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Bose Wireless Headphones Review: The best in the market?

Bose Wireless Headphones Review: The best in the market?
Raeesha Ikram
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A good pair of headphones can be a game changer during travel, helping you enjoy the journey better. Whether you need a timeout from the chaotic noise in airports, a snoring passenger in the next seat, or listen to soothing music during an anxious plane ride, headphones can be your savior. 

If you are looking for a  solid choice, we recommend you invest in one of the best travel headphones. Bose is a top brand worth considering because it offers a range of wireless Bluetooth headphones with many handy features.

But, how is the actual performance? Does it beat other choices in the market? Is it affordable for budget travelers?

Let's find out. Here's our review of Bose wireless headphones!

bpse black and white logo
Image Courtesy: Bose

About Bose

bose headset
Image Courtesy: Bose

Founded in 1964, Bose Corporation is one of the oldest companies known for manufacturing audio equipment. Its products include headphones, home theater systems, computer speakers, portable speakers, sound bar devices, and audio sunglasses. 

While Bose isn't a premium brand with high-performance audio devices, it is a top-rated player in the market. Bose also pioneered in introducing and commercializing noise-canceling headphones. In this review, we exclusively focus on its wireless headphones and some great recommendations.

What's great about Bose wireless headphones 

Noise-cancellation feature 

Not all noise-blocking headphones perform well at muting/diminishing the ambient sound. But, most Bose wireless headphones deliver it right, and the adjustability feature is more helpful. It's handy when you are stuck in a noisy airport during a stopover.


Comfort is an essential requirement for travelers, especially during long flights. Otherwise, you can end up with sore or painful ears. The earcups of Bose over-ear headphones are well-padded and provide ample coverage, and you will find it easy to keep them on for a long time. 

Audio performance

Bose does a great job with sound management to offer clear-cut clarity during calls. While it might not beat superior counterparts like Sony, you will be impressed by the deep bass and volume capacity delivered when listening to music.


Most of the headphones by Bose feature good build quality and impressive durability. With good care, you can use them for years without hassle, and it invests - although pricier, worth it for frequent travelers. 

bose headphones being used
Image Courtesy: Lukas Souza on Unsplash

Drawbacks of Bose wireless headphones 


Bose headphones are pricey because of the brand's reputation and the quality of experience they offer. The company utilizes advanced technology to deliver excellent sound quality. So, if you are on the hunt for the cheapest headphones, this is not it. 

Bulky designs

Bose wireless earbuds aren't the most compact option compared to Airpods or Sony earbuds. They protrude from the ears significantly, and you may find them uncomfortable over time. Even the charging case is quite bulky. 

Best Bose Wireless Headphones Recommendations 

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700

bose nose canceling headphones
Image Courtesy: Bose

Our Rating: 4.5/5

If noise cancellation is your priority, consider this superstar. These over-ear, wireless headphones let you adjust the intensity of background noise to a level comfortable and valuable for you. You can still be aware of what's happening outside while focusing on the task.

The sound quality is equally good, and you can answer calls without hesitation. The touch controls help you manage its features without using the phone. It promises a 20-hour battery life when fully charged. 

The wireless headphone features a sleek and stylish design and is available in four attractive colors; Black, Luxe Silver, Triple Midnight, and Soapstone. However, you can't fold it due to a lack of hinges, and it is also comparatively expensive, priced at $379.

Bose QuietComfort 45 

bose quiet comfort headphones
Image Courtesy: Bose

Our Rating: 4.3/5

QuietComfort doesn't come with a load of features or the premium look of 700. But, it's a bit less expensive. The noise-blocking feature works impressively, although you can't adjust it. It has 24-hour battery life. Another remarkable feature is comfort. You can wear these headphones for a long time without feeling tired. There are control buttons on them for convenient use.

The sound quality isn't exceptional but decent enough to enjoy your music. It captures speech well during phone calls but may not offer clear-cut clarity. The design is minimalistic, and I like that it has hinges to fold the headphones for easy storage. The travel-friendly wireless headphones are priced at $329.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 

bose quiet comfort earbuds
Image Courtesy: Bose

Our Rating: 4.5/5

While these may not look handy as Airpods, the features can change your mind. QuietComfort Earbuds come with active noise-cancellation technology with adjustability at your will. The earbuds feature intuitive touch controls that you might have to practice a bit first! 

Although the size is quite bulky for earbuds, the overall design is attractive. The battery life is said to be 6 hours, although it can depend on the usage. It is pretty good compared to alternatives in a similar range.

The sound quality is excellent, and the transparent ambient noise mode is more natural. The sound management during calls and connectivity is also applaudable. Overall, Bose Bluetooth earbuds come at par with Airpods in many ways, priced at $199.

Bose Sport Earbuds

bose sport earbuds wireless
Image Courtesy: Bose

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Ideal for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts, these sweatproof headphones are comfortable to wear. The in-ear headphones stick out from the ears but offer a secure fit and stay put very well. Eartips come in 3 different sizes to help you find the right one. 

The Sports model also delivers excellent sound quality and good clarity during calls. The touch controls help you use its features without pulling out your phone every time. It is available in Triple Black, Baltic Blue, and Glacier White.

However, the battery life isn't satisfactory and can drain fast. These Bluetooth wireless headphones don't have noise cancellation and don't block out ambient noise very well. They are also expensive, costing $179.

How to connect Bose wireless headphones

First, you have to download the Bose app on your mobile phone. Then, pair the wireless headset with the phone using Bluetooth. You must turn on your headphones by holding the power button until you hear "Ready to Pair." Then, open the Bose app, select the headphone, and connect it. 

Are Bose headphones worth it?

Yes. Bose offers commendable wireless headphones with innovative features. So, it is a worthy choice if you are willing to spend a good amount on quality headphones. That said, always compare the options with other renowned brands like Sony, so you can get the best product that money can buy! 

Our rating: 4.7/5


  • Noise-cancellation feature 
  • Comfort
  • Audio performance 
  • Quality


  • Expensive 
  • Bulky designs

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