Best Travel Wallets to Keep Your Cards Safe [2024]

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Best Travel Wallets to Keep Your Cards Safe [2024]
There’s nothing quite like jet-setting off on a new adventure! That rush of emotion when you take off, the fluttery feelings when you land, and everything else that follows… But there’s no doubt that staying organized on the go can be challenging. Enter the best travel wallets that’ll help keep you organized and your data safe!
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Whether you’re heading down to the lush tropics in Costa Rica, exploring the history-packed streets in Germany, or guzzling up the pizza-fueled provinces of Italy, staying organized can be a bit of a travel challenge.

With countless transport tickets, receipts, your precious passport, and credit cards to keep an eye on, keeping everything in order is a tall order. And can sometimes take the fun out of your journey abroad. Here’s where a reliable travel wallet could come in handy!

Travel wallets help you keep all of your essentials safely in one place. As simple as that sounds, people often overlook packing a travel wallet. Having a designated slot for your boarding passes, credit cards, vaccination cards, and everything else in between can be a lifesaver.

Globetrotters, let’s get to it. Here are the best travel wallets to buy for your upcoming 2023 adventures!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Wallet

No one likes buyer’s remorse. Before investing in your new organizational best friend, here are some critical criteria for comparing travel wallets. 

1. Material

First and foremost, one of the most important things to consider before buying a travel wallet is the material used to make it. Good quality material means that it’ll last longer. Look for waterproof, synthetic, or hardy materials like leather and Teflon. It would be best also to consider wallets with quality finishes and sturdy stitching.

2. Organization

Even though the primary purpose of a travel wallet is to protect your documents, most come with other traveler-focused features. Pockets for cards, passport sleeves, and pen loops are convenient additions, for example. Take into account any separate storage that can make all the difference to your trip.

Want to keep your entire suitcase organized, too? I’m a huge fan of packing cubes! You can look at this in-depth guide to the best packing cubes in 2022.

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Image Courtesy of Roy Javier on Unsplash

3. Size

Is bigger always better? Maybe not! The size of the travel wallet you should choose depends on how many things you plan to shove inside it. If you’re someone who travels with everything but the kitchen sink, then there’s no doubt you’ll need a more effective, larger option. 

A place to store SD cards, various licenses, boarding passes, keys, cash, and of course, a passport, perhaps? In contrast, if you pack light, you may prefer a slim folding travel wallet that slides discreetly into your pocket.

Wondering what the best passport holder is for you? For everything you need to know, check out some of the best passport holders of 2022!

4. Style

Travel wallets may be utilitarian, but being a wallflower is optional. There’s nothing wrong with sprinkling a bit of your personality into the equation! Style is an important factor in any buyer’s decision-making process. If it’s going to last you years to come, ensure you choose a design you love.

5. Price

When it comes to price, travel wallets span a surprisingly broad spectrum. Higher-priced options are synonymous with quality, style, luxury, and durability. So if you’re looking for a piece to last the long term, it’s always worth investing! 

In contrast, more affordable options offer basic features for a more palatable price, especially for budget-conscious travelers.

Is Buying a Travel Wallet Really Worth It?

If you’re focused on having a fuss-free vacation without the hassle of having to scavenge through bags to find what you need, then yes, a travel wallet is worth it! A travel wallet can hold a lot more than cards, too. 

You can buy a bigger one to organize other vital documents, such as passports, tickets, and itineraries. Or even stow your phone and charging cables! That said, if you already have a bag you’re happy with, a travel wallet may be overkill.

Traveling to another country soon? Remember to pack the right adapter for your plugs. Prepare by checking out our helpful list comparing the best electronic adaptors Review!

passport with other travel accessories
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6 Best Travel Wallets of 2022

6. Nomatic Slim Minimalist Wallet

Credit, membership, loyalty, medical aid scheme, frequent flyer, debit, Forex, and more. Let’s face it. Some people have a lot of cards! However, taking yours with you on the road need not be an ordeal. The Nomatic Slim Minimalist Wallet fits them all, plus much more than expected, like keys and cash. Ideal if you have limited space in your backpack!


  • Affordable
  • Hidden cash and key pocket
  • Easy to use
  • Holds 4-15 cards
  • Pocket-sized

Our Rating: 3.1/5

turquoise and black travel wallet
Image Courtesy of Nomatic on Amazon

5. Zoppen Multi-Purpose RFID Blocking Travel Wallet 

For some travelers, meticulously organizing their trip, luggage, and necessities is all part of the fun. The Zoppen Multi-Purpose RFID Blocking Travel Wallet seems made for neat freaks. Are you one of them? Then you’ll be happy to know that it features enough card slots and compartments to make you giddy!


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Affordable price
  • Tons of organizational compartments
  • RFID-blocking
  • Comes in plenty of shades

Our Rating: 3.3/5

rfid travel wallet
Image Courtesy of Zoppen on Amazon

4. Pacsafe V50 RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet

Wrist-strap purses are in Vogue, making the Pacsafe V50 RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet one of the cool kids! Besides a detachable wrist strap for extra safety, it also features an elasticated exterior strap to make opening it easy.


Our Rating: 3.6/5

Black pacsafe RFID travel wallet
Image Courtesy of Pacsafe on Amazon

3. Zero Grid RFID Multiple Passport Holder & Wallet

Overpackers, take note. The Zero Grid RFID Multiple Passport Holder & Wallet should be on your radar! This ample-sized travel wallet fits all of your travel essentials, like bank cards, tickets, and cash. Plus, it even has some extra room in the trunk for your smartphone. How handy!


  • Backpacker-friendly price tag 
  • Spacious design 
  • Ample organizational compartments
  • Water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Fits smartphones and more

Our Rating: 4.1/5

open travel wallet with passports and credit
Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Code of Bell ANNEX Case

Love your shoulder bag? How about a travel wallet with a shoulder strap? The Code of Bell ANNEX Case is the ideal go-between. It even features reflective material on the front section, making it perfect for all you night animals!


  • Versatile
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Multiple compartments
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Reflective front

Our Rating: 4.4/5

travel wallet with long handle
Image Courtesy of Zero Grid


A stylish little number, the FJÄLLRÄVEN KÅNKEN travel wallet is the ultimate all-rounder! About the shape and size of a little purse, you can fit much more in it than your standard travel wallet. It’s also super-stylish, featuring a decidedly modern Scandinavian aesthetic!


  • Various color options
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Good-quality materials
  • Fleece-lined pocket
  • Organizational amenities

Our Rating: 4.6/5

multiple Fjallraven travel wallets on desk
Image Courtesy of FJÄLLRÄVEN

Travel Wallets and Beyond!

Are your travel wallets and luggage in order? If you’re setting off on a voyage into the unknown, then make sure you check out Pilot to help you arrange your travel plans. You name it: itineraries, must-see attractions, and things you can’t miss. We’ve got your back! 

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