What’s Up With Outsite? My Honest Review [2024]

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What’s Up With Outsite? My Honest Review [2024]
As someone who works and travels often, Outsite caught my eye. Is this global network of co-living and co-working spaces for digital nomads where you should be spending your hard earned money? You'll be able to find out everything you need to know to make a decision by browsing my honest review of Outsite.
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With remote work becoming more and more available, people have increasing flexibility to decide which location they do their work from.

At forward-thinking companies that means you could be living it up on the beaches of Bali while getting all your work done back in colder climates. That sounds like the life to me! 🔥

While there are some that opt to create more meaningful experiences through volunteering and giving back while traveling, there are also those that focuses on working remotely while exploring the world.

Some companies focus on creating a complete workaway experience for remote workers so that they don't need to worry much about the details.

In turn, other companies focus more on co-living and co-working spaces. To clarify, if you're one of those people who like to immerse yourself in the community while still controlling most of your itinerary and travel choices, then co-living and co-working spaces are for you.

On my search for companies like this, I stumbled upon Outsite. They have a gripping digital presence, so I needed to know more! I've done the research so you don't need to...

Find out whether Outsite fits your needs as a remote worker!

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What Is Outsite?

Outsite describes itself as a “global network of co-living spaces”.

Outsite allows remote workers to co-live with other remote workers while providing them with amenities necessary to successfully work. It's been described as combining the best of a hotel, hostel, and rental all in one living arrangement.

All of itslocations are worker-friendly, but will also allow you to meet and engage with fellow digital nomads. Each Outsite location also comes with a Community Manager who acts as a local host during your stay.

Not a remote worker? No worries! Outsite co-living spaces are open to all, and you can use them as a hub while you travel—so long as you respect those working around you.

You won’t get the full experience out of staying there if you aren’t a remote worker, but there are no rules against you staying at an Outsite location if you’re not there to work. 

Outsite has 24 co-living spaces spread out over 3 continents, covering urban, coastal, and alpine locations. 

Outsite co-living spaces
Image Courtesy: Outsite

How Much to Outsite Cost?

Booking an Outsite location is similar to booking a hotel.

Your price will vary based on the destination you’ve chosen, dates, and how long you want to stay. Unfortunately, there’s no flat-rate cost, but monthly costs can range from $764 to $3,840.

All locations have a minimum stay requirement of at least two nights.

In order to stay at an Outsite location, you must be a member. Becoming a member gives you access to the co-living spaces, the ability to network with fellow members outside the co-living spaces through events, monthly deals, partner perks, rewards, and $25 towards your first stay.

Membership costs $149/year for an annual membership or a one-time $399 cost for a lifetime membership. (Includes the Outsite Welcome Pack!)

Outsite does offer discounts for longer stays. For stays longer than seven days, receive 15% off your booking. For stays over 30 days, receive 30% off, and stays longer than 60 days will get you a 35% discount. 

Included in your nightly cost are towels, sheets, toiletries, a fully functioning kitchen, and laundry facilities. Outsite does their best to make their spaces feel like a home away from home!

Outsite co-living spaces with members hanging out
Image Courtesy: Outsite

Membership rewards

If you decide to become an Outsite member, you can look forward to taking advantage of their rewards program. You receive points for staying at an Outsite location, with additional points being awarded for stays in different locations. You can accrue rewards yearly to work towards a nightly credit (up to $3 per night) you can use for future stays.

Outsite locations

Outsite has locations in the US as well as international locations. Within the different cities, you can sometimes choose from different settings (urban, coastal, or alpine). Here’s the list of Outsite’s current locations:

USA locations

  • Santa Cruz, CA (modern eco home, or charming beach house)
  • Los Angeles, CA (traditional wooden craftsmen, urban garden oasis, or modern social home - locations are all near Venice Beach)
  • San Francisco, CA (Pacific Heights, or Mission)
  • San Diego, CA (beach house with garden views, or tropical garden beach house)
  • New York, NY (Manhattan midtown - has a 30-night minimum)
  • Austin, TX (Bouldin Creek, or Travis Heights)

International locations

  • Bathsheba, Barbados
  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica (tropical villa set in the trees, or bungalows secluded in the trees)
  • Basque country, France (Biarritz, or Bidart)
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Colonia Napoles)
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Todos Santos, Mexico
  • San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • Ericeria, Portugal
  • Lisbon, Portugal (Cais do Sodre)
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
Outsite international locations
Image Courtesy: Outsite

Outsite reviews

Launched in 2015, Outsite has ample reviews talking about its services. On Coliving.com, they have 4.9/5 stars from over 1000 reviews.

If you’re wanting to read stories from the Outsite community about their experiences as remote workers staying with Outsite, head to their blog!

Team retreats

In addition to their co-living spaces for remote workers, Outsite also offers spaces to treat your team to a retreat. Outsite can help you plan as much or as little for your retreat as you want. Their team amenities include:

  • Catering or personal chef
  • Team building activities
  • Group facilitation
  • Local knowledge
Outsite team space for meetings and group work
Image Courtesy: Outsite

Real estate partnership

Since Outsite focuses on co-living spaces, they’re always looking for opportunities to expand locations. If you’ve got some property that you think would fit with the coliving goal of Outsite, you can explore renting to them. Or you can partner with them to oversee your space for coliving.

With either of these options, you can become a real estate partner. If this interests you, get in touch with them to see if your space matches their coliving requirements!

Outsite cafes

If the coliving scene isn’t for you, but you still like the idea of coworking spaces expressly for remote workers, Outsite has co-work cafes in two locations: Lisbon, and Puerto Vallarta (with Todos Santos coming in winter 2021). 

Entry to the cafes requires a pass, which you can purchase. The options are daily, weekly, monthly, or a 10-day Flexi pass. All cafes have wifi and free coffee and tea available. Find pass costs here for Lisbon, and for Puerto Vallarta.

Outsite cafes
Image Courtesy: Outsite

Let’s head Outsite with Pilot!

If you’re a remote worker looking for a way to combine a love for travel with co-working spaces, look no further than Outsite.

Become a member and take advantage of their beautiful coliving locations by joining a community of coliving remote workers, and combine the best of getting the job done with achieving your travel goals. It's definitely worth checking out for yourselves at least once!

Whether you want to stay with Outsite, or coordinate your remote work adventure, be sure to plan your trip on Pilot!

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