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Is StudentUniverse the Best Travel App for Students? Our Review

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Learn all about the travel agency StudentUniverse, including what their features are, what their pros and cons are, and what we really think about the app. Keep reading to find out the verdict!

Are you a student? Maybe, slightly overworked and in desperate need of a break from everything? Well, being a student and considering your finances, traveling may not be the easiest way of taking a break. But don’t let that stop you from taking a break from your hectic schedule. 

Traveling on a strict budget doesn’t mean that the quality of your trip needs to go down as well. There are so many places you can visit, so many things you can see, and so many places you can stay at which are of good quality, even when you travel on a budget. We can help you find a service that accommodates all these needs. 

This review brings to you StudentUniverse, a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs as a student on a tight budget. Read it to find out if StudentUniverse is the one to give you a break you need.

Student Universe app logo
Image courtesy: StudentUniverse

What is StudentUniverse?

StudentUniverse was founded in 1999 by Espen Odegard and Fredrik Carl Stromer. In 2000, the company managed to launch its online booking engine. 

You might be wondering, how does StudentUniverse make money? Well, StudentUniverse functions as an online travel agency. So, every time someone books a flight, hotel, or even a car through StudentUniverse, they get a small commission out of it. StudentUniverse also makes some money out of the advertising they do for the services with which they have partnered up.

StudentUniverse also has an accompanying app named Flights by StudentUniverse, available for both Android and iOS devices.

Can Anyone Use StudentUniverse?

All the services are available to people above the age of 15. If you are wondering if you can use StudentUniverse if you are not a student, it is not possible or ethical. Only students from accredited colleges or universities are eligible, and your student/faculty status will be verified during the sign-up process. If your school/institution is not mentioned in the list, don't worry. Send them an email, and they can verify your student status. It applies to high school students as well! 

You can use StudentUniverse as a “Guest” and book deals that are available for the public. If you want more perks like hidden fares, special offers, and promo codes, we recommend you create an account and sign up for “Basic Membership,” which is completely free of charge! 

Student universe flights app introduction
Image courtesy: StudentUniverse

How Does StudentUniverse Work?

Figuring out how StudentUniverse works is quite simple because the website is very user-friendly, and it’s direct in what it shows you and what it asks of you. 

The homepage of the website has a search bar that helps you look for cheap flights, hotel services, tours, and car rental services. For example, if we take flights, you can select a suitable one from the cheapest, fastest, or best flights and routes available. Apart from information such as destination, date, and the number of people joining you on the trip, you can also specify whether the dates you have chosen are either fixed or flexible. 

When searching for car rental services, you can enter the time, location, and if required, a driver and their age. The website also explains in detail the kind of insurance covered by StudentUniverse; Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection, airport surcharges, local taxes, and any road fees.

The StudentUniverse website also comes with a blog and travel guides to make your choices easier for you. You can seek inspiration on the kind of activities to do, places to visit, and places to stay from the blog and travel guides. StudentUniverse is not only for traveling – it’s also for students who are looking for a change of pace and to work and study remotely.

The cancellation and change of policies of StudentUniverse largely depend on the service provider, which you book through the website/app. In order to find out the availability of cancellation or changes, it’s better to contact StudentUniverse early on in your trip planning. You could also look for such policies in the “My Trips” section of your account.

Search cheap student flights hotels and tours on student universe
 Image courtesy: StudentUniverse

Things We Like About StudentUniverse

  • Student status

Once you register with StudentUniverse, you’re registered as a student. So, the proprietary verification technology used by StudentUniverse guarantees discounts for you for every service you book via them. This student status allows StudentUniverse to get better deals for you from airlines; whereas, direct flight bookings may not offer the same (unless offered by the particular carrier).

  • Affordability

StudentUniverse is specifically made for students, in case we didn’t emphasize this enough. Considering the financial situation of many students, the services provided through StudentUniverse come with a discount. If you’re under the age of 26, you can get up to 30% discounts on the services booked through them, making them cheap. 

  • Extra discounts

Added to this discount, the promo code or the promotional coupon gives you additional discounts on services. These promo codes change now and then. So, it’s wise to keep checking to see if there are new promo codes available. StudentUniverse also claims that each flight booking made through them guarantees a cheaper price than a direct booking via an airline.

App preview of student universe hotel listings

Things We Don’t Like About StudentUniverse

  • Reviews

StudentUniverse claims that they have really good reviews in terms of the services they provide, and they even give you links to the reviews people have left. The reviews they show you are from a reviews website named ResellerRatings. Most reviews you see of them on that website are positive.

 However, if you were to look for reviews of StudentUniverse on a different website, like Trip Advisor, they are mostly negative. These negative reviews are mostly to do with the StudentUniverse cancellation policy. Most users claim that they have had difficulty in canceling and making changes to their plans, even if they were to do it according to the cancellation policy of StudentUniverse.

Should You Then Use StudentUniverse?

If you think that you wouldn’t be making any changes to your trip and wouldn’t be canceling it, then you’d probably be able to get a really good deal out of StudentUniverse.  They do have some good reviews about the services they offer. 

But if you do think that you might have to make changes to the trip or that you might have to cancel it at some point, it’s better to approach StudentUniverse with the reviews they have of their cancellation policy. Since changes and cancellations are unexpected, it would also be better if you can refer to some of the personal experiences of other users before you make any plans. Safe travels!

Student universe canada
Image courtesy: StudentUniverse

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September 11, 2021

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