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Get paid to travel the world with these 7 travel jobs for 2023!

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January 3, 2023
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Miriam Jaffe
The perfect job, for most people, involves traveling around the world. With these type of jobs, traveling often is a requirement! Find what these jobs are and if you find one that you're interested in to kickstart your traveling work career!

Here at Pilot, we love travel, and we would love a world where everyone could travel all they wanted.

For a lot of us, though, work doesn’t necessarily allow unlimited vacation days. That being said, it’s not impossible to combine the two by finding jobs that allow for travel, either because of generous time off, or because travel is a requirement of the job.

Some people travel while working by being a digital nomad (check out our blog post on NomadList for some ideas if that’s something that interests you, or head to our post about digital nomad Reddit subs to start some research), but others can make a living out of traveling.

Today, we’re going to look into what that might look like, and how you could potentially take advantage of such an opportunity!

What jobs allow you to travel the world?

If you’re looking for some more adventure than a 9 to 5 office job can bring you, but don’t want to go the remote worker route, you might be interested in finding a job that requires travel as part of the job description.

Not all jobs require the same level of travel, and you don’t always get to have a say in where you travel, but there are opportunities out there for people who want their job to revolve around travel in some way.

Here are some ideas for jobs that will allow you to travel while being employed!

Travel jobs
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Flight attendant

This one might seem obvious, but it’s a perfect job for people who want to spend some time in the sky, as well as get to travel while doing their job.

Requirements for this position vary from airline to airline, but for all airlines, you will undergo training before being allowed to work with passengers. Typically a degree is not needed for this line of work, but do note that you won’t get to pick your routes, especially when you’re starting out as a flight attendant.

However, this is a great option for someone with wanderlust who wants to explore new places - just make sure you don’t mind flying!

Cruise ship worker

If the skies aren’t so much your thing, you might consider looking to the seas and working on a cruise ship!

Seeing as cruise ships are so large, there are plenty of positions and opportunities available on board, including working in the dining rooms, cleaning, hospitality, childcare, or even as a performer, to name a few.

While living on board a cruise ship isn’t as luxurious for crew as for guests, it’s an adventure from start to finish, and crew frequently get hours off in ports of call to visit destinations (although not always). During your time at sea, you’ll be provided with accommodation and food, as well.

With countless cruise lines sailing the globe, there are sure to be opportunities available, so long as you have your sea legs!

English Teacher

While not necessarily the most lucrative position, if you’re focused on working in one particular country, working as an English teacher is a way to find yourself in your target country for a particular duration of time.

Many people work as English teachers, or language assistants,  through programs to help facilitate the visa and position itself. It’s not always a requirement, but most programs for working as an English teacher or English language assistant will require a Bachelor’s degree, and that English is your native language.

Some program examples are TAPIF in France (requirements are B1 French, and you must be between 20-35), Auxiliares de Conversación in Spain, JET in Japan (must be from the US), and EPIK in Korea. There are also several English Language Assistant opportunities through Fulbright. These positions are short term, and may not transition you to a full time opportunity in your target country, but they are an opportunity to live and work abroad for several months.

Some countries may allow you to work without being a part of a program, and may require a TEFL/CELTA certification.

Au Pair

Another temporary opportunity, but if you enjoy working with children, and want to immerse yourself in another culture through homestays, being an au pair is a great way to live abroad while working. Check out AuPairWorld for finding families all over the world!

This is a perfect opportunity for someone just starting out in their search for work, or for young travelers wanting to try something new. Do make sure to research the visa situation for au pairs as some countries have a specific visa for it, others have certain requirements, and some countries do not allow au pairing unless you have a valid way to be in the country already. 

Traveling nurse

If you’re a registered nurse, and want to travel while practicing, being a traveling nurse might be a good fit for you. Travel will mainly be restricted to your home country as licensing credentials vary from country to country, but travel expenditures related to the job are frequently included in your salary.

Assignments are typically on a temporary basis so you can move around as frequently as you want.

Check out this website for more information about how to become a traveling nurse in the US. 

Seasonal jobs

If you’re willing to move yourself around based on the seasons, there are opportunities to be had in seasonal work. During the winter, you could search for opportunities as a ski instructor, and transition to lifeguarding, or SCUBA instructing work during the summer.

There are plenty of seasonal work opportunities out there if you’re looking to live a more nomadic lifestyle and switch things up more frequently. 

Peace Corps

If you’re interested in traveling to give back while volunteering, Peace Corps is a way to work for a non government organization and get to experience places in the world you might not have thought to visit.

You are a volunteer, but will be supported by the Peace Corps throughout the duration of your service. You must be a US citizen to partake in the Peace Corps.

Peace corps locations
Image Courtesy: The Peace Corps

What's the one for you?

While this list is not a complete list of jobs for people who like to travel, or jobs that involve travel, it’s clear that there are jobs out there for those with travel on the mind.

Whether you’re looking to get paid to travel (flight attendant, cruise ship worker), travel somewhere to work (English teacher, au pair), or anything in between, there are plenty of opportunities for people who want travel to be a large part of their work.

While the jobs listed above do involve travel, it’s important to thoroughly do your research in relation to how much travel can be expected for someone in that position, and whether it fits your travel goals.

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January 3, 2023

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