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Things to do in Curacao [2023]: Unforgettable Attractions!

Things to do in Curacao [2023]: Unforgettable Attractions!
Sarah Hartness
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Curacao is a treasure trove island known for many amazing things to do. The island has some of the world's best beaches, perhaps one of the biggest reasons tourists visit Curacao each year. There are so many things to do in Curacao, and you don't want to miss any of them. 

Fun fact: Curacao, or Curaçao, is known as part of the Leeward Antilles ABC Islands. A stands for Aruba, B stands for Bonaire and C for Curacao. They're the western-most Caribbean islands!

But why should you visit Curacao? For those that aren't familiar with the Caribbean island, let us make the introduction! We'll start off the list with what the island of Curacao is known for.

What is Curacao Known For?

Curacao is mainly known for its beaches. People visit for a relaxing vacation to enjoy food and drinks on the beach. There is also a lot of wildlife you can find in the water or in one of the island's national parks. 

But, there is also a lot of history on the island. People from South America lived on the island for hundreds of years. The Spanish and the Dutch took over, giving it history from multiple cultures. You'll be able to notice this influence in the island's architecture and food!

Curacao beaches.
Photo by Jorgen Hendriksen on Unsplash

Best Things to Do in Curacao

There are many things to do on the beautiful island of Curacao. Most of them are outdoor activities that will show you how unique the island of Curacao is. There is also an excellent museum and a beautiful city to explore!

1. Enjoy Curacao’s Beaches

The best thing to do in Curacao is enjoying all of the island's many beaches. The island has so many beaches, and they are all beautiful, so no matter where you are staying on the island, you will be close to a beach. 

The beaches in Curacao are perfect for relaxing and enjoying some sun and drinks. And, at the beaches, you can try some fun water activities like snorkeling, surfing, and jet skiing. 

Cas Abao Beach is another great, classic beach. Here, you can relax and enjoy tropical drinks from local bars and restaurants.

Porto Mari Beach also has amazing food and drinks nearby, but it is also a popular spot for snorkeling. From the beach, you can access a biking and hiking trail. It is one of the busiest beaches on the island, so it is excellent for meeting tourists and locals alike. 

2. Go Scuba Diving

Curacao is one of the best places for scuba diving since it has clear water and diverse marine life. You can get up close with fish, stingrays, and dolphins while scuba diving around beautiful coral reefs.

There are many places in Curacao to scuba dive, like the Playa Porto Mari and Blauwbaai Beach. What makes these places special is that you can scuba dive directly off these beaches!

You can also get a boat to plenty of fantastic scuba diving areas like the Mushroom Forest and Blue Room Cave. 

If you have never scuba-dived before, there are a lot of places on the island where you can rent equipment and get lessons. Or, if you are scuba dive certified, you can hire guides and boats to take you to the most incredible scuba diving locations around the island.

Curacao beaches, coves, and Scuba Diving spots.
Photo by Den Harrson on Unsplash

3. Swim With Dolphins

Yes, you read that right. Swim with dolphins. We can all agree that swimming with dolphins is an experience of a lifetime, and Curacao is one of the best places to do it. 

In Curacao, dolphins don't live in enclosures but stay in the open sea to roam and swim as they wish. However, they're still trained and taken care of by the locals! If swimming with dolphins sounds like something you'd like to do, you should hire a guide and boat to take you out to them for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Swim with dolphins in curacao.
Photo by Pagie Page on Unsplash

4. Explore Curacao's National Parks

Curacao has two beautiful national parks, and they are both worth a visit when you are on the island. Exploring the national parks is a great way to get away from the beach crowds and enjoy nature for a day. 

Christoffel National Park

First, Christoffel National Park is the biggest and most popular. Christoffel National Park has eight different hiking trails covering all levels of difficulty. 

The most difficult but worthy hike with the best views is the hike up Christoffel Mountain. The walk will take between two and three hours, depending on where you start. But, you will have fantastic views of the island from the top, which will make the hike entirely worth it.

The other hikes are much easier, and you can do them without exerting too much energy. You will still see a lot of beautiful nature and even some of the island's wildlife. Or, if you want to avoid hiking altogether, there are scenic routes that you can drive in your car or hire a guide to drive while still seeing the park's beauty.

Shete Boka National Park

The other national park in Curacao is Shete Boka National Park, on the island's north coast. The National Park has four different places with viewing platforms to see beautiful views of the water and beaches.

The National Park is also a sea turtle conservation area. You could see turtles laying eggs and hatching if you are there during the right time of year.

For more nature in South America, you should visit Peru!

Visit Curacao's national parks.
Photo by Mohamed Osam on Unsplash

5. Wander Around the Willemstad City Center

Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, is one of the most picturesque places on the island. You will find plenty of places to stay, eat, and drink in the city. 

Punda is the most popular neighborhood in Willemstad. Colorful houses line the streets, with water views on the other side as you walk through the streets. There is a lot of history in this neighborhood, and you will see a lot of Dutch heritage.

The Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge is a floating bridge that lets you walk from Punda to the other neighborhood across the bay, Otrobanda. The bridge is quite unique, and you get great views of the neighborhoods from it.

Willemstad, capital of curacao.
Photo by Lakeisha Bennett on Unsplash

6. Visit the Kura Hulanda Museum

If you like learning about history or want to get out of the sun for a little bit, you should visit the Kura Hulanda Museum. This museum is all about the transatlantic slave trade and how the forced movement of African people to the Americas changed the world.

The museum also highlights how the African people shaped Curacao's culture.

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