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Inspirato Review [2022]: Inspirato Passes, Scam or Bargain?

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May 14, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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Inspirato claims to make luxury travel experiences more accessible through their Inspirato Club and Inspirato Pass subscription plans. Are they legit and actually affordable? Learn about the pros and cons of Inspirato and what people think of them now.

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When you travel, one of the most exciting (and sometimes most stressful) things to do is plan out your whole vacation before you leave. One of the biggest things to plan, though, is where you're going to stay. 

We've listed out some budget-friendly vacation rental sites on our blog already, but what if you want to treat yourself to a luxury vacation? Whether it's booking a private jet with Wingly or going glamping with Glampinghub, there's always a way to enjoy luxury without paying a fortune. 

But what if there's a pass that lets you enjoy the experience of all aspects of luxurious travel? If this sounds like something that interests you, read on to learn more about Inspirato!  

Inspirato logo.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato 

What is Inspirato?

Inspirato is a luxury hospitality company located in Denver, Colorado, that offers luxury vacations to club members in five-star hotels and vacation homes worldwide. Unlike vacation rental sites like AirBnB or Vacasa, Inspirato operates using a subscription model. Inspirato passes allow you to travel luxuriously with their subscription services that gives you access to millions of trips worldwide for a hefty fee of $2,500 per month, all inclusive. But are they really all inclsuive, and are they really worth the hefty monthly fee?

Inspirato Pass Membership plan.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato 

How much does Inspirato Passes cost? 

As it's a subscription model, there is a cost associated with joining Inspirato. Given that they focus on luxury vacations, there is a higher price tag associated with becoming a member. They have two subscription options: Pass and Club. 

Subscribing to Inspirato Pass has an enrollment fee of $2500 and then costs $2500 a month after that to use the Pass. This adds up to a total of $30,000 dollars for Inspirato Pass annual fee to gain access to their membership perks.

The subscription fee includes nightly rates, taxes, and fees. Still, it doesn't contain any additional expenses you may incur while traveling, such as flights, food, or experiences. 

Inspirato Club and Inspirato Pass Membership description and plans.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato 

Inspirato Club has an enrollment fee of $600. It costs $600 a month, which gives you access to the Inspirator Collection of vacation homes, with no minimum or a maximum number of travel dates.

Both the Pass and Club subscriptions can be canceled at any time if you are not satisfied with their perks and benefits.

Customer Care

Before you book with Inspirato, you can consult Inspirato's dedicated care team of in-house travel experts to help you plan your next trip. They'll work with you to know what you like when you travel and recommend trips that fit those preferences.

There are also destination planners available that you can consult for help with making your itinerary, restaurant reservations, and more. You can even pre-order groceries to be stocked before your arrival using the Inspirato app at no extra delivery charge. 

There is also a destination concierge on call during your trip to help you 24/7 with any assistance with bookings you want to make during your trip or any difficulties you have with the accommodation. 

Inspirato app for luxury vacation homes, hotels and experiences.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato

How does Inspirato work?

Suppose you're more of a budget traveler but still want to stay in high-end accommodations. In that case, Inspirato Club's subscription might be the package for you! 

Inspirato Club is perfect for the traveler who knows, according to Inspirato, "where, when, and how they want to vacation." With the club membership, you can choose your specific destination, accommodation, and dates, paying nightly rates as you go. This is different from the Pass membership, where nightly rates are included. Not only that, but you'll get personalized service throughout your trip, which can even include pre-trip planning!

With Inspirato Club, you have access to the entire Inspirato Collection of luxurious places to stay for your vacation. You can see some of the locations below and find a list of their luxury vacation homes here!!

Inspirato listings and locations.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato

Jaunt - Inspirato Collection

If you opt for the Inspirato Club membership, you also have access to Jaunt in addition to the Inspirato Collection! Jaunt offers discounts on vacations throughout the Inspirato Collection. These vacations have set travel dates, so you have to be willing to go on those dates, but you'll get sizable discounts on those trips if you can make them!

Inspirato Jaunt52 JauntNow Membership.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato

What are people saying about Inspirato?

Out of 29 Inspirato reviews, they hold an average of 3/5 star rating on Yelp, with much of the complaints coming from the state of the accommodation (it not living up to the "luxury" expectations), availability, and customer service. 

One of the biggest complaints regarding the Inspirato Pass membership is that you can only have one reservation at a time. While you can, in theory, hold multiple reservations at once, you can only book one vacation at a time and then wait to book the next. Many reviewers have also commented that you need to be prepared to book at least a year in advance to secure your chosen destination. 

Some also find the property list limiting because they don't have homes everywhere. While there may be partner hotels, you're then at the mercy of their availability. Frequent travelers should be aware that if you book a hotel through Inspirato, you won't be able to gain points if you're a part of the hotel's loyalty program. 

With the hefty annual fee (roughly 30,000$) for Inspirato's membership pass, many Inspirato reviews point to the fee not being worth its value.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

You can also read reviews posted to their website here!


If Inspirato's subscription model is something you'd like to work on, or contribute to, you can browse their career page for any openings! In addition to their dog-friendly office, employees have the flexibility to manage their own time off and holidays. 

Inspirato vacation luxury homes resorts and hotel rentals.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato

Is Inspirato Worth it?

Inspirato Club Membership is unlikely to pay off for budget-conscious travelers as you'd still have to pay for nightly rates, in addition to the monthly subscription rate. The Pass subscription doesn't include nightly rates but has a much higher price tag. You are also limited to Inspirato's availability, so if you aren't the most flexible traveler, you might find their service wanting.

That being said, if staying in luxury is an important element of travel for you, Inspirato could very well be worth it!

As alternatives, you can turn to Airbnb or Vrbo for vacation rentals of all kinds. You can also check out ResortPass as an alternative luxurious travel service and spend a day living it up without having to spend the night in luxury accommodation. 

Our Rating: 2.8/5


  • High quality, luxurious accommodations in several destinations
  • Club membership comes with discount travel opportunities (Jaunt)


  • Even the cheapest membership (club) is $600 a month, excluding nightly fees
  • High upfront cost for both membership levels
  • Designed for people with flexible schedules
Inspirato vacation rentals.
Image Courtesy: Inspirato

Ready for your next trip?

Even if a membership service like Inspirator doesn't fit into your travel plans, that doesn't mean you can't still plan yourself a wonderful trip!

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February 15, 2022

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