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Intrepid Travel In-depth Review: Are their tours any good? [2022]

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April 24, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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A tour that offers trips where you can spread positive impacts to the place you're visiting ... Are they too good to be true? What are their pros and cons? Find out now.

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Have you ever thought about the impacts you have when you're on your trip? The way you travel, through what transportation methods you take, how you engage with communities, and what you leave behind after the trip can have various impacts on the destination you traveled to. 

In this review, we bring to you a review of a travel agency that'll help you plan your next trip while making sure that you travel responsibly. Stick around and read the entire Intrepid Travel review to find out how you can make use of this service.

Intrepid Travel Logo.
Image courtesy: Intrepid Travel

What is Intrepid Travel?

In 1988, two friends, Darrell and Manch, were traveling with friends in a truck in parts of Africa when they came to a realization. They realized that more people would enjoy traveling while minimizing impacts by talking to many travelers. That kickstarted the tour operator Intrepid Travel.

Apart from presenting a travel itinerary, Intrepid Travel also guarantees their customers a responsible travel experience with them. In order to ensure responsibility while traveling, Intrepid Travel has partnered up with many global and local funds and organizations like Blue Carbon Lab and Eden Reforestation Project.

Intrepid Travel has its own foundation, which funds initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and work towards a sustainable future. 

How does Intrepid Travel work?

Intrepid Travel has a simple and user-friendly interface. You could insert basic information and get a ready-made travel itinerary or have a trip tailor-made based on your preferences.

Readymade trips 

Once you visit the Intrepid Travel website, you can search for itineraries based on your choice of destination and the date of travel. Intrepid Travel will provide you with a range of options to choose from based on the information provided. These options vary from Premium, Best of, to Classic, etc. 

Alternatively, you could also select from various styles and themes and find ready-made trips. In order to look for themes, you have to click on the Ways to travel option on the panel at the top of the website. These themes include 18s to 29s, Active Adventures, Adventure Cruising, Cycling, Expeditions, Family, Festivals, Food, Lonely Planet Experiences, Polar, Retreats, Sailing, Short-Breaks, Urban Adventures, Walking and Trekking, and Wildlife. 

Intrepid Travel destination and tour search bar.
Image courtesy: Intrepid Travel 

Personalized trips 

Travelers using Intrepid Travels can also select tailor-made trips from the themes section. In this, you can flexibly choose when and where you want to go and what you want to do because the ready-made itineraries from Intrepid can't be altered. 

You would be traveling with local leaders or travel guides from any travel themes or styles. They will guide you on everything and even deal with the logistics of traveling. With their extensive knowledge of local culture and environments, you will surely get an immersive traveling experience. The help of local leaders also makes group travels easier. 

How old do you have to be to travel with Intrepid?

If you are traveling without adult supervision, you have to be 18 years of age or above. Styles of travel include Premium, Comfort, Original, and Basix. Depending on the style, the provision of services varies, but you would still get the basic services, though. 

Although there aren't any readily available promo codes from Intrepid Travel, they almost always have deals on their website. If you aren't looking to travel anytime soon, you can check the discounts available on the website. If you are making some late plans, you can choose to look at the last-minute deals they have to offer.

Intrepid Travel Tour Packages in India.
Image courtesy: Intrepid Travel

What we like about Intrepid Travel

  • Ready-made packages

Intrepid Travel makes your trips so much easier. Choosing from a specific style and/or theme is the best part of this. It allows you to select a trip that is to your liking and within your budget. The intersection of the style and theme gives you even more options. What's even more remarkable is that all the destinations, accommodation, food, and transportation are arranged for you as you reach your destination.

  • Personalization

The thing with ready-made packages is that they don't have flexible arrival and departure dates. If you're someone who needs that freedom in traveling, tailor-made packages are just the thing for you. Even if you are the one who's deciding things, you wouldn't be the one spending time getting things together. Intrepid Travel and its local leaders will do everything for you. 

  • Responsible travel

Responsible travel includes less carbon footprint, respect towards local cultures, and support for local communities. Your use of Intrepid Travel would contribute towards funding grassroots organizations, initiatives, and local communities. After all, responsible traveling isn't just where you'll be going; it's also on you as an individual traveler. Intrepid Travel adheres to COVID guidelines and ensures your safety.

While you aren't required to have travel insurance, Intrepid Travel will recommend travel insurance services, like World Nomads,  if you think it's something you would like to have.

Tour details for Intrepid Travel Tours.
Image courtesy: Intrepid Travel

What's not-so-great about Intrepid Travel

  • Complaints on service 

Intrepid Travel doesn't have a lot of bad reviews. But, we came across some complaints about low-quality accommodation, unreliable local guides, and poor service. Some negative reviews spoke of Intrepid Travel's delay/failure to process refunds during the pandemic. As always, it's important to know that no service is perfect, and there could be issues occasionally. 

  • Costly 

Compared to traveling solo, heading on a group tour with companies like Intrepid is a bit more expensive because most travel logistics and planning are arranged for you. Also, when you travel with a group, there's a higher chance of spending on extra "group" activities. However, you may not necessarily enjoy all of them. In this regard, we think it's better to backpack solo if you are quite a seasoned traveler. 

Is Intrepid Travel Worth It?

Most of the past users have left satisfying reviews of Intrepid Travel. We also recommend it to travelers that want more out of your travel experience. We believe what they're offering is a great way to explore the world while maintaining a positive impact on the places you go!

You also have many other choices like G AdventuresEF Ultimate Break, and Under30Experiences for guided group tours. So, do consider these options before you pick one! 

Our Rating: 4.6/5


  • Tours that makes a positive impact
  • Responsible travel (low footprint)
  • Great tour packages
  • All Inclusive


  • Few complaints on quality of the tours
  • Slightly expensive
Travel the world via Intrepid Travels.
Photo by Brandon Kaida on Unsplash

If you're looking to plan your own trip.

Regardless of which tour guides you pick, you're definitely all set to make some memorable experiences. We believe that you'll have a better time by planning and going on a trip solo or with friends and family! After all, traveling at your own pace and your own determined budget is always a win.

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January 30, 2022

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