Where to stay in Amsterdam (2022): Must-visit areas to stay at!

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May 21, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Uncover Amsterdam's top enchanting accommodations and the secret stays most people don't know about. You wouldn't wanna miss out on these must-visit areas and neighborhoods!

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands with its impressive canal network, medieval buildings, world-famous museums, colorful open-air markets, and quirky attractions, can keep any vacationer elated for days. For many travelers, a bicycle ride exploring this beautiful Dutch city is a top activity on the bucket-list. If you are here, it’s safe to assume that you have decided to tick it off!

Once you have sorted your itinerary on things to do and see in Amsterdam, the next biggest question will be where to stay in Amsterdam, and we are here to help you figure it out!

Top places to stay in Amsterdam
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The city of Amsterdam is divided into 7 districts, and they are further categorized into different neighborhoods. Some are popular touristic destinations, whereas others will give you a dose of local life. Here are the best Amsterdam neighborhoods that you would love to stay in when you visit the city. 

The Canal Ring

Nothing captures the picturesque essence of Amsterdam like its 17th-century canals. So, the Canal Ring is one of the best places to stay in Amsterdam for anyone because who would throw away the opportunity of waking up to mesmerizing scenery?

The area consists of a web of canals surrounding the Old Centrum and provides easy access to the city’s major attractions like the Museum Square, home to the popular Van Gogh Museum. It’s a quiet neighborhood with many elegant buildings adorning either side of the canals, but the accommodation at the Canal Ring is expensive.

Canal ring where to stay in Amsterdam
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Hotel Esthérea

Hotel Esthérea is a bit pricey but worthwhile. Its classic interior is the wow factor here with plush couches, expressive flower arrangements, and beautiful chandeliers. The rooms are extremely comfortable with impressive facilities. 


If you fancy staying in a houseboat and experience local life, try renting one of the comfortably furnished houseboats in the area. Most of them are capable of accommodating up to 4 people and offer spacious rooms, kitchenette, private bathrooms, and other necessary facilities.

Old Centrum

No traveler misses out on visiting the Old Centre that’s home to many historical sites such as the Royal Palace, Old Church, and Amsterdam Museum. It’s very popular with tourists and if you are first-timer looking for a good place to stay or a traveler wondering where to stay in Amsterdam for a layover, this is it.

However, it’s a busy and noisier part of the city that may not be ideal for travelers looking for a quiet stay. The infamous Red Light District, De Wallen is also located here.

Royal palace old centrum Amsterdam
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The Toren

The Toren is a superior choice of accommodation with lavishly-styled rooms, great facilities and friendly staff members. You will love the ancient yet elegant vibe of the hotel that overlooks the canals. Location is very convenient as sights like the Royal Palace are a hop and a jump away. 

Cocomama and Ecomama

Cocomama and Ecomama are two of the best hostels in Amsterdam located in the city center. With a cheerful atmosphere, cozy furniture, and delicious breakfast, they have the won hearts of many solo travelers and couples.

Ecomama deserves a special tribute for being incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly, all the while maintaining a reasonable price.


Another beloved neighborhood of Amsterdam, Jordaan, has a traditional, quaint, and artistic feel. Originally a refuge for the working class, it is now a haven for the bohemian crowd. The accommodation prices don’t come cheap here, but it’s where to stay in Amsterdam for couples and art lovers looking for an authentic experience.

The area flourishes with local markets, art studios, boutique-style eateries, cafés, and pubs. Home to the famous Anne Frank House, Jordaan is also renowned for its musical crowd.

Jordaan where to stay in Amsterdam
Image courtesy: I Amsterdam

Hotel Mercier

Hotel Mercier, although a bit pricey, won’t fail to delight you. The 4-star hotel is a hotspot among couples because of its old-styled building, attractive interior, and artistic vibe. The rooms are air-conditioned with a private bathroom. There is a restaurant and bar here as well.

Mr. Jordaan Hotel and Linden

For travelers looking for a good balance between comfort and price, Mr. Jordaan Hotel and Linden are great options to consider. They are great B&Bs offering rooms for solo, couple, and group travelers. Guests are provided with clean, air-conditioned rooms that include a private bathroom, TV, and free WiFi.

De Pijp

Wondering where to stay in Amsterdam for nightlife? Our top pick is De Pijp, a neighborhood in the south of the city. Compared to Leidseplein, another famous area for nightlife, De Pijp is more laid-back, unique, and hipster which we think will provide a different experience. 

It has plenty of clubs, bars, cafés, and restaurants that are a delight to explore. You can try out varieties of food, sample drinks at breweries, and socialize with locals and fellow travelers here. Also, the accommodation here is reasonably priced, allowing you to spend some quality time without breaking the bank.

De Pijp where to stay in Amsterdam
Image courtesy: Vogue

Sir Albert Hotel

Sir Albert Hotel is an affordable luxury accommodation option that’s located close to the Museum Square. There are both suites and rooms, all of them elegantly furnished to bring a sophisticated appeal. You have access to a study area, studio, and gym. 

The Arcade Hotel

The Arcade Hotel is good if you are looking for better facilities with a limited budget. The rooms are cozy with plenty of amenities. It’s also one-of-a-kind, with every room being equipped with facilities for video gaming. 

Amigo Budget Hostel and Amsterdam Hostel Uptown

Amigo Hostel and Amsterdam Hostel Uptown are best hostels in Amsterdam that are also super cheap. The rooms can be shared or rented privately, and they have basic facilities. 


Oud-West is a neighborhood that’s predominantly local, a bit affluent, and very lively. It’s where to stay in Amsterdam for families being more kid-friendly and offering many activities to partake in.

We think even eco-conscious travelers will love this area, as there’s a steady effort to improve sustainable tourism with eco-friendly accommodation options and vegan-friendly restaurants. 

Another advantage of staying in Oud-West is that you are close to Old Centrum. It’s also a great place to do a bit of shopping and try out food varieties from around the world! 

Oud-West where to stay in Amsterdam
Image courtesy: I Amsterdam

Vondelpark House Bed & Breakfast

Vondelpark House Bed & Breakfast is a 3-star accommodation that’s very homely with only 2 rooms that are stylishly decorated. It’s great if you don’t like crowded hotels. Guests are provided with a mini-safe, bathroom essentials, and free WiFi.

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark and The Tire Station

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark offers a no-guilt experience for visitors. The hotel embraces the sustainability concept in every way from recycled furniture to organic food without compromising your comfort. It’s also a very affordable choice that offers air-conditioned rooms with amenities such as free WiFi, and TV. Another similar option is the Conscious Hotel The Tire Station.

Plan Your Trip to Amsterdam!

Every neighborhood in Amsterdam is an enchanting experience. If you want more options or have already explored the ones above, consider Oud-Zuid, Westerpark, and Noord neighborhoods!

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