Can Headout Really Inspire Me To Head Out? Our In-Depth Review

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Can Headout Really Inspire Me To Head Out? Our In-Depth Review
Learn all about Headout, the app for travel enthusiasts to make new experiences and see new sights. We go in-depth on what this app does well, as well as what this app needs to improve on. Keep reading to find out if Headout is worth your time to use!
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We all know what a struggle it can be to find reliable information about a country’s top places and services. It can turn a bit tricky, especially when looking for specific touristic places, tickets, and accommodation. You just never know whether the prices are correct or if you will ever receive the tickets you purchased. 

Thankfully today, we have many ways to check out all the top traveling destinations in the world in one place. All your favorite and top destinations feel like they are right next to each other, and you can easily access all of them in the blink of an eye. Of course that is unrealistic in real life, but Headout has managed to put the world’s top cities on only one platform.

Thus, we can easily create the best adventure of our lives with a few clicks.  

Since many travelers prefer to be prepared before traveling to a new destination, we thought, why not try Headout and see how easy it is to plan a backpacking trip. Let me tell you what we learned and if Headout is worth it. 

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What is Headout?

Headout’s mission is very simple. It is to inspire everyone and head out! 

Headout created a space for travel enthusiasts to discover and access real-life experiences seamlessly and delightfully. It is a place created by travelers for travelers. And that’s precisely why it is one of the most popular on-demand experiences marketplaces. 

People from across the world came together and formed the best travel itineraries for over 60 famous cities around the world. You can choose tickets for numerous famous attractions, landmarks, tours, and transportation. You can also purchase a ticket for several activities such as musicals, theatres, concerts, and even outdoor activities such as hiking.  

Who is behind Headout?

Headout founders
Credit: Your Story 

Headout was founded by three young men who had a strong passion for traveling. They wanted to be able to travel in a more fun and spontaneous way. So, they decided to create an on-demand experiences marketplace to give everyone the best deals for all travel-related experiences. 

Headout was first established in Bengaluru, India, and then San Francisco, the USA, in 2014 by the three co-founders Varun Khona, Vikram Jit Singh, and Suren Sultania. Nowadays, it has expanded exponentially and has made great traveling deals accessible worldwide. 

What services does Headout have?

Headout focuses on popular attractions, landmarks, and other cultural experiences in over 60 cities across the world. 

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Credit: Headout

Top attractions and Landmarks 

You can book tickets for almost every popular attraction in every top city in the world. For instance, you can find tickets for the Eiffel tower in Paris, Segrada Familia in Barcelona, the Empire State Building in New York, or Burj Khalifa in Dubai. You can feel relaxed by getting a ticket from Headout since getting to your desired destination becomes easier. After all, you won’t have to wait for hours in line for one ticket.

Tours and Day Trips

You can book from various tours around the city, including walking tours, guided tours, hop-on-hop-off bus tours, private tours, or photography tours. Depending on the availability and tour type, you can get cheaper tickets and more accessible access in most museums or other attractions and landmarks. Furthermore, apart from booking tours for famous landmarks, you can also purchase tickets for day trips to nearby towns, parks, and other well-known landmarks. 

Transportation and Travel Services

When visiting a different city, it is natural to feel completely lost and unsure, even for things as simple as transportation that we all use in our daily lives. Therefore, Headout offers fantastic deals for the airport and public transfers and even transfers for specific attractions. Furthermore, for easier connections and access to the network, you might also find deals for Wifi and local sim cards. 

Food and Drink Experiences

You can get deals for memorable cultural experiences such as theatres, musicals, or dance performances while tasting the local cuisine. Furthermore, you can purchase tour tickets for wineries, beer, or other breweries for alcohol lovers. 


We can’t deny that we often travel to visit specific events. So, Headout made sure to provide tickets for all the great events happening in the big cities. You can get tickets for theatres, plays, operas, musicals, dance performances, and many other venues. 

Aerial and Water Activities 

For those looking for an alternative way of sightseeing and touring, then check out tickets and deals for cruises, yachting, surfing, jet skiing, or even helicopter tours!

Adventurous, Nature and Wildlife Activities

Adventurous holidays may not be for all, but they can’t be missing from Headout. So, here you can find the best deals on hiking, climbing, or biking trips. Or, you could also find tickets for safaris or other natural parks and reserves. 

Classes and Wellness

Headout has several deals for different offered classes around the world. There are some fantastic classes on fitness, health, history or art. These deals let you complete your holiday by gaining some new knowledge and having fun with a diverse group of people. Additionally, you could also get tickets for the best spas in the city and have a day only for relaxing and getting energized again.

Special Activities

Rather than booking attractions one by one, you can book tickets for a combination of attractions and tours. Also, after going through a worldwide pandemic and several lockdowns, it is natural that the traveling industry is changing quite a lot. For instance, nowadays you can book a ticket for a virtual tour of a city, a museum or a popular attraction. 

What we loved about Headout

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Credit: Headout

Excellent Deals

You can easily find cheap tickets for any popular attraction and landmark, tours, performances, and other sought-after holiday activities in all the top cities of the world. Although the number of deals available depends on your destination, you can usually get some great deals, even on last-minute bookings. 

Accessible and easy to understand

Instead of getting lost in dozens of apps, websites and being persuaded by sales on the streets, you can easily access Headout to sort everything from your airport transfer to a day trip and other fantastic tours. Furthermore, it always gives precise instructions that anyone can easily understand and find the location without any trouble. 

What we think Headout could do better


We came across many bad reviews of Headout that highlighted numerous complaints regarding delays in receiving their tickets. Due to the delay, most users were not able to receive the tickets on time for their trip. Therefore, they said it would have been better and cheaper to get a local agent or tour guide ticket. Furthermore, from what we read, their cancellation and refund process is also unreliable. It takes ages for users to get their money back. 

Poor customer service

Another main drawback of using Headout is their unreliable customer service, although customers are promised a 24/7 support team. The contact numbers are unresponsive most of the time, and they take a long time to reply to emails. Many negative customer reviews highlighted this issue. So, it might be difficult for you to sort an issue regarding booking or refund through them. 

Is Headout worth it?

Despite the few bad reviews, Headout is definitely one the most sought-after apps and websites by travelers. Undeniably, it has numerous fantastic deals and offers in countless cities around the world. It is a great asset for people who seek an adventurous and unforgettable holiday. However, Headout might differ between cities.

For instance, we noticed a lot of bad reviews for Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Most users were unsatisfied with the customer service, and many did not receive their tickets on time. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk your holiday mood being ruined, reconsider using other apps and websites such as Pilot, or choose to book tickets through a local travel agency, the tour guides, or the venue you wish to visit.

Other websites and apps you could use are Viator, Get Your Guide, and Civitatis. If you're looking for a more in-depth review, why not check out our Get Your Guide reviews to hear if you'd prefer the alternatives?

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