Arc’teryx Review [2024]: Sustainable Apparel Worth The Hype?

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Arc’teryx Review [2024]: Sustainable Apparel Worth The Hype?
Looking to level up your travel gear? Consider buying into the hype! Arc'teryx, Canada's top high-end outdoor apparel brand might just be the right choice for your next adventure.
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Are you searching for high-quality gear for your next adventure? Then you've probably heard of the eco-friendly, high-performance mountain gear and apparel brand, Arc'teryx. Despite its popularity among travel enthusiasts, we're here to help you decide if the brand lives up to the hype. Keep reading to find out!

Whether you're a seasoned alpinist or a beginner hiker, it's worth investing in gear you can rely on for your next big adventure. High-quality outdoor gear will keep you warm and safe whether you're hiking, mountain climbing, or camping up high. From insulated jackets to climbing harnesses, Arc'teryx has products geared toward all mountain sports as well as a range of everyday apparel. 

Want to know if Arc'teryx products are worth the price? Keep reading for a breakdown of some of the most popular Arc'teryx products to consider for every kind of mountain adventure. 

Arc'teryx black logo
Image courtesy of Arc'teryx

What is Arc'teryx?

Arc'teryx offers clothing and high-tech gear for the outdoors, especially mountain-based activities. The company is based in North Vancouver, Canada, and specializes in all things mountain, with gear made for any and all weather conditions you might face up high. Formed in 1989 and originally called Rock Solid, the company became Arc'teryx in 1998. 

Arc'teryx has pioneered technologies focused on keeping their customers warm and dry when working or playing in extreme conditions. Some of their products include the WaterTight™ zipper and Tri-Dex™ gloves. While the company primarily focuses on outdoor gear, they also offer everyday clothing and travel accessories. 

What kind of features do Arc'teryx products have?

Design and product variety

Arc'teryx products are designed in-house and field tested by athletes. The focus is on great design and high-quality materials, making the gear suitable for extreme outdoor conditions. From parkas to insulated gloves, each product serves a purpose – whether that be insulation from the biting cold, protection from strong winds, or simply keeping your feet warm during a hike, Arc'teryx provides a variety of clothing items suitable for any outdoor activity. 

3 female backpackers wearing Arc'teryx on a beach
Image courtesy of Arc'teryx Facebook


Arc'teryx is proud of the long-term durability of its products. The company also makes an effort to use recycled materials in its products. Items that last a long time and are made with recycled materials are more sustainable and help to minimize clothing waste. You can read more about the company's commitment to sustainability on its website.

Used gear and outlets 

You can buy certified used Arc'teryx gear through its ReGEAR™ website. Products from past seasons are also available on the online outlet shop. These are great options for getting your hands on Arc'teryx gear for slightly less than the usual price; they're also good options for the planet too. 

Where can I buy Arc'teryx products?

You can find Arc'teryx products online at the Arc'teryx website. There are also plenty of brick-and-mortar Arc'teryx shops around the world. The brand has outlets in Europe, Asia, Australia, the US and Canada. You'll find physical shops in these locations:


  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • British Columbia


  • Colorado
  • California
  • Minnesota
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon

You'll also find Arc'teryx in retail stores like Sun & Ski, Whole Earth Provisions, Mountain High Outfitters, and REI. 

Woman in the snow with pink Arc'teryx jacket and helmet with goggles
Image courtesy of Arc'teryx Instagram

Outlet stores and reselling

You can find Arc'teryx gear from past seasons through the Arc'teryx outlet website. The company also resells used gear through the ReGEAR™ website. Keep in mind that the ReGEAR™ shop is the only credible way to resell and purchase used Arc'teryx gear. You risk buying a knock-off version if you look outside of ReGEAR™!

Returns and exchanges at Arc'teryx

Arc'teryx accepts returns within 30 days, including for used gear bought through the ReGEAR™ service. You'll get a full refund when you return the item in this timeframe.

Arc'teryx gear cannot be exchanged. Instead, you can make returns up to 30 days after you receive your items and order a new product or size. 

Arc'teryx pricing

There's no getting around it, Arc'teryx products are pretty pricey. You can expect to pay anywhere from $35 for a beanie to $950 for an insulated jacket. Prices for daypacks are comparable to brands like Osprey and Patagonia – think $150 and up.

You might be wondering why Arc'teryx products are so expensive and whether they are worth the price. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and top-of-the-line materials and longevity are important to you, the answer is an obvious yes. If you're not so keen on these factors, you might go for less expensive brands. 

Two people hiking a rocky mountain wearing Arc'teryx clothing
Image Courtesty of Arc'teryx Facebook

Where are Arc'teryx products made?

Arc'teryx makes some of its gear at its Arc'One factory in Canada. The rest is manufactured in other countries like China, Indonesia, and El Salvador. Arc'teryx is transparent about which countries they work with, and you can see a full list on the supply chain partners section of the website. 

How do you wash Arc'teryx apparel?

You can safely machine wash your Arc'teryx clothes. Arc'teryx recommends washing them at medium heat around 100℉. To keep the clothes from catching in the wash, you should also zip the zippers and close the pockets.

The only accessory you shouldn't machine wash is Arc'teryx gloves. You should hand wash gloves with warm water and detergent before hanging them to dry.

Is Arc'teryx gear worth it?

The final verdict: If you're a regular on the mountain, the answer is a firm yes. Investing in outdoor sports gear and apparel can be expensive, but for people who regularly spend time in the mountains, the quality of Arc'teryx gear is well worth the price. 

There are very few brands that can match the quality and design of Arc'teryx gear. Avid climbers, trail runners, mountain sports enthusiasts, and anyone living in cold weather will find Arc'teryx gear worth investing in.

Arc'teryx gear may not be worth the price tag if you're in the mountains once a year or less. While it will last a long time, you may need more time to be ready to invest in a $900 jacket as an occasional outdoor adventurer. While Arc'teryx offers some everyday sports apparel, most of its gear is aligned with winter weather, so if you're in a warmer climate, you might choose a different brand. 

Our Rating: 4/5


  • Eco-friendly
  • High-quality design
  • Durable
  • Discounted prices at outlet stores and Arc'teryx ReGEAR™


  • Fairly expensive


For outdoor sports and mountain adventurers, Arc'teryx is top-of-the-line. Before you embark on your next outdoor adventure, check out Pilot travel planner for inspiration and helpful trip-planning resources. From detailed itineraries to connecting with fellow travelers, Pilot has it all in one place!

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