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Costa Rica Nightlife: Guide to the best night out in 2023!

Costa Rica Nightlife: Guide to the best night out in 2023!
Camila Wanderley
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It's without a doubt that Costa Rica is one of the best Caribbean destinations to visit. From the gorgeous sights to the diverse wildlife, you'll never be bored with all of the amazing places and attractions to visit in Costa Rica.

Although there are lots of things to do in Costa Rica during the day, the country is just as beautiful at nighttime as during the day. Under the moonlight, the country shines bright with bars, restaurants, and clubs, granting fantastic nightlife opportunities for those who love to party. 

In this central American country, you will find local people eager to meet tourists and enjoy conversation over a couple of drinks. Afterwards, maybe go dancing and leave only when the sun comes up. 

In this post, I'll introduce you to the best ways to enjoy the nightlife in Costa Rica. You'll be able to learn the basics of Costa Rican culture when it comes to dancing, drinking, and hooking up and where to find the best clubs and bars in the country.

Keep reading to find out all you'll need to know about Costa Rica's Nightlife, starting with their culture!

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The Nightlife Culture of Costa Rica 

People in Costa Rica love to party. However, they also work very hard, so don't be surprised if clubs are a bit empty over weekdays. On weekends, expect to find a lot of locals enjoying the evening, drinking and dancing. 

Many places offer women discounts, and some even drink for free up to a certain hour. There can also be discounts during special holidays and events, so be on the lookout for that!

Partying in Jaco Costa Rica
Image Courtesy of Jaco Royale

Outfits and Things to Know for Costa Rica Nightlife

Regarding what to wear, it depends on where you are and what type of venue you're going to. It's normal to see people with flip-flops and beach clothes at the bars in coastal towns.

But if you go to a more sophisticated establishment or a nightclub, you may want to wear something a little more formal. Try a nice dress for ladies and a button-down for men. 

Also, Costa Ricans love to dance, and they're pretty good at it! It's common to hear reggaeton and salsa music playing at clubs, and people moving their feet with ease as they hit the dance floor.

It's typical for people to ask each other to dance, especially with merengue or bachata songs, which are danced in pairs. Karaoke is also popular, and you can definitely find bars where you can sing all night long. 

If you're solo traveling in Costa Rica, it's quite safe but you should still remember important safety tips and tricks. For instance, let friends or family know your plans for the night, turn on your location, and keep any eye on your drink!

Costa Rica Clubs and Bars 

Costa Rica is a country packed with different surroundings and vibes. On the Caribbean side, you will find a much more relaxed environment, with people enjoying the sounds of reggae music and casually drinking at bars. The surf culture brings beach parties and potent drinks to the west coast.

There are the big cities where the bigger clubs are found, and this is where you will dance all night long. 

However, the Costa Rican Pura Vida (Pure life, or simple life) will always be present no matter where you are. You'll find unforgettable nightlife in any town you choose to visit. 

Costa Rica cool bars and clubs.
Image Courtesy of Pura Vida Guide Costa Rica

Nightlife in San José 

San José Costa Rica Nightlife is a nightlife destination known across the world. Let's get you acquainted with some of the bests in San Jose.

Club Vertigo

In San Jose, Costa Rica, you will find a lot of unique clubs and bars. The most famous one is Club Vertigo, which stays open until 6 AM on the weekends. 

Some of the best DJs in Costa Rica usually play here, and the sound system is so good it will make you dance until they kick you out in the morning. They also hold special events over the years and play hip hop, house, and techno music every weekend. If you love going to clubs, this is the perfect place!

Cuartel De La Boca Del Monte

Cuartel De La Boca Del Monte is perfect for those who want to go out on a Monday night when most Costa Rica clubs are closed. This party location also hold some great parties during the weekends, and here you can find young locals and tourists mingling.

With a hip environment and crowd, this bar is ideal for those who want to have an experience trying different cocktails and eating local food. 

Jacó Clubs & Bars

Jacó is a town located just southwest of San José, best known for their sandy beaches and more importantly, the fire nightlife. Jacó holds excellent parties in different clubs and bars. Because it is a more metropolitan town in Costa Rica, you will find plenty of options for nightlife. 

Le Loft

Le Loft is one of the best places to party, where the house DJ's set can keep everybody dancing until the sun rises. The staff here is extremely friendly. The owner always makes sure that everybody enjoys the music, the cocktails, and the environment. 

Cocktail bar costa rica
Image Courtesy of Le Loft

Jaco Blu 

Jaco Blu is also a trendy spot, with open poolside parties by the beach and an open-air beach bar. Here you can enjoy flavorful and refreshing cocktails while feeling the ocean breeze as you dance to some of the best DJs in Costa Rica. If you like Las Vegas, this is the place for you.  

Playa Tamarindo's Nightlife

Tamarindo is located on Costa Rica's Pacific front, with strong surfing beaches, Playa Tamarindo is also known for its world famous Las Baulas national Marine Park, hosting diverse marine faunas.

After a long day, the excitement certainly doesn't diminish at night. Check out some of the best places to hit in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Sharky's Sports Bar 

Sharky's Sports Bar is a popular option for grabbing a drink with good local food. They host different themed events throughout the year, and Monday's ladies' night is a classic. Many locals come here as well, so it is the perfect opportunity to practice some Spanish as you watch a soccer match and drink a nice, chilled beer. 

Local spots bar in costa rica.
Photo Courtesy of El Garito

El Garito

Another popular place in Tamarindo is El Garito, with superb electronic music and an open ceiling dance floor. The house DJ plays sets that keep people on their feet all night long, and special DJs play underground house music that keeps everybody moving.

The drinks here are refreshing, and the bartenders do a great job making sure you can always order more. 

Night Out in Puerto Viejo 

Puerto Viejo is a small town on southeastern Costa Rica, known best for their black-sanded beaches. What's also famous about the area is that they host the amazing Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge and the Cahuita National Park.

If you've finishing hitting all the spots on your Costa Rican itinerary, it's time for some fun on the town! After the sun sets, Puerto Viejo turns up. Check out the Puerto Viejo nightlife spots to hit.

Lazy Mon

The most popular nightlife spot in Puerto Viejo is the Lazy Mon, located right in front of the ocean. Open day and night, this beach bar is ideal for those who never get tired, partying and drinking for a long time.

You can go into the ocean and turn the beach into your nightclub, bathing in saltwater and cooling down from all the dancing. 

There are reggae bands that play live music regularly and DJs that bust electronic music throughout the week. On Thursdays, ladies drink for free between 10 PM to 12 AM, and happy hour takes place every evening.  

Salsa Brava

Although it may go unnoticed during the day, Salsa Brava gets crowded with people at night. It's incredible how they get people to leave after hours with fun crowds dancing to the sound of DJ sets and hitting the dancefloor with their salsa and bachata moves.

Party hostels in Costa Rica.
Image Courtesy of Lazy Mon

Party at Your Hostel!

Another great way to experience the nightlife is to party at one of the best Costa Rica hostels. Whether or not you decide to actually stay at one, hostel parties are a great way to mingle with fellow travelers.

Wherever you decide to stay in Costa Rice, there are lot of great hostels. Most of them have a strong partying culture, with guests who are eager to meet new people and share experiences. Because of that, these establishments usually have bars selling excellent cocktails and foods, offer bar crawls around the city, and hold special parties and events.      

Starting the night at a party hostel is an excellent way to meet new people and learn about what's happening in town that night. You can even discover a beach party and dance in the sand until the sun comes up. 

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