KKday Review [2024]: Are The Tours & Experiences Legit?

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KKday Review [2024]: Are The Tours & Experiences Legit?
KKday is an intriguing booking platform for travelers, but is it one of the top options for you? Allow me to end your curiosity! I'll explore this unique company in as much detail as possible so you'll know if it’s right for you.
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It's no secret that there are many travel booking platforms out there. Trusted services such as Klook or Agoda tend to be the most used, and it can sometimes be challenging to try a company that isn’t as well known or new in the market. 

With so many of these competitive companies in the travel industry, standing out is key. One of the competitive advantages is usually the platforms that offer something unique, which tend to be attractive.

One of the main and favorable aspects of a travel booking company for most people is usually the price. There isn’t a bigger turnoff than booking a hotel and then realizing you could have gotten the same one for a discount somewhere else. 

That's why price and multiple other factors have to be considered when discussing travel booking platforms like KKday in particular. So, let's get into it with a detailed review of KKday and how it compares to the other top dogs in the travel space.

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What Is KKday?

KKday is an online travel platform where travelers can search and book travel experiences and activities in various destinations around the world. 

This large company offers a whopping 300,000 tours in over 90 countries! It was founded in 2014 by CEO Chen Ming in Taiwan and has since expanded to offer over 20,000 experiences in more than 80 countries, including popular destinations such as Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan.

You can book practically any kind of travel experience on KKday, with its most popular option being local tours. 

By booking a local tour, you can fully experience countries such as Spain or the Philippines with a tour guide providing a more authentic experience. 

KKday offers a wide range of travel experiences, including outdoor activities, cultural experiences, food tours, and more. They also allow users to book through its website or mobile app.  

The platform is designed for those travelers that want to experience off-the-beaten tracks.

Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash

How To Book With KKday

The booking process for KKday is straightforward, and it doesn’t take long to find what you are looking for. The platform offers a variety of different categories to tickle your fancy, such as food, sightseeing, outdoor activities, and more. 

Once you've chosen your activity or experience, you'll be asked to provide some basic information such as your travel dates, the number of travelers, and your preferred language. 

KKday also provides detailed descriptions of each activity, including photos and reviews from other travelers.

Where Does It Operate?

Although KKday originally started in Taiwan, it has now branched out and operates in 90 different countries, which is a lot, to say the least. 

It's an online platform for booking travel experiences and activities. It operates in various countries and regions around the world, including: 

  • Asia: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka 
  • Oceania: Australia and New Zealand 
  • Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom 
  • North America: United States and Canada 
  • South America: Brazil, Argentina, and Chile
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Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

Cancellation Policy 

It's inevitable that people will need to cancel for unforeseen circumstances. KKday's cancellation policy is applicable in some of these situations, such as:

  • The passing of a second-degree relative
  • Terminal illness of a second-degree relative 
  • Significant natural disaster in a destination that prevents the tour from departing 
  • Flight cancellations or delays

But for customers to be eligible for a refund, they have to provide some sort of evidence that supports why they are cancelling. 

Note: KKday can only process the full refund when valid or supporting proof like a death certificate or medical certificate has been provided.  

Reasons To Use KKday for Booking Trips

KKday has some beneficial aspects that are worth mentioning:

Range of Available Experiences

KKday has a huge amount of experiences that you can choose from on the website. This isn't only a big benefit, but it separates them from the crowd, giving travelers more options.

This proves that KKday is not only well-established because of the range of activities to choose from, but it means that they're better than the more established travel websites when it comes to certain choices.

Affordable Prices

Another interesting aspect about KKday which is worth mentioning are their prices. They have a wide range of promotions on offer, and their prices are better than most travel agencies.

As a traveler myself, I have to say that this is a massive deal and is possibly a dealbreaker for me. I'm always on the lookout for the most affordable websites to book my travels with, and KKday seems to meet those needs.

Redeemable Points 

On KKday, you can win points by accomplishing certain tasks on the platform. You earn 1 KKday point for every dollar you spend. Every 50 points equals to a $0.25 USD discount. 

The points can be redeemed on coupons or rewards for popular experiences and itineraries. To use the KKday points though, the booking total must be 1 USD or more.

Woman wearing a hat and swimsuit  in front of the sea
Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

Complaints About KKday 

Though some of KKday reviews have been impressive, there are some common criticisms that it receives.

Limited Choice of Countries

Although KKday does offer activities in a large number of countries around the world, it's nowhere near the same number as more popular travel websites.

This is a big issue, to say the least, and I honestly think if KKday expanded the choices it offers, it would be a much more efficient platform.

Not only do bigger travel platforms such as Booking.com and Airbnb offer more trip choices, but the fact they simply operate in more countries makes a ton of difference. If KKday wants to be a favored platform and keep loyal customers, it does need to expand the countries in which it operates.

Communication and Language Barriers

One of the most frequent negative reviews online are the communication and language barriers.  

Although most travelers don’t have a problem with booking on KKday, it's clear that booking activities in less popular countries can prove to be a problem for people as KKday languages aren't extensive. 

Unresponsive Customer Support

KKday has a FAQs page for any inquiries, as well as a phone call option available on the app. You can also email them at service@kkday.com

Though these portals are available, quite a number of people have complained that the customer support is poor, often leaving customers to sort out any potential issues that may arise from booking on their platform.

Group of girls and boys with backpacks laughing in a mountain region
Photo by Felix Rostig on Unsplash

Is KKday Worth It?

After doing all the research, I think it should only be used if it's the best option. By this I mean if it has the best pricing or it's the only option offering something. But it wouldn't be my first choice if possible!

Although KKday has clear cons that need to be improved, it isn’t the worst travel booking company in the bunch. So at least you don't need to feel downright scared when booking with this site.

Plus, the fact that you can book activities so easily with a wider range compared to most other travel websites can’t be ignored. 

But a lot of KKday reviews from customers online claim KKday partners with untrustworthy vendors, making them seem unreliable. Most complained of slow and sometimes unresponsive customer support, while some mentioned that KKday refused to issue a refund if there was any problem with the booking process.

Just like any other service, everyone's experience will be different, so the ultimate way of knowing will be to try it out for yourself.  

My Rating: 3.1/5


  • Range of experiences
  • Affordable Prices


  • Limited choice of countries
  • Communication and language barriers 
  • Poor customer support

Plan Your Road Trip!

Now you have an idea of travel booking sites, you can start to craft your ideal travel experience for you, your family, and your friends.

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