Is lululemon Worth it? A Traveler's Honest Review [2023]

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Is lululemon Worth it? A Traveler's Honest Review [2023]
Peach-fuzz sweaters, softstreme pants, and top-quality activewear are just some of the few things you'll find at lululemon. They've made an excellent name for themselves over the years, but is their clothing actually worth the money?
Jessica Bergin
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Jessica Bergin is a Barcelona-based Australian writer, photographer and videographer who has worked in the travel industry for half a decade. Her passion for adventure, travel, culture and lifestyle has helped her navigate a successful career in the writing, photography and videography industry.

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lululemon has become quite the household name for yoga pants, joggers, and the go-to comfort wear for both women and men.

Living in Vancouver, I don't think I can walk around the city without spotting someone sporting a lululemon leggings or joggers. Once you see it you can't really unsee it, and you can't blame them either, with their iconic logo.

What was once a niche brand famous with the yoga and fitness female audience is now a well known brand all around the world.


lululemon is an activewear company focused on high-end brand brimming with all things fitness and fashion. Pinned for its premium quality, top-notch designs, and creative technology, the brand boasts plenty of sustainable pieces.

Whether you're a yoga fanatic or a running enthusiast, lululemon athletica has something that's tailored to your sport of choice. You can choose between comfortable sports bras, oversized crew shirts, high-rise leggings, and handy running accessories—this brand has it all.

However, are lululemon apparel something that traveler's should consider buying? Does the high-quality materials justify the price?

I'll help you figure out whether buying that next travel outfit from this pricier brand is the right move.

Ready, set, let's get active!

lululemon logo
Photo by lululemon

What is lululemon?

lululemon athletica is a clothing brand that's famous for its activewear and accessories.

They prioritize functionality, comfort, and top-quality materials. A large part of their activewear features sweat-wicking fabric, anti-odor features, and four-way stretch materials, which sets them aside from other big-name brands.

Selling a serene collection of trendy, stylish athletic wear, lululemon also features bright colors and staple basics. From funky patterns and crème-colored crops, there is something for every type of activewear enthusiast.

friends wearing lululemon gear and chatting
Photo by lululemon Facebook

With sustainability as its pillar, lululemon focuses on committing to eco-friendly practices. The brand even boasts recycled materials in some of its clothing, helping to show how serious they are.

If you're a globetrotter who's looking for an eco-conscious activewear alternative, lululemon could be the perfect fit.

lululemon's community

lululemon strives to not only produce apparel, but to be embedded with the community of fitness, mindfulness, and health-driven people around the world.

This is why lululemon frequently hosts experiences with its communities for their core customers. Things like yoga & mindfulness sessions, experience stores, and frequent collaborations are frequently hosted by lulu , more frequently in recent years.

lulu's headquarters

lululemon's corporate office is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, with over 2000 employees. They offer exceptional benefits that focus primarily on employee physical and mental health, as well as major sustainability initiatives.

lululemon's story

Founded in Canada in the late 90s by Chip Wilson, lululemon sprung from humble beginnings. The original vision was to cultivate a community where people could sweat together.

Chip Wilson found his inspiration by the lack thereof in existing fitness and athetic brands, which inspired him to create an up-scale, high-quality performance apparel that elevated the apparels worn in yoga studios across North America.

lululemon's first few designs were explicitly tailored for women's yoga lovers. Today, lululemon has expanded its wear, including men and women's clothing for cyclers, swimmers, and even casual and business wear.

The brand's core values are ingrained deep within its desire to empower people. They aim to provide the right tools so that people can achieve their sweat-inspired goals.

lululemon's mission

lululemon’s mission as a design-first company is to think and innovate the process while being considerate of the social impacts so lulu can "elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness".

I think their mission is reflected really well in their product, storefronts, and its campaigns and events across the world.


Compared to many other brands, lululemon does a great job of putting sustainability into action. This brand is committed to creating an eco-centered future, and its initiatives can be seen in the materials used in their goods.

lululemon utilizes recycled polyester and nylon in a vast range of their clothing, helping to reduce waste and conserve resources. Recently, the brand has begun to use natural materials like linen and cotton, keeping synthetics down to a minimum.

lululemon has also introduced a recycling program that allows customers to recycle their old items. This looks like the perfect option if you're an eco-conscious traveler!

Where's lululemon products made?

Some apparel brands have lofty missions but fall short in product sourcing. Is lululemon the same?

lululemon has fabrics resources from 26 countries around the world, including active facilities in Indonesia, Haiti, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and a lot more.

In addition, they have don't own the manufacturing process. What they do is they rely on experts and inspection officers using their strict Code of Ethics to assess and audit whether the manufacturing partners are up to par with the standards.

Their standards are really high compared to most brands, so you can feel good knowing that the people who are making your yoga gear are treated fairly.

lululemon's Best-Selling Products!

lululemon is a popular brand for both active lovers and travelers alike, with a wide range of comfortable products built to last. If you're wondering why the brand is so well-received, let's dive into some of its most raved-about items!

I've focused on items that are especially good for travel-related activities.

Align Leggings | Align High-Rise Pants

These top-notch leggings are easily one of the best sellers.

lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pants (23''-31") are one of the most iconic products that lululemon offers. These leggings are made with a supportive design and the signature Nulu fabric which is super soft to the touch.

They're perfect for high-intensity workouts as well as outdoor treks, but they're also perfect for everyday wear. Since you can spend hours in them without discomfort, they're also perfect for long flights where you want to be as comfy as possible.

I personally have one of these and would always bring them on my trip!

They also make Align High Rise Pants With Pockets as well if you'd prefer them with pockets!

Lululemon Align Legging Pants h

Power Mesh Sports Bra

This sports bra is a stellar, versatile option for women on the go. With a comfortable design and flattering fit, this sports bra could be the perfect option for a trip abroad.

Define Jacket

This lululemon product is a top seller, and for a good reason too! With a slick, stylish design, this jacket can be worn casually and during workouts. If you're looking for the ideal jacket for outdoor adventure, this right here is it!

Define Jacket lululemon
Image Courtesy of lululemon

Wunder Under Pants

As a staple for practically any sports enthusiast, these tights are versatile, comfortable, and fit like a glove. Whether you're heading out on a hike or off to the gym, these tights are one of lululemon's best-selling products.

Consider picking up these pants if you enjoy adventure travel or seeing colder climates.

Swiftly Tech Tank

This comfortable tank top is the perfect choice for a breathable, lightweight option on a summer's day. With sweat-wicking material and anti-odor fabric, this gem is ideal for an active adventurer!

After looking at these products, I'm sure you're wondering why lululemon is so expensive. And to be honest, it's got a lot to do with the premium quality and brand image. The company spends a lot of money on research and development to find the best materials and serve up game-changing products.

lululemon's premium-grade products aren't all that affordable to manufacture. So the high prices reflect lululemon's commitment to high quality, luxury, and sustainability.

swifly tech tank top lululemon
Image Courtesy of lululemon

My Personal Favorites from lululemon

I love bringing my lululemons when I go traveling because of a few major reasons. First, I often get fidgety on long flights because my underwear or my pants get really uncomfortable when I'm sitting down for a long period of time.

This tends to happen less with my lululemon clothes. I can't explain exactly why that's the case, but the fabric is definitely breathable and quick-drying.

I also find that when I'm traveling, I often go on long walks, and this often causes pilling since my thighs are constantly rubbing against the fabric. This is not an issue with lululemon high-rise pants, as I've never seen my pants pill yet.

For women, I have their Nulu Y Bra, which is my go to travel and workout gear due to its soft and flexible fabric. Plus, it looks and feels super comfortable, both inside and out, which is always a plus.

Aside from the Align High-Rise Pants & the Nulu Y Bra, my other go-tos that my colleagues also love is the Pace Rival Skirt and the Dance Studio Joggers. They're all fantastic products that I love and often bring with during trips.

Where Can You Buy lululemon?

lululemon can be found in many countries around the globe, including Australia, the United States, England, China, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

lululemon outlets

If you're in proximity to one of lululemon's outlet stores, definitely check it out! These stores offer lulu products at a discounted price for the same quality material. You'll be able to find discounts and sales of their "we made too much" line or their outdated release items for a great deal.

I've visited a great deal of them, and I gotta say, the store experience is definitely different than visiting an actual lululemon store, with bins and cluttered racks being the norm over standard displays.

However, I'd say it's definitely worth visiting these stores as I often score some great hauls at a discounted price!

What is the lululemon Returns Policy?

Returns at lululemon are free and be done quickly and with ease in person at a store or via mail. Items like face masks, gift cards, and sale products cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you want to return shoes, they must be in the box and with proof of purchase.

A return can generally be made as long as it's within 30 days and the product is unworn and unwashed, with the original tags still attached.

lululemon's Warranty

lululemon sets itself apart from competitors by offering a very comprehensive quality promise. Many people rave about this offering from lululemon!

Lululemon store front
Photo by lululemon Facebook

Although some customers think it's just as easy as returning products, how lululemon's warranty works is slightly more complicated. The company states, "if our product doesn't perform for you, we'll take it back." Generally, though, it's on a case-by-case basis.

The way their warranty usually works is they first attempt to fix the item for you, and if it can't be fixed, they'll usually do one of three things:

  • Refund the item
  • Give you a gift card for the current value
  • Exchange for a new item

As I explained, this is on a very case-by-case basis and depends on who you talk to about your product. One thing to note is that normal wear and tear is usually not covered, and the normal timeframe they'll honor a warranty is between 2 to 5 years.

Alternative Eco-Friendly Brands

If you're on the hunt for sustainably-focused activewear, then you're in luck. Thankfully, big brand names are shifting their focus from profit to planet.

Top-notch activewear brands like Outdoor Voices and Anatomie are wonderful examples of those leading the scene right now!

Is lululemon Worth It?

lululemon is a stellar choice if you want to invest in a piece of activewear that will last.

Whether it's a tank top for an upcoming summer trip, a sports bra as workout clothes for a lengthy hike, or a pair of leggings for your daily yoga practice, a wide range of products are available.

lululemon products are durable, comfortable, and versatile, making them, in my opinion, the perfect travel clothing to bring on your next trip. With lululemon recently expanding their market into Southeast Asia, you can also start seeing the lululemon brand popping up in yoga studios and gyms across the world!

If you're a budget traveler, there may be more affordable items on the market than clothing from lululemon. You'll need to weigh what you prioritize more: longevity vs. affordability.

I personally prefer purchasing quality matierals that's durable and will last a long time over cheaper, but lesser quality clothing.

While I'm not a die hard fan of lululemon like some of my friends are, I definitely bring 3-4 pairs of their Align high-rise pants with me every time I go traveling.

My Rating: 4.4/5


  • Premium quality fabrics and innovative design: sweat-wicking technology and anti-odor fabric are great for traveling
  • Wide range of products: leggings, sports bras, tank tops, accessories, etc.
  • High-end brand image: perfect for those looking for luxury items
  • Helpful staff members: Top-notch product knowledge & willingness to help
  • Comprehensive quality guarantee: Help fix defective items or give replacements
  • Sustainable Material Sourcing: Pledged for sustainably sourced and reduced materials


  • High price tags: not as affordable as other brands
  • Limited stock: things can sell out quickly

Activewear and Beyond!

If you're about to jet-set out on an adventure, a piece of lululemon clothing could take your comfort level up a notch! If you'd like to check out the other Vancouver-started apparel brand Aritzia, we've got you covered as well.

But why stop there?

Begin planning with Pilot today and start packing your bag full of comfy, versatile clothing!

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Jessica Bergin
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Jessica Bergin is a Barcelona-based Australian writer, photographer and videographer who has worked in the travel industry for half a decade. Her passion for adventure, travel, culture and lifestyle has helped her navigate a successful career in the writing, photography and videography industry.

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