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Should you be using WeWorkRemotely for your next remote job? [In-Depth Review]

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December 11, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe

With remote work becoming something of more and more interest, the resources for finding a remote job are becoming innumerable. There are countless possibilities for ways to land a remote job, so we at Pilot want to help you with that process a little. While we can’t find the perfect remote job opportunity for you, we strive to provide some guidance through our blog posts!

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Image Courtesy: WeWorkRemotely

What is WeWorkRemotely?

WeWorkRemotely describes itself as “the largest remote work community in the world” and is a go-to website for finding, and listing remote job opportunities. Their advanced search function allows you to search for a job by keyword, or to filter through by category, location, companies, or even whether you’re looking for a full-time or contract position.

They also have a top remote job searches function where you can see what is being searched the most and use those predetermined keywords to help your search. Job postings have detailed descriptions, and include information about whether the post is 100% remote from anywhere in the world, or specific to one country (such as USA only positions, meaning the job is remote within the US, but cannot be done from outside the country).

The list of jobs is updated frequently, so you can rest assured that you’re getting new job openings every time you check the website.

The only drawback of their listing feature is that “featured” jobs appear first, with no indication of their posting date, so you may need to scroll a little to find the latest postings. According to their home page, WeWorkRemotely has received over three million visitors and continues to grow daily.

WeWorkRemotely Job Search
Image Courtesy: WeWorkRemotely

Another useful tool on WeWorkRemotely’s website is their remote work resources page. You can read up on resources that are invaluable to remote workers such as must-read books, apps to make your remote work easier, and more. Additionally, there is also a blog, podcast, and Slack channel you can join to further connect with the remote work community. All of these resources are free to use. They also occasionally host online events like remote job fairs, meetups, or AMAs with successful remote workers you can sign up to attend.

Further resources include their learning portal which offers career coaching (book a session for $199), resume reviews (starting at$149), and LinkedIn reviews (starting at $149) if you’re wanting another set of eyes to help you out with those things. They also have templates for cover letters and resumes to help you start that process if necessary, a job tracker you can use as you apply for opportunities, writing exercises, and interview prep questions you can use to prepare yourself to interview as best you can.

Be sure to also check out their discount page, which offers discount codes to resources like Codecademy and SkillShare among others.

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What companies offer remote work?

While there’s no official list of all the companies offering remote work, WeWorkRemotely has a handy list on their website that contains what they’ve determined to be the top 100 remote companies. This list is determined based on global companies that have the most experience hiring remote workers, as well as those that have utilized WeWorkRemotely the most for job postings.

This list is by no means exhaustive and is limited by companies that post on WeWorkRemotely, but it’s a great starting point if you’re trying to find companies well versed in remote work.

They additionally have a page dedicated to their library of companies that are remote worker-friendly, and companies that prioritize remote workers.

What are the best remote jobs?

Remote work is the ability to do your job outside of a traditional office setting, and while many jobs can be done remotely, some are better suited for it than others. Similarly to the best companies for remote work, there’s no official list, but according to to WeWorkRemotely, here are some of the categories for the most popular remote jobs:

  • Programming: Full-stack, front-end, and back-end
  • Design
  • Devops and Sysadmin
  • Management and Finance
  • Product
  • Customer Support
  • Coding
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Content Strategist/Writer
  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis
  • Certain fields of engineering

Any jobs in these fields lend themselves to successful remote work opportunities and can be done more easily in a remote fashion. This doesn’t mean, however, that if your field isn’t on this list that you can’t successfully find remote work opportunities!

WeWorkRemotely Social Media

If scrolling through WeWorkRemotely’s web page isn’t enough for you to feel comfortable using their website, you can also check out their social media accounts to fully see their online presence.

If you're a Twitter person, be sure to follow their profile to get job postings in the form of tweets, as well as information about their remote worker community. If photography is more your style, you can check out their Instagram profile to see their weekly highlighted remote company, along with images taken from their blog, or quotes from their podcast.

If you’re a LinkedIn person, they also have an active presence there, posting job notices as well as links to the various companies that are hiring so you can check out their LinkedIn profiles as well. Follow WeWorkRemotely on LinkedIn here!

Finally, WeWorkRemotely also has a Facebook page you can like and follow to receive job postings and all things remote work-related on your Facebook feed.

So, is WeWorkRemotely Legit?

Whether you’re looking for your first remote job or looking to transition into remote work, there are endless job opportunities out there.

Using WeWorkRemotely is a great resource to find recent job postings from companies that want to work with remote workers, and who have the experience doing so. Their resources alone are a great reason to check their site out, especially if you’re just starting in the world of remote work.

If you decide to try remote working from abroad, or just to take a holiday while working your fab new remote job, be sure to check out Pilot for itinerary planning, budgeting tips, and ways to connect with other like-minded travelers!

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May 20, 2021

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