Toad & Co Apparel Review (2024): Are they worth the money?

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Toad & Co Apparel Review (2024): Are they worth the money?
On the hunt for a sustainable clothing brand that lives up to the hype? Read our in-depth Toad & Co apparel review, from earth-conscious fabrics and adventure-worthy outfits.
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If you're in the decision-making phase of whether or not that next purchase is worth your cash, look no further. Toad & Co is an eco-friendly brand that boasts sustainably-made, ethical pieces.

The brand is known for its fresh, seasonal pieces with funky prints, vibrant colors, and detailed designs. Topped with various collections, including hemp, vegan, organic cotton, recycled, travel gear, and loungewear, there's something to suit every taste. And with sustainability at the heart of the business's core values, purchasing products goes towards the good.

If you're ethically inclined, contributing to Toad & Co brings you into alignment with contributing towards a brighter future for our farmers, ecosystems, and beautiful planet.

We'll check out everything on offer in Toad & Co in this post. Make sure you're in the know before you buy!

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What is Toad & Co?

Toad & Co is a collective brand that prides itself on eco-friendly, sustainable practices. This earth-conscious company sells a variety of clothing and active gear, with fresh releases coming out each new season. 

Founded on the basis of a very humble beginning, Toad & Co has flourished from a garage-based start-up to an international hit in a period spanning just over 20 years. And the best part is that they've remained true to their passion – our planet. If you're looking for stylish pieces that are both practical, sustainable, and durable, then this might just be the brand for you. 

You can read all about their commitment to sustainability here

Toad & Co while traveling
Image Courtesy of Andrew Davie

Toad & Co's Clothing Bestsellers

Both the women's and men's clothing ranges host a variety of diverse choices. Including jumpsuits and overalls, jackets, shorts, dresses, pants, tops, t-shirts, and underwear and accessories, there's a little bit of everything to suit every occasion. 

Keep in mind that prices are in USD and do fluctuate, so check the official website for the most updated prices!

Women's Top Picks 

Gemina Sleeveless Jumpsuit 

Price: $100.00 

Features: Made of organic, recycled cotton, this is a staple piece for every traveler's wardrobe. With adjustable straps, stretchy fabric, pockets, and breathable material, it's a practical and stylish piece. Whether you're heading out for drinks at the bar or a day out at the beach, this versatile number will have you feeling yourself. 

Gemina Sleeveless Jumpsuits product.
Image Courtesy of Toad and Co

Chaka Skirt 

Price: $65.00 

Features: An A-line silhouette-shaped skirt, fit to highlight all body types. This is a great all-around purchase if you're searching for a comfortable and flattering piece. Made with stretchy, sustainable material and equipped with an elastic waistband and pockets, this skirt is very handy if you're traveling abroad. Plus, it's also 100% vegan! 

Samba Dia Cami Top

Price: $35.00 

Features: This lightweight top is carefully made with organic cotton and plant-based fiber. This lightweight top is the perfect summer essential. Layer it under your clothes when hiking up in the mountains, or pair it with a skirt as you head down the beach. 

Men's Top Picks 

Tamarac Long Sleeve Shirt 

Price: $85.00 

Features: Made with 100% organic cotton, this shirt is comfortable, versatile, and a year-round staple. This Toad & Co long sleeve is one of the top sellers for a good reason. Tamarac's stylish design makes it suitable for a dinner out in the town, a fishing trip on the lake, and even an adventure activity with your buddies. Speaking of versatile!

Image Courtesy of Toad & Co.

Primo Long Sleeve Henley 

Price: $55.00 

Features: As arguably the best selling men's apparel, the Primo Long Sleeve is a woven trim, premium organic cotton, vintage looking collared shirt. With its well-traveled wash and forward facing shoulder seam for those carrying backpacks, it's no wonder why they're a bestseller.

Tempo Short Sleeve Crew 

Price: $50.00 

Features: This ordinary but sleek looking crewneck shirt will surprise you. Made with a unique blend of TENCEL Lyocell, organic cotton and elastane material, it can not only wick moisture but also control body odor, the perfect shirt for all the outdoor activities you have planned throughout the day.

Where to buy Toad & Co Clothing 

Aside from purchasing their products online, you can head to one of the following stores to check out their range. While different stores carry Toad & Co clothing in both the US and Canada, these are the only Toad & Co stores:

  • Freeport, Maine 
  • Golden, Colorado 
  • Chicago, Illinois 

How to take care of Toad & Co clothing 

This eco-friendly company recommends that before you wash your garments, you should wear them multiple times in order to prolong the quality. This method will do wonders for your clothing. It'll also save on the environment. Be sure to wash your clothes with cold water and lie them on a flat surface to air dry. This way, you'll be able to prevent any stretching or changing of the shape. 

Toad & Co Refund Policy 

Toad & Co's return policy makes all returns and exchanges easy. With return instructions printed on the invoice inside every package and every email confirmation, you can simply use the order number as a reference. 

Each package is sent out with a prepaid USPS return shipping label. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply box up your return, chuck the label on the outside, and drop it off. If you choose to use their label, a flat rate will be deducted from the total refund amount. 

Additionally, if you made a purchase through a retail store, you can make direct contact with them to organize the return. Underwear and face masks are unreturnable. Find that your item is either damaged or defective. You can quickly fill out a warranty claim form to get your money back (providing it's within 30 days of purchase). 

What people are saying about Toad & Co 

With over 20 years in the eco-friendly clothing niche, Toad & Co has mustered up quite a name for itself. Toad and Co reviews have been excellent, with positive reviews talking about the long-lasting product quality, practical features, and overall stylish pieces on offer, showing that the brand lives up to the ante. 

Courtesy of Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

Benefits and Drawbacks of Toad & Co 

Toad & Co's durable fabrics, comfortable style, and practical designs offer travelers a convenient alternative that'll last. The company's focus on sustainability shines through each piece. If you purchase one of their products, you'll know that you've contributed to a business, not only in it for the profit. 

On the downside, the price tag isn't exactly all that affordable for every type of budget. Compared to fast-fashion options, the price range is significantly higher. Even purchasing just one item could put a dent in your bank account. 

Toad & Co's men's clothing range is also more limited than the women's range. If you're a guy searching for some sustainable pieces, you don't exactly have a lot of choices. 

Is Toad and Co apparel worth it?

If sustainable clothing and eco-friendly finds are amongst your core values as a consumer, then Toad & Co is worth it. With over two decades of experience in the eco-conscious clothing space, this certified brand boasts plentiful positive reviews that support its claims. 

If you're on a budget, then Toad & Co may not be the most ideal place to score your next outfit, given that it's slightly expensive. Women have ample choices on Toad & Co, whereas men may not have much selection. While there are limited selections for men, the reviews from men on toad and co's apparel have been stellar!

Our Rating: 3.8/5


  • Certified, sustainable practices 
  • Versatile
  • Durable fabrics 
  • Colorful designs & seasonal releases 
  • >2 decades of experience in the clothing industry 


  • Pricey products
  • Limited in-person stores worldwide
  • Limited selection of men's apparel


Toad & Co's line of earth-friendly clothing is a staple piece if you're a lover of sustainability. The brand boasts both convenience and practicality for all types of adventure enthusiasts, especially travelers on the road.

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