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Norrøna Review 2022: Quality outdoor clothing worth the price?

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July 30, 2022
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Grace Reveley
Grace Reveley
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Need new clothing and gear for adventures like surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking? Then Norrøna could be the clothing brand you've been looking for. Explore this review to see if their products fit your kind of adventure!

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Finding quality traveling gear that is both cheap and sustainably made can be a difficult task. Quality products at a low price are not usually sustainable. If they're of good quality and sustainable, then it's not cheap. 

You may have heard of Kuhl or prAna, but have you heard of Norrøna? Norrøna is a high-end, sustainable brand. But are they everything you're looking for? Let's take an in-depth look at Norrøna, exploring the brand and its best sellers.

Norrona logo
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

What is Norrøna?

Norrøna is a Norwegian-founded adventure clothing and equipment company. Founded in 1929 by Jørgen Jørgensen, a Norwegian outdoor enthusiast that aspires to create durable and sustainable outdoor gear that helps people explore the world. 

You can shop everything from windproof jackets to wetsuits to snowboard pants to skis to tents and sleeping bags. Whether you're climbing a mountain or skiing in the backcountry, Norrøna offers clothing for every occasion.

Norrøna believes the only way to run their company is through a sustainable platform, using this as a base in everything they do. Their aim is to improve, explore and inspire people to protect their home. They do this by creating pieces to wear and equipment to use that doesn't harm our planet.

Norway outdoor clothes
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

Where is Norrøna Made?

If you love the environment and are passionate about protecting it, you want to know where your clothing comes from. Norrøna is passionate about leaving the planet better than how they found it, so sustainability is at the forefront of their design and production. 

Norrøna opened its first factory in Lithuania in 2020. They had previously outsourced their production but later created the factory to ensure their product production was ethical and sustainable. Check out what products are made in this factory.

Norrona where to buy
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

They also produce clothing in China, Vietnam, Lithuania, and Portugal. They use long-term partners that are high-quality family-run factories. 

What are Norrøna Products Made of?

When buying specific adventure clothing, like wetsuits or snowboard jackets, it is essential you have the best technology and materials that fulfill your needs. Norrøna uses a variety of high-performance materials to ensure its clothing is fit for its intended use.

Norrøna's most popular products:

  • GORE-TEX®:

Garments engineered with Gore-tex® are breathable, durable, waterproof, and windproof.

  • Polartec®:

Polartec® is a range of products that assist with insulation and comfort, helping you cool down in stretchy, soft material.

  • PrimaLoft®:

This microfiber material gives great thermal insulation to help the body maintain its temperature and minimize energy loss.

Are Norrøna Products High Quality?

Reviews online suggest that Norrøna products are of high-quality thanks to their use of the latest technologies. Did I mention they use organic and recyclable materials in their products to help reduce their carbon footprint?

However, online reviews also mention that their products are prone to wear and tear. Some even say the zippers broke not long after purchasing or small rips appeared after ten days of use on the mountain.

There is an upside to this, Norrøna offers a generous 5-year warranty and has also implemented a system for used product repairs. This contributes toward a sustainable future, meaning your product doesn't get thrown away.

This does come at a cost, and some reviews say the repairs take a substantial amount of time. Norrøna does, however, provide DIY fixing videos if you want to give the repairs a go yourself. Find more information here.

Frequent use, especially during high-intensity activities, will cause wear and tear on any product. Norrøna products are no exception to this, but this doesn't mean their products are not of high quality. 

Their sustainable and ethical goals make developing affordable quality clothing more difficult. But I appreciate their effort and know that supporting them is supporting a future of sustainable outdoor apparel. 

Where to Buy Norrøna Clothing?

You can shop Norrøna products online at their official website. If you like to try it before you buy it, you can sample their clothing at their U.S. flagship store in New York.

They also stock their clothes all over the U.S. in outlets, outdoor adventure stores, and ski resorts. Check out their store finder to see which is closest to you. 

Norrona ski
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

What are People Saying about Norrøna Clothing?

People love Norrøna products, when scrolling through their website, the 5-star reviews keep on rolling in. Reviews claim their clothing fits great, has a good size range, and offers a great choice of colors. 

The reviews suggest Norrøna ski jackets stand the test of time even in adverse weather conditions.

On the other hand, there are some reviews on Trustpilot that suggest the clothing broke soon after purchasing it. They also said the repair service Norrøna offers is unreliable and expensive. Others have even had issues with their customer service team. 

However, f you can overlook the few bad reviews, Norrøna has some wonderful products that look and feel great in the outdoors. Before you head off to purchase your first piece, let's check out Norrøna's bestsellers.

Norwegian outdoor clothing hiking
Image Courtesy of Frances Gunn from Unsplash

Norrøna Women's Best Sellers

Kicking things off, here are a few best-sellers from Norrøna's women's range:

lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

If your looking for your next ski jacket, then look no further. The lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket offers style, comfort, and performance all rolled into one beautiful-looking jacket. 

Made with GORE-TEX® PRO fabric, this shell is the perfect day-to-day jacket that can also withstand your outdoor adventures. The jacket also includes pockets for all your snacks, a protective storm hood, and a zip-off powder skirt. 

This jacket is made up of 50% recycled synthetic fibers making it great for a powder day and the environment.

Norrona clothing jacket
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

Norwegian outdoorclothing

Norrøna Winter Tights

Made with recycled polyester, wool, and elastane, these natural odor-free winter pants will keep you toasty all year around. They have all-way stretch technology and classic high waist fit for maximized comfort and are wind resistant.

These pants are great for winter trail running or just general outdoor activities that require that extra layer of warmth. 

Norrona winter tights
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

Norrøna Men's Best Sellers

After taking a look at the women's best sellers, now let's see what Norrøna has to offer for the men. 

Falketind Gore-Tex Jacket

This versatile protective shell is made for year-round use. From ice climbing to skiing to simply walking the dog, this jacket does it all with its premium Gore-Tex. Our favorite features are the long pockets to stash your hiking snacks in and a stormproof hood for those powder days.

The Falketind Gore-Tex jackets come in a range of sizes and colors. Don't forget, it's also made out of more than 50% of synthetic recycled fibers—so you don't need to harm the earth when exploring it! This is the perfect jacket for all occasions.

Norrona mens jacket
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Pants

The original waterproof ski pant from Norrøna doesn't disappoint. These freeride pants are perfect for days on the mountain and great to keep you warm from some apres ski. Of course, these loose-fitting pants come in 5 colors and a range of sizes and are made out of 50% recycled fibers. 

Using GORE-TEX® PRO fabric also makes these ski pants completely waterproof, windproof, and breathable for those warmer days. 

Norrona mens pants
Image Courtesy of Norrøna

Is Norrøna worth it?

To put it simply, if you're willing to invest in quality outdoor gear, then Norrøna is for you. They offer a huge range of ski, climbing, and adventure clothing along with their range of equipment like skis and tents to support all your adventure needs.

However, there are reviews online from previous years that suggest bad customer service, slow repair service, and quick wear and tear. If you can look past these, you will find a great brand that is forward-thinking in its design and has the adventurous traveler in mind. 

Overall, by choosing to shop with Norrøna, you're supporting the environment and great initiatives in sustainability. You're doing your bit for the environment while getting some rad new adventure gear.

Our Rating: 4.1/5


  • Great range of products covering many outdoor sports
  • High-quality materials and the latest clothing technology
  • Sustainable and ethically produced products
  • Great fit on items
  • Easy to find stockists all over the U.S.


  • Bad reviews on their customer service and repair system
  • Higher price point
  • Reviews of rapid wear and tear

Travel with Norrøna

Norrøna is made for adventure seekers, so take your new Norrøna gear out for a test run! Not sure where to go? Consider exploring the Canadian glaciers for your next trip. Plan your next trip with ease using Pilot.

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July 30, 2022

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