Where to stay in Puerto Rico: Top picks of 2024!

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Where to stay in Puerto Rico: Top picks of 2024!
If you're planning on visiting Puerto Rico, look no further than this stellar guide. You can get straight to it and take the stress out of planning your next vacation, featuring all of the best places to stay.
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Puerto Rico is painted with picture-perfect scenery, crystal clear beaches, adventurous activities, and natural splendor. From the colorful corners and UNESCO Sites to the rich culture and delectable cuisine, all types of travelers are drawn to this striking destination, and for a good reason. 

If you're busy planning your upcoming getaway with friends, family, or partner, look no further than this guide on where to stay in Puerto Rico. This Caribbean gem is home to boutique hotels, luxury resorts, unique homestays, and a whole lot more where that came from. These are the best hotels in Puerto Rico 2024. 

Streets of Puerto Rico
Photo by Alex George on Unsplash

My Top picks: Best places to stay in Puerto Rico!

Here are the top picks of the best places to stay while you're in Puerto Rico!

1. Best Hotel for Families in Puerto Rico 

The Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort wins the race for this category by far. If you're on the hunt for a family-friendly hotel in Puerto Rico, then this is it. 

This hotel, tucked along the northeast coast spanning 500 acres of land, has plenty of room for the whole family. This complex hosts a range of fascinating facilities that will keep the entire group happy. 

With nine restaurants, three oceanfront pools, two golf courses, and a wealth of other world-class features, this is undoubtedly one of the top hotels in Puerto Rico. With El Yunque National Forest sitting right beside the resort, hikers and nature-inclined visitors will be especially pleased. 

Additionally, the Wyndham is a perfect place to stay if it's your first time visiting Puerto Rico, as it really does offer a bit of everything!

Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort
Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

2. Best Hotel for Business Travelers in Puerto Rico 

If you're looking for a business-friendly spot to buckle down for a few days, the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve will tick all your boxes. Whip out your trusty suitcase, and kick back in one of the many marvelous amenities the Hyatt Regency offers! 

There's no doubt that the natural beauty will whisk you away into a state of motivation to get your work done. With San Juan located nearby, you'll have easy access to the center for any important business meetings or trips.

Kick back after your long day working at the on-site spa, or indulge in a drink alongside the lagoon-style pool. In addition, there are meeting rooms, reception venues, and even event venues available too. 

3. Best Boutique Hotel in Puerto Rico 

For lovers of all things intimate, charming, and beautiful, the O:live Boutique Hotel is for you. Escape to Puerto Rico's hottest secret, a spot that shimmers so effortlessly in both luxury and romance. With an artsy touch dotting the scene, this boutique hotel boasts a laid-back atmosphere that will make you feel like you never want to leave. 

With a killer culinary selection, exclusive couples massages, exciting events, and awe-worthy facilities, this is easily one of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico. If you're traveling as a couple or with a group of friends, O:live Boutique Hotel is the ideal fit for you. 

O:live Hotel Puerto Rico
Image Courtesy: Booking.com

4. Best Luxury Hotel in Puerto Rico 

Luxury-fanatics, look no further! The Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton Reserve holds the key to your heart. With a former plantation laying the site's foundation, this exclusive resort holds space for a rich history and immersive experience like no other. This remote yet luxurious resort offers a more naturalistic approach to your vacation, featuring unique trails to explore and beautiful coral reefs to discover.

The resort's restaurants also use locally-sourced ingredients delivered fresh to your plate. In addition, the hotel features two golf courses, various pools, and a world-class spa. The Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton Reserve is something you simply shouldn't miss. 

5. Best Budget Hotel in Puerto Rico 

The Casa Verde Hotel is for you if you're watching your pennies. Offering a more personalized touch, this warm space will have you feeling right at home. 

Oozing family-friendly, casual, and relaxing vibes all 'round, this affordable hotel in Puerto Rico is an excellent choice for budget-friendly travelers. This is seriously a great option with a restaurant, pool, and plenty of rooms to choose from. 

Casa Verde Hotel Puerto Rico.
Image Courtesy: Booking.com

6. Best Hotel in the center of Puerto Rico 

San Juan is an indispensable part of the Puerto Rico experience. If you're looking to stay in the heart and soul of this Caribbean hot spot, then this is where you want to be. 

The San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino is the ultimate piece of paradise with excellent proximity to all of what the city of San Juan has to offer. Soak up all of the city's culture and nightlife, and check out the most popular things to do

Located in the bustling city, right on the edge of the blissful beachfront, this is the ultimate location for first-timers. With pristine pools, a fitness center, a casino, a range of dining experiences, and many beautiful rooms, this is by far the best hotel in the center of Puerto Rico. 

Streets of Puerto Rico with umbrellas
Photo by Yajnas on Unsplash

Hostels in Puerto Rico 

The variety of flashy hotels and luxury resorts is undoubtedly an appealing side of Puerto Rico. That being said, this Caribbean Paradise is home to a selection of incredible hostels too. Fit for budget travelers, backpackers, and those trying to save some cash, the hostels available are both top-quality and economical.

Puerto Rico’s hostel scene is rich in culture, local knowledge, fun activities, diverse travelers, and all ‘round good vibes. Staying in a hostel here opens you up to the opportunity to meet new people from all over the globe. In doing so, you can make connections that last for life.

Whether you want to cook up a storm in the kitchen with your newfound friends, soak up the sun by the pool, kick back in a garden, head out on a day trip, or relax on the rooftop with a sunset drink, there are hostels to suit everyone’s tastes. With so many options on the market, you’re spoilt for choice. Check out the best hotels in Puerto Rico to compare the best of the best!

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico 

Here's a quick breakdown of the highlights of each of the best areas to stay in this exquisite destination. 

San Juan 

Close by to major attractions, plus a wild nightlife and great restaurants. 

Rio Grande 

Situated near El Yunque, with great access to Luquillo beach and a range of other activities.

Isla Verde 

Very close to the airport, with plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubbing options. 


Great surfing opportunities, along with more budget-conscious accommodation options. 

Culebra Island 

Beautiful beaches without the crowds and more laid-back vibes. 

Vieques Island 

Stunning natural scenery and plenty of restaurant options, and easy access to Culebra.


Convenient location with pristine beaches, plus lots of restaurants, bars, and cafes. 


Clean, crystal-clear water and soft and sandy beaches, along with heaps of eateries. 

Relax at the Puerto Rico beach.
Photo by Joshua Oluwagbe on Unsplash

Plan your trip to Puerto Rico now!

There's no doubt that Puerto Rico is filled with fascinating things to do and see. Topped with natural sites, beautiful beaches, untouched landscapes, a rich culture, and an extensive history, there's an exciting inventory of things to look forward to. 

Take the hassle out of the planning process and save this guide on Puerto Rico's best hotels to stay for later. Plan your trip with Pilot and start the countdown now! 

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