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TripSee 2022 Review: Should I Be Using This Travel Planning App?

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February 9, 2022
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Shanzeh Nauman
Shanzeh Nauman
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Travel planners help ease the pains of travel planning and make planning for your trips more accessible and convenient. Does TripSee fit this description, and can the app help you plan better trips? What are TripSee's pros and cons? Find all about them here.

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Travel planners help ease the pains of travel planning and make planning for your trips more accessible and convenient. Does TripSee fit this description, and can the app help you plan better trips? What are TripSee's pros and cons?

We all love traveling. From sunbathing on sandy beaches to visiting museum exhibits, days fly by when you're on vacation. What might not be so fun is what happens before a trip. Planning your travel itineraries may be tedious, even when planning a group trip. If you've planned a group trip before, you'll know what I'm talking about. Hours upon hours of searching for a place to stay that everyone agrees, then rinse and repeat for the restaurants to eat, places to go, etc. 

Luckily, there are fantastic travel apps out there that'll help guide you through planning your trips. While we've already covered 2022's top free travel planners to use, we'll be covering a new travel planner: TripSee. Is the app as revolutionary as it claims to be? Can you rely on TripSee to help plan your future trips? Keep reading to find out.

What is TripSee?

TripSee is a travel planner that allows you to plan trips with your friends and family easily through their interactive platforms. From the best hotels and restaurants to tourist spots and activities, TripSee has you covered.

TripSee used to have a mobile app available on the Google Play Store and iOS Store but have recently taken down their app. TripSee is currently only available on your internet browser through their main website.

TripSee Logo
Courtesy of TripSee

What's so special about TripSee?

There are a bunch of travel planning apps out there, so what makes TripSee so special?

TripSee boasts recommendations for several categories, such as top accommodations, restaurants, and popular destinations you might be interested in visiting. These suggestions are taken from popular internet reviews. Suppose you're ever curious about an attraction but have no clue what it's about. In that case, TripSee will automatically gather the information you'll need!

Another feature that will knock your socks off is a compilation of the complete itinerary of other travelers on the app. For instance, click on another traveler's previous San Francisco trip, and you'll find their day-to-day plan at your disposal. Get inspired, follow their footsteps, or make a few changes here and there, and there you have your very own vacation plan mapped out. 

TripSee Travel planner trips recommendations.
Courtesy of TripSee

Is TripSee Free?

Everything you need from an essential travel planner, TripSee's got inside their application. Arguably the best part about the app is that it's completely free, meaning that you can give it a try anytime you'd like! As far as we're aware, there are no hidden charges that'll show up during your experience on the app, so you'll be able to enjoy their features to the fullest!

While they don't have all the features you'd ever imagine a trip planner would have, the features available on TripSee are not bad for a free app! Here are all of the features the app has available for you to use:

  • Trip Itinerary Planner
  • Edit, Customize, and Manage all your trips
  • Predictive Data for Recommended Places and Activities 
  • Integrate Flight and Hotel Bookings
  • Share Trips on Social Media
  • Add Travelers to Your Itinerary
  • Trips Available Offline
  • Estimated Cost Analysis

How Do You Use TripSee?

TripSee wasn't joking when they said simplicity is the goal for their travel planning app. TripSee is as easy as it gets; even a kid could get the hang of it after playing around with it! Here's the step-by-step process to getting things on track with this travel planner:

  1. Open the website  on your web browser
  2. Sign up / Log-in to TripSee
  3. Enter your travel destination
  4. Enter the dates of your trip
  5. Add locations/activities to visit on each day
  6. Review or edit your trip anytime
TripSee travel itinerary planner preview.
Courtesy of TripSee

Next time you log in to your account, the trip plan will all be saved and available, along with your essential documents like flight and hotel bookings. Think of it as a travel journal planner, only more straightforward with the click of a few buttons. 

Great Features of TripSee 

  • Easy to Use

TripSee firmly stands by its motto of travel planning as simple as possible. It isn't swaying from that promise anytime soon. Never planned a trip digitally before? Even the least tech-savvy people will have no trouble customizing travel plans and going back to the app as they go along on their journey.

  • Integrated Bookings in Your Plan

We believe that integrating your reservations and booking information is essential to a great travel planner. TripSee agrees! Their feature includes integrating all travel documents and information onto the app for easy access. Email them your booking information, and the TripSee team will automatically add them to your plan.

  • In-App Suggestions

TripSee combines some of the hottest tourist spots and suggestions in a list when you're looking for options to start putting down your plan on the app. You'd know to visit Buckingham Palace and the London Eye when you're visiting London. Still, it's great to have the app remind you in case you forget a must-see attraction. 

Things to do might be easy to plan, but how about the places to stay? That's where this travel planner's in-app suggestions come in handy.

  • Reference Travel Plans

Planning a trip from scratch isn't everyone's cup of tea. We've already discussed how the app gives recommendations on places and activities. However, if you still need inspiration, TripSee's reference travel plans are the perfect option to get a head start. TripSee has a separate section for detailed travel plans by previous travelers to several destinations.

  • Group Travel Planning

When traveling with many people, sending travel plan updates to each travel group member becomes an energy-draining process. Leave behind the constant worry to update your travel group whenever you change an activity or add a new restaurant. You can easily share your travel plans simultaneously as you edit them by adding your travel partners to them.

Missing or Inadequate Features of TripSee.

  • Limited Features

Let's face it; there's not much you can do on TripSee. While you can't expect much from a free app, their features mirror Google Maps with 2-3 additional features. Travel planner apps, in our opinion, should constantly be adding new features that will benefit travelers! TripSee has mostly remained unchanged throughout. While the simple outlay has attracted many, on the other hand, others would prefer a more sophisticated and modern travel planner.

  • Only Available on Browser Currently.

While many of us plan our trips on our laptops, not all of us will have access to our laptops 24/7, especially when you're on the go during your vacation. While they used to have a mobile app available in both app stores, they've recently removed them. Having a mobile app will definitely help travelers have easy access to their travel plans abroad.

  • Not Enough Users

TripSee has a simple and easy system that should attract many people, but it doesn't. It would make anyone take a step back and think, why aren't people using a travel planner, considering it has a pretty decent design and is free. A reason is that it's outdated in a saturated market with many other new and competitive travel planners.

Is TripSee a good Travel Planner?

Generally speaking, we find that you won't go wrong using TripSee. After all, it's a win-win situation where you're getting everything as advertised at no cost. However, suppose you're looking for a better travel planner with more features that can benefit travelers. In that case, there are definitely better options out there.

 If you're only getting used to planning your holidays digitally, TripSee can be the push you need to get things going. However, if you're looking for a travel planner that can be everything you'd want it to be, there are definitely better options out there, like our app Pilot!

Travel planning while on roadtrip.
Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

Overall Rating: 3.8/5


  • Easy to navigate and use.
  • Bookings integrations in-app
  • In-app suggestions for top-rated places and activities.
  • Detailed itineraries from other travelers.


  • Barebone travel planning features.
  • Few users on the platform.
  • Decreasing amount of user-generated itineraries.
  • No Mobile application.

A Travel App Planner You Can Rely On

Speaking of a travel planner app that is more comprehensive and still easy to use, have you heard of Pilot? Pilot is our brand new social travel planner that keeps all of your trip details in one place. Everything you're looking for, and more, all at the cost of zero dollars. You heard that right! Give it a try right now!

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January 16, 2022

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