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What’s Up With FeverUp’s Travel Entertainment Service? [A Review]

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May 25, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Whether you're a local or traveler looking for events and entertainment in the city, it's easier to use a platform like FeverUp to discover new events. However, can they be trusted, and are they legit?

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Planning a trip with friends? Sometimes you just gotta take a break away from your tourist duties to just enjoy whats fun and interesting happening in the city. After all, that's precisely how you absorb a city's culture!

How do you plan to make your trip more fun? A winery tour? A concert or musical? A cultural dance festival? A pub crawl?

As much as you hope to cover all the major attractions and enjoy the local vibe of the place, you would also want plenty of entertainment! But, being updated about the latest and upcoming events happening in the destination is not easy. Even if you find them after hours of research, there will be questions about the reliability of the booking agent. Or do you?

Feverup is an app that aims to solve this by doing the hard work for you. But, does it really makes things easy? Read our Fever app review to find out! 

Feverup travel entertainment discovery platform logo.
Image courtesy: Feverup

What is Feverup?

Launched in 2014, Feverup, also known as Fever, is an entertainment discovery platform that helps you find and book the best events and experiences in a city. It’s a useful tool for both locals and travelers looking for fun, social events in the city they are in – be it concerts, food festivals, DJ, art exhibitions, cinema, nightlife, or any other experience.

At present, Feverup covers over 30 major cities around the world and brings the latest entertainment and social events happening in them to you. It operates primarily in Europe and the USA. The Feverup app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Fever's features for discovering new experiences.
Image courtesy: Feverup

How does Feverup work?

The tech-enabled platform provides a good roundup of the best, exclusive, and popular events hosted by third parties in each city. Feverup also hosts events organized individually or collaboratively with other entertainment companies like Netflix. These are called “Fever Originals.” These events are curated based on the preferences of Feverup customers.

The Candlelight Concerts, Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience, and Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience are popular Fever events.

Check out the list of events and experiences available in your city or the city you are traveling to. You can apply filters like category, date, and area in the city. Details on the venue, date, time, and age limit are usually available unless it’s specified as a “Secret Event.” In this case, the venue will be disclosed at the last minute.

You can also publish an event, as long as it meets Feverup’s criteria and its audience. 

Fever Original night Candlelight concerts
Image courtesy: Feverup

What type of events does Feverup sell?

The range of options available depends on the popularity of the city. For example, you would find more event types and choices in places like Paris and London while fewer in Ibiza and Guadalajara. Still, the options are usually plenty. 

Typically, events are categorized as,

  • Candlelight Concerts
  • Concerts and Music Festivals
  • Food Experiences
  • Activities and Games
  • Nightlife and Clubs
  • Theatre, Comedy, and Shows
  • Cinema
  • Culture, Arts, and Fashion
Fever discover pace for things to do and see in London.
Image courtesy: Feverup

Benefits of Feverup

  • Good range of choices

Although relatively new, Feverup is one of the leading event discovery platforms in the market today. It offers a wide range of events and experiences catering to everyone from music lovers to sports enthusiasts to food aficionados (If you need more options in the culinary niche, check out EatWith for meals, cooking classes, and food tours). 

  • Good experience

Those who have had attended Fever events have left great reviews. Most of the time, events matched their expectations and were fun, exciting, and well organized. You also have the option of joining the “Fever Club” that entitles you to discounts for every purchase.

As you keep booking events with Fever, your membership and discount rate are upgraded. Feverup Candlelight Concert is one of the most popular events.

Fever discover experiences in your city page.
Image courtesy: Feverup

Downsides of Feverup

  • Offer a better refund policy.

As great as Feverup sounds, it also has some major drawbacks as an event booking and hosting company. The primary concern is their no-refund policy. Feverup doesn’t offer refunds for most of its events, even if they are canceled or delayed. So, you really have to go with the ‘book at your own risk policy’ here.

What they offer is a voucher to book another event with Feverup as compensation. In a situation where you can’t attend, you can transfer the ticket to someone else or book another event on the Fever website. 

  • Work on minimizing cancellations

Feverup is infamous for cancellations on short notice, and we came across many negative reviews about events being canceled or rescheduled. It undoubtedly can cause a lot of inconvenience for those who have made travel arrangements to attend the event on a particular date.

One user had pointed out how a show was canceled and rescheduled to be held at a different venue to accommodate a bigger audience. Fever should attempt to minimize these kinds of shortcomings.

We came across many Feverup complaints highlighting how its “Secret Events” get frequently canceled and rescheduled. With no notice of the venue until the last minute, this can sure seem a shady move. 

  • Offer better customer service.

We have a mixed opinion about their customer service. The majority of Feverup reviews speak about poor, unresponsive customer support that’s difficult to contact in the first place. The process of sorting a Feverup refund or making changes to an existing booking seems to be an exhausting process. However, a small fraction, lucky customers perhaps, have received a quick, prompt, and helpful service from them.

Fever Van Gogh immersive experience event.
Image courtesy: Feverup

Is Feverup legit and worth it?

Feverup is legit but it seriously needs to up its game if it were to keep its users happy. As we mentioned above, there’s a lot of problems with bookings, cancellations, and customer support.

So, if you book with them, know that Feverup refund policy is almost non-existent and events can get canceled anytime. It’s best to be cautious. It can help you decide better. 

Out Rating: 3.7


  • Variety of event choices
  • Great customer experience during events


  • Cancellation issues
  • No-refund policy
  • Mixed customer services prior to attending events

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December 28, 2021

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