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Best Travel Toothbrushes for a Vacation-Ready Smile!

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November 23, 2022
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There's nothing like the excitement of packing for your next adventure! A travel toothbrush should be at the top of your packing list. In this guide, discover the best travel toothbrushes to keep you all smiles on your next vacation.

Whether you're traveling for two days or two months, your dental health should always be a priority. So, a high-quality travel toothbrush is an essential item for any packing list. But with so many options, how do you decide on the right toothbrush?  

In this article, I'll take the guesswork out of choosing the best travel toothbrush. You'll discover why you should invest in a travel toothbrush and what to look for when you do. I'll share traveler favorites, important features, and the pros and cons of each toothbrush. 

travel toothbrush
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Why do I need a travel toothbrush?

Who hasn't forgotten something while packing! It's easy to overlook the small things. In fact, the most commonly forgotten item for travelers is a toothbrush!    

Maintaining good oral hygiene keeps your pearly whites bright so you can enjoy your adventures with confidence. When you have a designated travel toothbrush, you're always ready for your next trip. 

You can keep a designated travel toothbrush in your toiletry bag, so you never leave it behind. 

What to look for in a travel toothbrush

Choosing a travel toothbrush may seem like a simple task. However, there are several factors and features to consider. 

Every traveler has different preferences and dental needs. But probably the most important thing to focus on when choosing a travel toothbrush is convenience and effectiveness.

Size and Portability

Luckily, a toothbrush won't ever be the biggest item in your bag! Still, it's great to have a travel toothbrush that easily fits into small spaces. 

Similarly, if a travel toothbrush comes with a case, make sure it's not too bulky. Remember, the more portable your travel toothbrush is, the easier it will be to keep your mouth fresh and clean while on the go. 

Travelers globetrotting with only a carry-on bag might prefer a foldable, mini, or disposable toothbrush to maximize space. On the other hand, if you're bringing multiple pieces of luggage, you'll have more room for a full-size toothbrush.    

Bristle Variety

Most toothbrushes have soft, medium, and hard bristle varieties. Depending on how vigorously you brush, it's important to choose a bristle that will clean well while protecting your gums. Check with a dentist if you're not sure which bristle type is best for you. 

In addition to bristle type, opt for antimicrobial options whenever possible. Antimicrobial bristles will help prevent bacteria growth on your brush. This is a great feature because traveling can get messy!   

Manual or electric

Electric toothbrushes are generally considered better for dental hygiene. But are they the best choice for travel? The answer probably depends on your preference and how you plan to travel. 

If you want to bring an electric toothbrush, you'll need to decide between plug-in, USB-powered, or battery-operated. 

For travelers mostly staying in hotels, a plug-in rechargeable toothbrush is an acceptable option. But remember to bring an electronic adapter if you're traveling abroad.

If you're planning to camp or stay in hostels, then a USB-powered or battery-operated brush might be best. Bear in mind the battery life if you choose this option. 

If you're on the fence about a travel electric toothbrush, there are plenty of terrific alternatives for manual brushes too.  


Manual toothbrushes tend to be more budget-friendly. You can buy an individual brush or often find deals on packs with multiples. Electric toothbrushes are more expensive, but they're known to give a better clean.

And if you're a little scatterbrained and tend to leave things behind when traveling, an electric toothbrush might be a risky investment! But regardless of the type of toothbrush you prefer, there's a wide variety available at every price point. 

Best travel toothbrushes

Once you decide which features are most important to you, it's time to find your perfect travel toothbrush. 

Here's a guide to some of the best brushes on the market to help get you started. From manual and electric to disposable and eco-friendly, these brushes are stellar options for a brilliant smile.  

best travel toothbrushes
Image courtesy of Marco Verch via Flickr

8. Colgate Max Fresh Disposable Mini Toothbrush

If you're looking for a no-fuss mini travel toothbrush, these single-use brushes are ideal.

The toothbrushes aren't individually wrapped, which may be inconvenient at times. And although single-use toothbrushes are convenient, it has to be noted that this isn't the most eco-conscious choice.

The design includes a pre-pasted round brush head and a handle doubling as a toothpick. The slim design makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas, especially if you have orthodontics. 

Since these mini brushes are designed to use without water, you can freshen up anywhere, anytime. Their small size makes them easy to stow away in any bag. Plus, you can toss them when you're done and not worry about re-packing.   

Our rating: 2.8/5

  • Ultra-portable
  • No water necessary
  • Disposable for convenience
  • Good for orthodontics
  • Small size can be challenging to use
  • Not individually wrapped
  • Less environmentally-friendly
Colgate Max Fresh Disposable Mini Toothbrush
Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Brushee 3-in-1 Disposable Mini Toothbrush

The Brushee 3-in-1 is a pocket-sized toothbrush with every feature you need for excellent oral hygiene. The long bristles pre-coated with toothpaste create a deep-cleaning foam with or without water. However, this travel toothbrush only offers one toothpaste flavor, which may not be everyone's taste.

After brushing, you can use the built-in toothpick and floss to finish the job. 

The mini design reaches every crevice, and they are also disposable. Each Brushee toothbrush is individually-wrapped, so they'll stay clean in any bag. The single-use and packaging are convenient but not very sustainable.

Complete on-the-go dental care is effortless with this mini travel toothbrush.   

Our rating: 2.9/5

  • Individually wrapped for ultimate portability
  • Longer bristles
  • Multiple functions
  • No water necessary
  • Disposable for convenience
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Mini design can be challenging to use
  • Some users dislike the toothpaste flavor
  • Not environmentally friendly
 Brushee 3-in-1 Disposable Mini Toothbrush
Image courtesy of Amazon

6. GUM Foldable Travel Toothbrush 

The GUM foldable toothbrush has all the benefits of a full-size brush and only takes up half the space. 

The soft multi-level bristles gently deep clean even sensitive teeth and gums while the durable tongue cleaner keeps your breath fresh. Plus, antibacterial bristles help keep the brush clean between uses. 

The unique tri-fold design means you have a built-in case to protect the brush in any environment. But some users complain that the folding mechanism is flimsy. When folded, this small toothbrush fits almost everywhere and can easily be used wherever you go. 

Consider buying the multi-pack, and you can stow these convenient brushes in multiple travel bags.    

Our rating: 3.4/5

  • Foldable for better portability
  • Built-in case
  • Antibacterial bristles
  • Good for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Less durable folding mechanism
  • Less eco-friendly
GUM Foldable Travel Toothbrush 
Image courtesy of Amazon

5. RADIUS Tour Travel Brush & Case

If you're looking for a compact and effective toothbrush that's also environmentally friendly, this is the brush for you. 

The RADIUS Travel Toothbrush has a foldable jack-knife design for optimal portability. The removable and replaceable brush head prevents waste, and the slim neck design cleans hard-to-reach spaces. 

This eco-friendly brush has 3,000 vegetable-based bristles and is free from BPA, latex, phthalates, and other additives. It also comes in recycled and sustainable packaging. 

The RADIUS brush is petroleum-free, easy to grip, and gentle on teeth and gums.     

Our rating: 3.7/5

  • Built-in case
  • Small and portable
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Wider brush head
  • Good for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Less durable folding mechanism
  • No built-in tongue cleaner
RADIUS Tour Travel Brush & Case
Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush & Travel Case

The Greenzla toothbrush and travel case is another eco-friendly option with lots of bang for your buck. 

This set comes with four charcoal bamboo toothbrushes, dental floss with a glass jar, and a sleek bamboo travel case. All materials are sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and free from harmful additives like BPA.

Charcoal-infused bristles and floss help remove stains and keep your smile sparkling. Soft bristles gently polish even sensitive teeth while helping maintain healthy gums. Be aware that the brush head on this travel toothbrush is small, which may be a dealbreaker for some.

The slim and stylish design also means this travel toothbrush and case are quite portable. 

Greenzla offers a full clean and is a favorite among travelers who appreciate sustainability.     

Our rating: 3.9/5

  • Biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly
  • Includes travel case and floss
  • Good for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Small brush head
  • Breakable glass case for floss
Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush

If you prefer an electric toothbrush, the Oral-B Pro 1000 is top-of-the-line. The oscillating round brush head is clinically proven to break up and remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush. What's more, there's a built-in sensor to stop the pulsation if you're brushing too hard! And there's a 2-minute timer to help you reach the dentist-recommended brush time. This toothbrush only offers one brush mode.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is rechargeable but must be plugged in and isn't dual-voltage. You'll need to bring an adaptor if traveling internationally. 

The travel case must also be bought separately and can take up more space than a manual brush. Even still, this is a durable electric toothbrush guaranteed to keep your pearly whites in pristine condition.    

Our rating: 4/5

  • Superior cleaning power
  • Built-in technology
  • Rechargeable for long-lasting use
  • Various brush head options with different bristle types
  • Built in timer
  • Single brush mode
  • Case not included
  • Short battery life
  • Requires an adaptor for international travel
Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush
Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Philips One Rechargeable Toothbrush

The Philips One travel electric toothbrush uses micro-vibrations and a timer for maximum cleaning ability. 

The full-size brush head has soft bristles that cut down on plaque while protecting enamel and gums. This travel toothbrush also offers only one brush mode, but there are various brush head options available with different bristle types. 

The Philiips' modern design is lightweight, and the slim travel case makes this brush a good fit for any bag.

Like many electric toothbrushes, the Philips One must be charged for use. However, battery life can last up to 30 days. The best part is you don't need an adaptor for this travel toothbrush because it comes with a USB charger, making international travel easier. 

The Philips One toothbrush and travel case are an excellent choice for an electric toothbrush that won't break the bank.       

Our rating: 4.3/5

  • Lightweight
  • USB-charged
  • Strong battery life
  • Multiple colors available
  • Various brush head options with different bristle types
  • Single brush mode
Philips One Rechargeable Toothbrush
Image courtesy of Amazon

1. Voom Sonic Pro 3 Electric Toothbrush 

The Voom Sonic Pro might be the best travel electric toothbrush on the market. With 40,000 vibrations per minute and three adjustable speeds, you'll get a dentist-clean experience on the go. It's a bit of a noisy toothbrush which isn't everyone's cup of tea.

This toothbrush comes with a slender, lightweight travel case not much bigger than a lipstick tube. Plus, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

The Voom Sonic Pro battery can last more than three months, so it's a fabulous option for long-term travel. And you don't need an adaptor because it's USB-charged. 

If you want an easy-to-pack affordable electric toothbrush with high-quality features, look no further than Voom. 

Our rating: 9.2/10

  • Extended battery life
  • USB-charged
  • Comes with an extra brush head
  • Small and portable
  • Multiple brush modes
  • Built-in 2-minute timer
  • Small bristles
  • Some users find it noisy
Voom Sonic Pro 3 Electric Toothbrush 
Image courtesy of Amazon

Bonus! Better than a brush

Regardless of how much you prioritize your dental health, we all know accidents happen. There's nothing worse than taking the last bite of a delicious meal and chipping a tooth! 

Traveling without an emergency dental repair kit can be a painful and costly mistake. You won't need much space for a repair kit, and it could be a lifesaver if needed!

Is a travel toothbrush worth it?

Finding your ideal travel toothbrush might take a little time. But having peace of mind that you'll never forget your toothbrush at home again is totally worth it! With so many unique and affordable options, there's no reason not to have one! So, toss your toothbrush in the bag, open your favorite packing app, and check this item off. 

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