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Go Overseas Review: Education programs worth it in 2023?

Go Overseas Review: Education programs worth it in 2023?
Miriam Jaffe
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Miriam is a writer whose content focuses on travel, and other adventures abroad like studying or working as an English language assistant. Her favorite places she's visited (so far) include London, UK, Angers, France, and the entire country of Norway. She loves traveling; when she's not dreaming of new locations to explore, you can find her singing, acting, or dancing (probably all three), fueling her Harry Potter addiction any way she can, or trying to come up with clever puns.

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When someone mentions that they've spent time abroad, that could mean so many things. Maybe they studied abroad, worked abroad, or volunteered abroad, but how did they find these opportunities? 

There are so many services and websites to help you get your abroad adventure going that it sometimes seems challenging to know where to start.

While here at Pilot, we do our best to provide you with itinerary planning tools and ways to connect with others on your travels. We also realize that sometimes you might be looking for something more specific. Maybe you'd like to go on a more meaningful and impactful travel experience! 

One website that offers a lot of information about various abroad opportunities is Go Overseas. How are their programs, and are their educational programs are good as they say they are? Keep reading to find out.

Image Courtesy: Go Overseas

What is Go Overseas?

Go Overseas is a company that focuses on providing people with as much information as possible on opportunities abroad. Their goal is to help travelers make informed decisions about their next abroad adventure, whether they want to study, volunteer, work, or do anything in between.

Go Overseas does not run any programs themselves; instead, their website allows you to explore programs for studying, volunteering, teaching, or interning abroad. With information about gap year, high school abroad, and language school programs, their platform seems to be as comprehensive as they get!

How do you get started?

You can use their site to scroll through programs for the adventure that interests you and read reviews for different programs and providers to make the best decision for you. You can  ask questions about programs in their Q&A sections, which will direct you to people who have gone on their programs and have written reviews afterward.

Additionally, Go Overseas has added remote programs during the pandemic, such as online TEFL and language courses, remote teaching abroad, virtual internships, and more!

Go Overseas search category programs.
Image Courtesy: Go Overseas

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What are the jobs offered at Go Overseas?

If you're interested in going abroad with a work focus, Go Overseas offers insight on jobs for teachinginterning, or working abroad. The internship and teaching abroad page have slightly more results than working abroad. Still, the offerings will vary based on how many people are currently hiring at the time when you're searching.

Many of the jobs under the "work abroad" tab are nanny/au pair-based, although there are a handful of more office-centered positions. By far, the page with the most positions is for teaching abroad. 

Go Overseas TEFL Program

Teaching abroad can be a fulfilling job that allows you to explore another country and culture while helping others learn another language. Go Overseas' Teach Abroad job board is full of opportunities to teach abroad in various countries. 

Every job posting allows you to read about the location where you would teach, requirements for the job, contract length, and benefits. You can search for programs by location and narrow down the classroom level you'd like to teach.

You can also view reviews for many employers to see how people who have taught abroad viewed the program and their time teaching abroad.  

Search programs on Go Overseas.
Image Courtesy: Go Overseas

Go Overseas Gap Year Program

If you want to go abroad but want to lean away from academia, you could explore the possibility of taking a gap year! During a gap year, you can take time off from studying and use that time to volunteer, intern, teach, work abroad, learn a new language, or travel the world.

Regardless of your reasoning behind taking a gap year, it can be a great way to get some real-world experience while potentially trying something new!

Go Overseas has reviews of gap year programs all around the world, so you can read through them all to find the location and program that best fits your gap year goals. They also have articles about gap years written by community members, which you can read to have a more holistic view of your next steps and better understand why kind of gap year might work best for you. 

Travel Gap Year programs with Go Overseas
Image Courtesy: Go Overseas

Go Overseas Scholarship

Wanting to go abroad but concerned about the costs associated? Go Overseas understand that finances will be of significant concern when going overseas for their programs. That's why they also offer assistance in acquiring scholarships!

Go Overseas has dedicated guides that'll help you apply for scholarships to help you get abroad, along with scholarships you can apply through their platform. While their list of scholarship opportunities isn't extensive, they do still have plenty to which you can choose and apply from.

The Go Overseas Ireland scholarship is perhaps the most well-known. While there are a couple of options for scholarships in Ireland, the big one is a scholarship for a complete master's degree in Ireland and a stipend and money towards flights.

There is also a full scholarship for a US student seeking to study for their master's at Trinity College and a $15,000 scholarship to study in Ireland. Scholarships also exist for those looking to study in Scotland, New Zealand, Auckland.

Go Overseas also provides scholarships for gap year students, provided you take your gap year through an approved provider. They also have guides for applying for scholarships in Australia, Sweden, and Germany.

It goes without saying that it's an excellent opportunity to explore if you're financially conscious but still wants to study/take a gap year abroad!

Travel abroad programs with Go Overseas.
Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash

Should I use Go Overseas?

We don't see why not! Go Overseas offers a wide variety of programs with a worldwide reach and many assistance.

In fact, one of the big benefits of using Go Overseas to research any adventure you might want to take abroad is their review function. You can read associated reviews written by fellow travelers who have participated in those programs for any program you find. You can read about first-hand experiences before committing to any particular adventure abroad.

It is important to note that these reviews are crowd-sourced, so it's not a bad idea to read through as many as you can and potentially take some with a grain of salt. 

Of course, if you've participated in a given program that Go Overseas lists, be sure to add your review so other people can benefit from your experiences!

Our Rating: 4.7/5


  • Huge variety of programs
  • Scholarship assistance
  • Worldwide reach


  • Varied experiences per program
  • Few reviews online

Travel Abroad with Pilot!

Whether you're in the beginning stages of planning your next trip or looking to solidify some details on your already planned voyage, Go Overseas is a great resource to help you discover new experiences to traveling abroad.

Overall, Go Overseas is a perfect site to explore options of working, interning, volunteering, teaching, taking a gap year, or even just traveling abroad. Make sure to read their guides on the different programs and countries they're offering to have all the information you need to make the decision. This will help strengthen your planned trip abroad and improve your experiences abroad!

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