board to navigate and sail you through your week at sea. Also included in the cost are seven days of yacht accommodation, access to exclusive events, international DJs, professional photographers, towels and bed linens, cleaning service, and a dinghy to help you get to shore. 

On Hideout and Ultra routes, VIP Festival tickets are also included. For budgeting tips straight from The Yacht Week, head here!

The Yacht Week's skipper overlooking the yachts
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

Not covered in the price are port fees, a refundable yachting company deposit, transfers to and from the airport, water taxis, fuel, water, and shore power for the yacht, alcohol, eating out, and additional meals for the skipper. 

Since your week-long adventure at sea takes place on a yacht, prices reflect that method of travel. You can pay upfront or in three installments. Here are the starting prices (valid as of July 2021) per person for each of TYW’s destinations:

  • Croatia, Original route. Starts from $931pp
  • Croatia, Circus meets the sea. Starts from $931pp
  • Croatia, Hideout Festival route. Starts from $726pp
  • Croatia, Ultra route. Starts from $1,160pp
  • Greece, Athens route. Starts from $847pp
  • Montenegro, Adriatic route. Starts from $1,036pp
  • Sardinia, Emerald Coast route. Starts from $1,029pp
  • Polynesia, Tahiti route. Starts from $1,228pp
  • Caribbean, Martinique & St Lucia. Starts from $1,302pp
  • The Bahamas, Abacos route. Starts from $1,319pp

Since availability and pricing can change depending on where and when you want to travel, head to TYW’s booking page for the most up to date prices.

Food and drink extras

In addition to your base price, you can purchase food and drinks packages. You can add a host to your travels with a premium or luxury package. They’ll cook six dinners, six lunches, and two dinners for you and your crew. If you’re building your own package, prices start at €750. 

You can build your own food package starting at €650, or you can opt to provide your own with grocery shops. Mineral water is included in all luxury and premium packages, but you can build your own drinks package starting at €850. 

What happens in Yacht Week?

No two trips on TYW are identical, and your itinerary for each day will vary based on your destination, crew, and your skipper. You can expect to spend your day chilling onboard and sailing from port to port, with stops for lunch or a swim. Each day there will also be a Yacht Week party or event you can participate in, along with exploring each port of call’s scenery and local cuisine.

Yacht parked next to docks in clear ocean
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week Reviews

Reviews for TYW are mostly good and seem to indicate that this is a perfect adventure if you want to spend a week partying on a yacht with some sightseeing. If you’re planning a trip and want to see all the sites, or you aren’t a big partier, TYW is unlikely to tick all your boxes.

Reviews also comment on the fact that your initial price payment doesn’t cover everything needed during the trip. This means you need to budget a sizable amount for all the other associated fees. 

Work with The Yacht Week

If you’ve dreamed of living life on the seven seas, sailing, and helping travelers have a great week on board a yacht, think about working for TYW! Positions available are mainly seaside, so get your sea legs on and apply!

The Yacht week careers and crew
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

Packing essentials

Packing for a week on a yacht might sound like a breeze, but to make it easier for you, The Yacht Week has published its own packing list for you to reference! Give it a read here so you can pack your bags with ease. 

Dive jump into the ocean with the yacht week
Image Courtesy: The Yacht Week

All a-boat that yacht life!

If a week at sea onboard a yacht with your friends sounds like the perfect travel experience, The Yacht Week might be for you! It’s a unique and fun way to travel, and sure to be unlike any other adventure you’ve had.

If you’re on the fence about boat travel and would like to explore on your own accord, check out Pilot for itinerary planning ideas, location ideas, budgeting tips, and more! We've got an extensive blogpost collection for all travelers.

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July 18, 2021

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