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What’s up with RemoteOK's remote jobs? [In-Depth Review]

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March 3, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, remote work has become a household name. As such, many people are now actively investigating opportunities for remote work that would allow them to not only work from home, but possibly even to travel the world while doing so, living that digital nomad lifestyle.

If you’re already a remote worker wanting to figure out where you might be able to work for a few months, check out our post about NomadList to get started.

If you’re just starting your remote work journey, on the other hand, you might be looking for some resources to help you find the perfect remote job. Fear not, because Pilot is here to help! Today on the blog, we’re addressing RemoteOK. 

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What is RemoteOK?

RemoteOK is an online job board that focuses exclusively on remote job opportunities. You can search through jobs based on category (i.e. marketing, software development, customer service, etc…), or filter through tags for specific requirements within a position (like Javascript, or C sharp).

RemoteOK is owned by NomadList so you can use both websites in tandem as they easily link between themselves. Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to look at remote work destinations and job postings almost simultaneously.

You can also sign up for the email subscription list to be alerted of new remote jobs in your inbox. The site is completely free to use, whether as a way to browse roles, or to use it as a way to apply to remote jobs.

There is also a freelancer directory so you can have employers search for you specifically by your skill set. To register, you’ll create a username, and give them your email address both for contact purposes, and for your subscription to the weekly job postings.

You do not need to be subscribed to use the job search function, or to apply to jobs, though. 

Image Courtesy: RemoteOK

What does it mean if a job is remote?

If a job is advertised as remote, this means that there is no mandatory office component to the job. While the remote worker might be employed by an in person company, they are free to work from wherever they choose. A remote job gives employees the freedom to work from home, or anywhere in the world, provided they have the approval of their employer to do so (it’s important to know that getting a remote job does not automatically grant you the right to take your laptop abroad with you. It’s imperative to clear that idea with your employer before hopping on a plane). Sites like RemoteOK give you access to a database of remote jobs that have been posted explicitly in the hopes of attracting remote workers.

If you accept a remote job, though, be aware that having a remote job does not automatically give you permission to work anywhere in the world. You will still need to research immigration rules surrounding any particular country before you embark abroad. You may also be required to work within certain timezones, even if you're not required to work in a specific area, just like how we at Pilot have implemented our fully remote ready work team culture.

RemoteOK Reviews

In looking at reviews of RemoteOK’s services, there seem to be several pros and cons to the service.

Its price point is a major pro in that users can get access to listings without having to subscribe or pay (although it does cost money to post job listings if you are seeking to recruit remote workers).

The weekly added jobs are sizable, meaning that users get a wide variety of opportunities from which to choose, and the board is constantly updating so you aren’t looking at jobs postings that are months old.

One of the cons of using RemoteOk, based on reviews, is the lack of advanced search functions. While you can put in any keyword you want into the search bar, there is no way to hone searches down finely beyond what you put in there, and a few key filters you can use.

Additionally, the variety of remote work opportunities isn’t massive. Many of the remote jobs posted on RemoteOK are software development jobs. While there are postings for other fields, they are not nearly as prolific as the software development positions are, meaning you might have to do some digging if you’re looking for non software development jobs. 

While RemoteOK does link back to NomadList (given that NomadList owns RemoteOK), there are little other features on the website other than job listings. 

What are remote companies?

While a remote job is a job that can be done anywhere, a remote company is a company that doesn’t have a physical office presence, meaning every employee works remotely. These companies are more likely to be familiar with remote work practices, and be able to accommodate remote workers in various time zones, and in different countries.

What are the best companies to work for remotely?

If you're wondering what might be some good remote companies to work for, Forbes has published a list of the best remote companies to work for in 2020! While it’s just a ranked list, it might give you some ideas of what companies you’d like to investigate more for remote work opportunities. RemoteOK also has a list that updates live on their website you can look at of top remote companies hiring within the last 12 months. 

And, not to brag, but we're pretty darn good to work with here at Pilot as well!

Image Courtesy: RemoteOK

If you’re interested in remote working, you are definitely not alone! As it becomes a bigger and bigger thing, more opportunities are presenting themselves every day. While it can sometimes be hard to gauge how remote a remote job actually is, sites like RemoteOK are here to help you find remote jobs that fit your goals of working remotely.

Even if you find the perfect job on RemoteOK, be sure to still discuss with your future employer what exactly their expectations are of you, and how remote you can take your job.

It’s always important to remember that having a job you can do “from anywhere” doesn’t actually give you the legal right to go anywhere with it, so always do some extra research on what protocols or restrictions might be in place regarding working abroad, or time limits on going abroad with your work.

If you’re trying to find a location to head with your remote work, make sure to check out Pilot to help plan your trip from start to finish! 

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May 4, 2021

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