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7 Unique Things to do in São Paulo: Best Attractions in 2023!

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January 4, 2023
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Jessica Bergin
Jam-packed with soaring skyscrapers, myriad museums, lush parks, and historical gems, visiting this Brazilian gem poses options aplenty. If you're on the hunt for the ultimate São Paulo travel guide, then look no further! Obrigada!

Straddling southeastern Brazil, São Paulo is a riveting, cosmopolitan city that boasts many unique things to do. Considering the expansive mix of cultures and traditions, it serves as a melting pot that fuses charming contrasts, creating an experience like no other. 

This city has a bit of everything from rich architectural elements, beautiful beach fronts, teeming art museums, a soaring city skyline, and extensive history hot spots. But with the wealth of activities and attractions in Sao Paulo, it can be challenging to know what's worth your time. 

In this travel guide, I'll take you through all the sightseeing do's and don'ts and some of the best free things to do in Sao Paulo. So let's get started! Obrigada

Sao Paulo attraction
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1. Ibirapuera Park 

Escape the city buzz and sprinkle a dash of greenery into your day with this peaceful escape. Parque do Ibirapuera is the city's biggest green park, with walking and biking trails sprawling through the greenery. Pack yourself a picnic and enjoy an afternoon under the sun with some friends. 

The Ibirapuera Park is only 4 miles from the city center, with the nearest metro stops being Brigadeiro and Paraíso. Considering the park is entirely free, this is a top thing to do for tourists on a budget. 

2. Mercado Municipal de São Paulo 

There's nothing like a fresh market to get an authentic taste of how locals really live. The Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo is home to plenty of vibrant fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, delectable cheeses, and surprising spices that'll rock your world. 

Try out the teeming free samples, sit down at one of the bars, or gather up your own list of ingredients to create a palatable plate in your accommodation!

Best things to do in sao Paulo Mercado Municipal de São Paulo 
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3. São Paulo Cathedral (Catedral da Sé de São Paulo) 

Tucked in the heart of the city, the Sao Paulo Cathedral is a sight you simply can't miss. This neo-Gothic masterpiece features grandiose spires, stained-glass windows, and a marveling marble-made interior. 

Keep an eye out for all the little details that make this cathedral unique—there are even coffee beans and Brazilian animals carved into the structure! The Sao Paulo Cathedral is one of the top things to do if you're interested in history, religion, culture, and architecture. 

4. Theatro Municipal de São Paulo  

Built in the early 1900s, the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo hosts a variety of veritable influences from the Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and Neoclassical styles. Originally inspired by Paris' Palais Garnier, this is one of the city's most iconic cultural and architectural landmarks. 

Keep a keen eye out for the rich red seating, lavish curtains, and gilded balconies. Check out an opera performance or symphony orchestra for an experience you won't forget. 

If you're trying to save some money, there are free guided tours every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can find out more information on the theater's website.

Unique things to do in sao Paulo Theatro Municipal de São Paulo  
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5. Museu de Arte de São Paulo 

If you're looking out for an art-infused, cultural experience, then the Museu de Arte de São Paulo is a stellar option. Housing curated collections from around the globe, you'll find pieces from big names like Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, and many more. 

Their collection of more than 10,000 pieces of art will keep you entertained for hours. But if you somehow find yourself bored, take an art class, listen to a talk, or even catch a musical performance!

Budget tip: If you're looking for the best things to do and see in Sao Paulo but don't want to splurge a lot of cash, then this art museum is free on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! 

There are a ton of other museums in Sao Paulo, and highlights include the Pinacoteca do Estado, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museu Afro Brasil, and the Football Museum

6. Avenida Paulista  

Fringed by towering skyscrapers, boutique stores, big brands, popular restaurants, and a hefty number of hotels, the Avenida Paulista is one of the top things for tourists looking for that city buzz. Featuring a handful of attractions close by, it's easy to catch a glimpse of the high life. 

Who says you have to spend the big bucks when traveling? Window shopping is just as satisfying! 

Avenida Paulista Free things to do in sao Paulo
Photo by Nathana Rebouca on Unsplash 

7. Botanical Gardens of São Paulo (Jardim Botânico de São Paulo)  

Take a step outside the hustle and bustle of the city and head down to the Botanical Gardens of Sao Paulo. Instead of spending your pennies on the bigger attractions, gather up a group of friends and enjoy an afternoon basking in the floral scents, verdant views, and peaceful pursuits this space has to offer. 

Grab a good novel, and you could even set out for a solo session! 

Things to do in São Paulo at night 

After exploring the eclectic opportunities by day, let loose in the nighttime at some of the city's best clubs. From techno festivals, wild bar crawls, live music, and all types of evening entertainment, Sao Paulo has got it all. 

To find out everything you need to know about the best nightlife districts, must-see stops, and unique things to do, check out this full guide to Sao Paulo Nightlife

San pualo things to do night
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When is the best time to visit São Paulo? 

The fall (March to May), or the springtime (October to November) is generally the best time to visit Sao Paulo. The temperatures tend to be a lot more comfortable, meaning you won't have to endure boiling hot summer days. 

One of the benefits of traveling during a shoulder season is the fact that you won't have to deal with crowds of tourists, and prices for hotels and activities will also be fairly more affordable. If you're trying to save money, these months are a great time for you to visit Sao Paulo. 

What's the best way to get around São Paulo? 

The best way to travel around Sao Paulo is via the metro or by walking. Most of the city's biggest attractions can be visited on foot! 

The metro system is also known to be clean, safe, and a relatively speedy option. So choose your travel style based on your activities and comfortability. 

If you're traveling at night, taxis and Ubers are considered the safest options, especially for solo female backpackers. 

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