Who's Behind Gypsea Lust? Be Inspired by Lauren Bullen!

Who's Behind Gypsea Lust? Be Inspired by Lauren Bullen!
Cristina Miceli
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What would you think if someone told you that you will be traveling full-time and being paid for doing so in a few years from now? Although this may seem only like a distant dream to you, some people managed to turn this dream into a reality.

There are many stories about successful people, such as the talented Youtuber FunForLouis and the travel blogger Keirsten Rich. But today, I'm sharing interesting facts about the life and career of Lauren Bullen, a travel Instagrammer, and influencer known by many as Gypsea Lust.

I hope that her story will inspire you and help you achieve all your traveling dreams! If you hear more about her story, I hope that you'll take the plunge to start planning your next adventure.

Who is Gypsea Lust?

Gypsea Lust is a travel influencer with a following of over 2.1 million people on Instagram as of December 2022. She now makes a six-figure income traveling full-time to exotic destinations and publishing viral posts on her social media pages.

Through her Instagram profile, she wants to inspire more and more people to travel around the world and meet different cultures. But how did she arrive at this point? 

Gypsea Lust portrait of her in bath tub
Image Courtesy of Gypsea Lust

How did Gypsea Lust start?

Lauren started her career as an Instagrammer when she moved from her home in Australia, in Gold Coast, to the north of the country, in Cairns, Queensland. At the time, she only had 2,000 followers!

According to Lauren, she learned most of her editing and photography skills during her first trip to the US and Canada. Initially, her goal was only to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. However, it morphed into so much more.

Lauren had no idea that this hobby would soon become a full-time job. Back in Queensland, she continued to publish fresh content while working as a dental assistant. As her Instagram page grew, she got offered her first paid trip to Europe by Student Flights in Australia. From there, her business kept growing and growing.

How did Gypsea Lust grow her Instagram?

After this first opportunity, many other brands started to contact Lauren offering her more and more paid trips as a travel influencer. Her Instagram page soon reached 16,000 followers, and she found a job as a travel influencer with a local tourism board.

In 2015, she earned so much from this 'hobby' that she decided to resign from her dental assistant job. Her side job became her full-time job and she plunged in head first into the world of travel influencers!

The following year, she hit the jackpot when she met Jack Morris on a trip with the Fiji tourism board. The two started to date and soon fell in love.

Jack was also working as a travel influencer at the time, and the couple soon realized that their photography style was very similar. They started to post pictures together in exotic places and drastically increased their followers. There weren't many couples sharing their life as full-time travelers back in the day, so the content published by Lauren and Jack became immediately viral. 

Gypsea Lust sitting on Jack Morris' lap
Image Courtesy of Gypsea Lust

How does Gypsea Lust make money?

Gypsea Lust makes money on Instagram through collaborations with famous brands like Tiffany & Co. and Land Rover. If you are wondering how much money she makes for a single post… Well, let's say it's a lot! In the past, she declared having earned up to $7,500 for a single Instagram post.

Lauren also makes money by selling her mobile and desktop photo presets. These have been incredibly popular over the last years, and more than 2,400 people have given a five-star review of the product. The couple has also launched a video editing app called Tone Studio App, available in the iOS App Store. 

Did Gypsea lust break up with Jake?

Unfortunately, yes. Lauren announced the breakup through an Instagram post. This is what she said: "Sadly, we let our relationship slip away from under us last year... I know from the outside it looked like we had everything you could want & more, but one thing was missing, something more important to me than anything, happiness."

She continued the post by stating that she will always be grateful for her time spent with Jack and proud of what the two had achieved together.

The famous Instagrammer talks extensively about her breakup on her Youtube channel. On the 22nd of July 2021, she posted a long video discussing the topic. Two months after the breakup, Lauren found a new love in the French surfer Liam whom she's still dating. 

Lauren Bullen sitting with headphones in tropics
Image Courtesy of Gypsea Lust

Gypsea Lust FAQs

Below are some more commonly asked questions and answers about Gypsea Lust and Lauren Bullen.

How old is Gypsea Lust?

Gypsea Lust was born on the 2nd of April 1993, and she is currently 29 years old. Pretty young to be so successful, right?

How tall is Lauren?

Lauren is 5' 7" or 170 centimeters in height.

What is Gypsea Lust's net worth?

 As of 2021, Gypsea Lust's net worth is estimated to be between $900.000 to USD 2 million. 

Does Lauren have a sister?

Yes, Lauren has a twin sister, Ellie Bullen, who's also traveling around the world. Ellie is the author of a popular blog, Elsa's Wholesome Life.

Her sister Elsa discusses nutrition and shares healthy recipes on her blog. She also writes about general wellbeing tips and her travels with her twin sister.

Follow in the footsteps of Lauren Bullen!

How would you like to make millions traveling the world and publishing amazing content? Sounds pretty good to me too!

Making money while traveling sounds like the perfect deal. While I recognize influencers like Gypsea Lust and The Blonde Abroad worked hard for their fame and success, we can all aspire to become like them.

There are many ways to make a living while traveling, such as becoming a travel writer or a travel vlogger. But before you can produce gorgeous content about your adventures, you will have to leave your comfortable home and catch a flight to a new exciting country.

Lauren Bullen Gypsea lust Travel experiences.
Image Courtesy of Gypsea Lust

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