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GlampingHub Review: Are They the Next Go to for Luxury Camping?

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May 25, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Glamping is a great way to enjoy nature and destress without the troubles that come with the lack of electricity or amenities. GlampingHub provides you with the services of booking your next glamping trip! Find out what features the app has and whether or not they're worth it here.

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Camping is one of the best recreational activity to do outdoors. It lets you reconnect with nature, explore the unknown, and destress under the greeneries. 

However, going camping has its downsides. If you've ever been camping before, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're new to camping, you probably have an image of what camping would look like in your mind. From having to sleep crammed in small tents to enduring troublesome nights with pesky insects to eating ready-to-eat meals and instant foods, camping can really test your limits for the outdoors. 

The alternative to all of those downsides is to do what everyone nowadays calls "Glamping".Just what exactly is Glamping and what's the difference from camping? 

Glamping, or "glorious camping", is a more luxurious and comfortable version of camping with plenty of amenities. Imagine a stay in the wilderness but with comfy beds, electricity, toilets, kitchen facilities, fancy décor, etc. Glamping helps people enjoy their time outdoors while overcoming the “shortcomings” of camping.

As you might have guessed already, glamping is more expensive than camping. But, it’s one of the unique vacationing options available today. Although it won’t necessarily equip you with essential survival skills outdoors (that camping is renowned for!), it’s becoming very popular. 

But, where can you go glamping? What kind of options are available? How does it work? Not surprisingly, there are plenty of luxury campsite websites. GlampingHub is one of them. Here’s our GlampingHub review to help you decide if it’s a good choice for your next vacation!  

Glamping sites with glampinghub
Photo by Parker Hilton on Unsplash

What is GlampingHub?

Founded in 2013, GlampingHub is an accommodation booking service that helps you find luxury campsites and boutique hotels. The company aims to promote eco-friendly and sustainable tourism practices with its various outdoor accommodation choices. GlampingHub is available worldwide, with its headquarters based in Denver, Colorado, and Seville in Spain.

Most of the properties listed in GlampingHub are located in remote areas of forests, oceans, deserts, and national parks. At present, you will find glamping options in over 110 countries on their website.

GlampingHub Logo.
Image courtesy: GlampingHub

What types of choices are available on GlampingHub?

Accommodation listed on GlampingHub isn’t limited to fancy tents or cabins. The assortment of choices available is pretty extensive such as luxury treehouses, yurts, tipis, domes, glamping pods, caves, nature houses, igloos, boathouses, castles, cottages, private islands, and even hobbit houses! You can view all of them here

What is the cost of glamping?

The cost depends on the type of glamping accommodation, location, amenities, and level of experience. So, you can expect the price to range from anywhere between $50 and $5000 per night.

Glampinghub texas glamping booking preview.
Image courtesy: GlampingHub

How does GlampingHub work?

GlampingHub is a third-party booking site that forwards your booking requests to the relevant hosts/property owners. Here’s how to book your glamping holiday using the website.

  1. You can enter the location, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of guests on the search bar on GlampingHub’s website. You will get a list of properties available on the selected dates.
  2. You can filter the search results by specifying the price range, types of glamping, the requirement of WiFi/internet, and a pet-friendly place.
  3. If you find accommodation that interests you or suits your requirements, click on it to view more details. You can read about the amenities, accommodation rules, cancellation policy, location and surroundings, and outdoor activities available at the site. There will also be reviews left by past guests to help you get a good idea of the accommodation. 
  4. If all sounds well, click “Request Booking” by making the payment. The host will get in touch with you afterward. 


Glampinghub main page preview
Image courtesy: GlampingHub

The goods of GlampingHub.

  • Unique accommodation choices 

There are all kinds of glamping choices available on this website. The idea of spending a holiday in a hobbit-themed house, a castle, or floating home is really cool and amazing. We love all their accommodation options! The fact that they are located in nature-bound locations with more privacy and adventure opportunities is another plus. GlampingHub is a good website if you are looking for an alternative for standard hotel room stays. 

  • User-friendly website

We found GlampingHub’s website to be very appealing and easy to navigate. Searching for glamping spots is easy and requesting a booking is pretty straightforward too. There are plenty of details under each property to help you get a good idea, but we highly recommend you read customer reviews to get a better picture. 


Luxury camping locations and reviews on glampinghub.
Image courtesy: GlampingHub

The bads of Glampinghub.

  • Faulty booking system

We came across many complaints regarding booking and confirmation. The issues were either the fault of GalmpingHub or the host or both parties. In some cases, GlampingHub had failed to forward the booking request to the host but sent a confirmation to the guest. There were also instances of double bookings for the same day that guests had found out only upon arrival at the site. Customers have been inconvenienced with hosts rejecting their booking at the last minute as well. This faulty booking system makes us question if GlampingHub is really worth it.

  • Cancellation and refund issues

In addition to booking problems, we also came across many complaints regarding the cancellation process. Customers who have canceled their bookings well in advance claim they haven’t received the refundable amount. Overall, it seems a complicated process to cancel and claim a refund due to unresponsive customer support and additional service fees. 

What are some alternatives for GlampingHub?

If you love the idea of glamping but prefer another booking site that’s more reliable and convenient, there are a few options. Although not dedicated to glamping spots, Airbnb is a great option. You can use search terms like “tents,” “cabins,” or similar terms to find them. Another website is Holidu which has “glamping” as an accommodation type. You can apply it as a filter to narrow down search results easily. Even Vacasa offers some glamping options like cabins. 

Glamping at high elevations with great views at glampinghub.
Photo by Jonas Dücker on Unsplash

Is GlampingHub worth it?

It’s noteworthy that we also came across positive GlampingHub reviews from customers who faced no issues regarding booking or cancellations. However, the negative reviews seem to be more prominent. So, while we love the accommodation choices available on GlampingHub, we don’t think it provides a reliable service. 

Our Rating: 2.5/5


  • Great choices for glamping
  • Unique experience 
  • User-friendly website 


  • Faulty booking system
  • Refund and cancellation issues
  • Lack of good customer support
Enjoying a snack while glamping outdoors with glampinghub.
Photo by Lucija Ros on Unsplash

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January 2, 2022

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