Tokyo Nightlife Activities: Experience Tokyo at Night!

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Tokyo Nightlife Activities: Experience Tokyo at Night!
Every time the sun sets in Japan, Tokyo shines bright with its range of exciting nightlife options. From finding the best nightlife districts to a list of things you can do in Tokyo, let’s plan a memorable night out in the city!
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Tokyo is often called a city with an endless list of things to do. Whether you're a fan of shopping, nature, or anime culture, Tokyo can please you like no other city. 

And the same rule applies to Tokyo's nightlife. As the sky darkens, you'll find a vibrant side of Tokyo rising. With glimmering neon signs and a mind-boggling list of nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants, Tokyo is a dream come true. 

The city is home to some of Asia's wildest and most exciting bars and clubs! So why should you be missing out on them?

I'm here to talk about this underrated side of Tokyo and take you through a rollercoaster ride of Tokyo's nightlife. Make sure you include Tokyo nightlife when you're planning a trip to Japan!

What Are Some Good Nightlife Districts In Tokyo?

If your sole purpose of the visit is to dance the night away, it's good to start with knowing some party districts. Luckily, I researched the best nightlife districts of Tokyo, featuring vibrant nightclub strips, red-light districts, and even some great tourist-friendly regions to stick to!

When you're thinking about where to stay in Tokyo, I'd recommend sticking close to these districts so that everything is a stone away. Here are some districts where the party truly never dies out:


The Shibuya area of Tokyo offers a vast array of nightclubs and bars that attract a younger audience. Plenty of restaurants are here, so you can find a place to enjoy great food before you hit up the bars and dance lounges.

busy lighted streets of Shibuya
Photo by Erik Eastman on Unsplash


You'll know Shinjuku when you start noting too many neon signs and large billboards. The district is notorious for offering safe but fun adult entertainment. If that's what you're looking for, head Northeast of the station to the popular red-light district of Kabukicho.


The Ginza district is an upscale part of Tokyo, filled with fine dining restaurants and upscale bars. Naturally, it comes with some delicious delicacy options and an even more impressive range of drinks.

Many of the establishments here have an upscale feel, so if that's your scene, you know where to go!


This Tokyo nightlife district is a favorite among foreign tourists. You'll have plenty of options for foreign-friendly nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Roppongi is a great option to consider if you don't speak the language and want to feel safe in the city, surrounded by tourists just like you!

Maybe you'll even bump into someone from your home country! Who knows?

Nightlife Activities in Tokyo

Okay, now you know what some good places in Tokyo are. Great! But we're not done just yet. I know you might be thinking about what you can do apart from heading to a nightclub. 

There's got to be more, right? Of course, there is! In fact, here's a list of everything you can do to enjoy your nights in Tokyo:

Head Out on a Night Walk

Nightlife in Tokyo doesn't always mean chaotic clubs and rowdy bars. It could also be as peaceful as a leisurely evening stroll while looking distantly at the city's skyline!

There are plenty of spots in Tokyo where you can go for a casual night walk and relish the city views. For example, the Sensoji at Asakusa is excellent to visit at night because of its illuminated lanterns. While the main hall is closed at 5 PM, the grounds are open until late at night.

You can also head to the waterfront area of Tokyo. It's an incredible spot to enjoy the waterfront views and the cityscape at night. Be sure to look for the Illuminated Rainbow Bridge!

Asakusa temple at night in Japan
Photo by mos design on Unsplash

Go on a Nightclub Hopping Spree

Tokyo is known for many things, such as its food and shopping. But did you know clubbing in Tokyo competes with the nightlife scene in other cities? 

Clubbing in Tokyo is one way for the young crowd to have fun when the sun sets. If you're in any of the nightlife districts in Tokyo, you're sure to find a club nearby. You can get a nightclub pass and visit as many clubs as possible in one night!

Want some personal recommendations on nightclubs? I got you.

Warp Shinjuku might be a newcomer to the nightlife scene, but it's already caught the attention of seasonal partygoers. The club is located in Kabukicho and has a captivating dance floor. Their bar serves some delicious drinks so you might be tempted to go overboard with them! 

You can dance the night away or soak in the lively atmosphere while enjoying your drink. 

Womb is another nightclub in Tokyo that draws a great crowd nightly. It's known as one of the best clubs in Tokyo with its high-end sound system and world-class production! If you ask locals for the best nightclub, chances are they'll talk about Womb!

If you're staying in the Roppongi area, check out V2 Tokyo. The nightclub's interior is impressive as it is. But the club is also known for having world-famous DJs spinning tracks in this club. As a bonus, the club offers awe-inspiring views of the Tokyo skyline!

Crowd enjoying at a disco in Tokyo
Photo by dat' on Flickr

Enjoy Drinks With a Pub Crawl

When in Rome, do as the Romans do… or as the Tokyoites in this case! 

Pub crawls give travelers the opportunity to immerse in the local drinking culture. Sip some sake and indulge in local pub food while soaking in the energetic atmosphere of the nightlife districts.

Head to Tokyo's famous nightlife district to find a concentration of local Japanese pubs, or sign up for a bar-hopping tour. These pubs are always filled with a hot-blooded and energetic crowd, so you'll have to match the energy!

I recommend this to those looking to dip their toes into the old-fashioned Tokyo nightlife.

Crowds sitting and having food and drinks at a pub in Tokyo
Photo by Nate Kadlac on Unsplash

Catch a Live Show

If catching live entertainment is your idea of a perfect nightlife, Tokyo has you covered. Spend the night indulging in a traditional Japanese show, or hit a local comedy bar for drinks and laughs! 

Tokyo's live shows are quite entertaining and unique. My personal favorite has to be the Samurai Entertainment Show. To know more about the show, you must visit yourself! 

There's always a live show somewhere in Tokyo, so be on the lookout for what's available to have a unique nightlife experience. This is where locals come in handy, as you can always ask them for live show recommendations, addresses, and timings!

Cruise the Tokyo Bay

Honestly, there's nothing better than a night cruise in Tokyo before jumping into the nightclubs. It's the ideal activity for those who want to enjoy laid-back Tokyo nightlife. The city views are just another bonus! 

There's also an exclusive feeling knowing you're in the middle of the water, soaking in the lights and enjoying a delicious dinner. Many of the night cruises in Tokyo also have live entertainment on board, letting you enjoy a cultural experience. 

Tokyo bay at dusk
Photo by Richard Iwaki on Unsplash

Outshine Others With a Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a huge part of Japanese culture. So if you're visiting Tokyo, make it a point to have a karaoke night!

There are plenty of karaoke bars in Tokyo, so book one for you and your friends and sing your hearts out! 

Eat the Night Away With a Food Tour

Are you visiting Tokyo but not indulging in Japanese cuisine? That sounds terrible! 

For my foodies out there, Tokyo will be the endgame of Japanese cuisine adventures. Food tours are a popular activity amongst locals and travelers alike as they offer you a way to immerse yourself in the traditional culture. 

You can book yourself with an existing food tour group in the city, or you can make a list of Tokyo's street food options and head there yourself. Many restaurants offer travelers the chance to learn about Japanese food culture and how these dishes came to be. 

Man lookigna t menu in Shinjuku restaurant
Photo by Alva Pratt on Unsplash

Visit an Onsen

Are you tired of dancing for the evening but don't want to retire to your hotel just yet? Let me recommend relaxing in an onsen under the clear sky. 

Considered a hidden gem for most tourists, an Onsen is a traditional Japanese hot spring, Kusatsu Onsen being the most popular one of them.

These establishments stay open well into the night, providing the perfect way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. So why not cap off your Tokyo adventures with a peaceful soak?

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