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The Adventure Challenge Review [2023]: Are They Worth It?

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January 25, 2023
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Jessica Bergin
Looking to random adventures to spice things up? Looking for a great experience to get out of your comfort zone? The Adventure Challenge claims to do both, but are they really worth it for you?

Looking to spice things up between your friends, family, or your significant other? Want to buy something funny, exciting, and new as a gift to that new couple or family or even yourself?

A recently new trend featuring The Adventure Challenge might be for you.

But before you make the buy, what exactly is The Adventure Challenge? What's the difference between the editions? Are the adventure challenge books worth it for you?

Let's explore just what exactly does The Adventure Book offers, whether they're worth it, and what you can do to make the most out of your own Adventure Challenge book!

... but first, just what exactly is The Adventure Challenge?

The adventure challenge logo
Image Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge 

What is The Adventure Challenge? 

The collection collated by The Adventure Challenge is like no other. Offering a series of books, cameras, and other bits and bobs, this company has developed some game-changing goodies. 

The Adventure Challenge was founded by Bryant Ellis and Ben-Day in 2018. Bryant wanted to help friends, partners, and families to explore life outside their comfort zones and develop more profound and meaningful connections with each other.

In their price range of travel guides, you'll find simple layouts and a modern design to help inspire you to up your creativity to the next level. With a well-thought-out structure, you're provided with a safe space in which you can brainstorm, write, and reflect on each scratch-off challenge.

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How do they work?

Each Adventure Challenge book comes with its own set of rules, a table of symbols (and the meanings of each symbol), and of course, a series of challenges.

No tools, crafts, or props supplied. Make sure to check out what supplies are needed! It's convenient that they also attached the approximate $ needed for each challenge.

What's the catch?

You have to scratch off each challenge to find out what it is (you can't just skip through them all and pick out which one you like). However, it's not like someone's keep tabs, so feel free to only do the ones you or your partners are comfortable with!

This adds a surprise element to the book, making it stand out from its competitors. Above each challenge, you'll find a set cost, how long it will take, and what time of day you should do it.

The Adventure Challenge notes section
Image Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge

On the side of each challenge, you find various symbols listed so you can get yourself prepared. The selection of symbols includes whether the challenge will be set indoors or outdoors, any supplies needed, or if it will have to be in a location further away, etc.  

You can take notes about your experience, reflecting on your likes and dislikes, how it made you feel, and what you would do better next time. The book includes specific space for photos, memories, tickets, and whatever you so well please to be saved.

You don't have to worry about buying a glue stick or lugging a roll of tape around with you. It couldn't be any easier thanks to a specific set of peel-off sticky spaces. 

Choose the right Adventure Challenge!

Aside from the obvious labels, how do you know which to pick from?

There are four main categories

  1. Couples 
  2. Solo 
  3. Friends 
  4. Families 
  5. In Bed...

Below, we'll dive into the features and differences between each Adventure Book, so you can figure out which one is best suited to your needs.

The Adventure Book: Families Edition 

The Adventure Book Families Edition is perfect for those who want to bond and work on the inner dynamics within their family. 

It helps strengthen relationships, build trust, and cultivate a sense of connection between each family member involved. Plus, it's a fun and exciting way to spice up your weekends!

Family Edition The Adventure Challenge
Image Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge

Features include: 

  • 50 challenges: Ranging from $0 to $100. 
  • Hints Icon: Helps you prepare for what the challenges entail!
  • A 'no take-backs' rule – you must do it once you've scratched off the challenge! 

Examples include: 

  • Dodgeball-style family-friendly fights. 
  • Hilarious fake job interviews. 
  • How NOT to bake a cake. 

The Adventure Book: Friends Edition 

The Adventure Book Friends Edition is ideal for groups or pairs of friends who want to learn more about each other. 

The book assists in helping you get to know your buddies on a deeper level and combating challenges by working together. This is a great interactive book to gift that spontaneous friend of yours!

Image Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge

Features include: 

  • 50 challenges: Ranging from $0 to $100.
  • Hints Icon: Helps you prepare for what the challenges entail!
  • A 'no take-backs' rule – you must do it once you've scratched off the challenge! 

Examples include: 

  • Drawing a hopscotch court and then hopping and eating a donut simultaneously. 
  • Make an obstacle course out of string and make your way through it without touching it. 
  • Going tree climbing and sharing your favorite childhood snacks up in the tree with your friends. 

The Adventure Book: Solo Edition 

Transform a bland night-in into a night you'll remember! Tailored to all ages and genders, the Solo Edition takes your 'me-time' to the next level, helping you to learn more about yourself as you test your limits.

Features include: 

  • 50 challenges: Ranging from $0 to $100.
  • Hints Icon: Helps you prepare for what the challenges entail!
  • A 'no take-backs' rule – you must do it once you've scratched off the challenge! 

Examples include: 

  • Building a fort in your living room, gather your favorite camping treats, and kick back for a film. 
  • Spending an afternoon in a hammock journaling about your dreams and goals.  
  • Buying a succulent plant, naming it, giving it a back story, and then passing it on to a friend to keep. 

The Adventure Book: Couples Edition

The Adventure Book Couples Edition is made for those looking to learn more about their partner, uncover a more profound sense of romance, and want to grow as a couple. 

Whether you've just started dating or have been together for 30+ years, this book holds all the surprises to keep you on your feet. 

Image Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge

Features include: 

  • 50 challenges: Ranging from $0 to $50. 
  • Hints Icon: Helps you prepare for what the challenges entail!
  • A 'no take-backs' rule – you must do it once you've scratched off the challenge! 

Examples include: 

  • Baking an apple pie (blindfolded). 
  • Painting something together on a canvas. 
  • Building a couple's memory box with memorable items – movie tickets, coins, etc. 
  • Making a blanket fort and watching romance movies.

The Adventure Book: In-Bed Edition 

The Adventure Book In-Bed Edition takes it up a notch from the Couples Edition.

Made with the approval of a certified sex coach, this book helps you make meaningful connections with your partners through fun, creative, sexy adventures that are sure to satisfy you and your partner... in bed.

Filled with 30 exciting, flirty adventures to try with your partner, the goal of this book is to help you and your partner have a better sex life.

Image Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge

Features include: 

  • 50 challenges: Ranging from $0 to $100. 
  • Hints Icon: Helps you prepare for what the challenges entail!
  • A 'no take-backs' rule, but make sure you and your partner are comfortable with the challenge!

Example include: 

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Is The Book LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Generally, Yes! The book is also tailored for LGBTQ+ couples. However, contents of the book occasionally contain specific he/she pronouns, which are for examples and sometimes flirty puns. They're mainly for instructional purposes, but this book is definitely for all couples!

Accessories & Bundles

Each of The Adventure Challenge Books comes with some form of optional variations, bundles, or accessories you can grab alongside one of these books!

For example, for the Couples/In Bed Editions, these variations are also available for purchase:

Some of these items, like the camera, gift cards, and tote bags are accessories and merchandise. The other include a spinoff of the regular books. Dinner Dates include easy-to-make cooking recipes for you and your partner to experience and scratch off.

Dinner & Deserts is a fun bundle that combines the Dinner Dates book with the In-Bed Book, while the Table for Two bundle combines Dinner Dates with Couples Book (a more PG option).

Return/Refund Policy of The Adventure Challenge 

The Adventure Challenge states on their website that they are more than willing to do returns if it is within 30 days of the delivery date. As long as the item has not been used, they can accept returns. 

If you're unhappy with your product, simply contact for further assistance. 

The Adventure Challenge Return Policy also states that returns will not be accepted on international orders, used products, subscriptions, gift cards, or film. 

The adventure challenge couples edition.
Photo by Niki Sanders on Unsplash

Benefits and Drawbacks

Whether you're purchasing this product to invest in your relationship, improve your family life, or connect with yourself deeper, there are plenty of benefits to reap. There is always a new challenge to look forward to. 

You'll also get the opportunity to find new hobbies and check things off your bucket list. Sprinkling in a bit of adventure into your daily life can inspire the soul and leave a positive mark on those around you.

The drawbacks of the Adventure Challenge are most definitely outweighed by the positives. The only downsides to these products are that you may end up spending more money than you'd initially thought and the fact that you'll have to rework your schedule to allow time for each challenge. 

Verdict: Is The Adventure Challenge worth it?

I believe that The Adventure Challenge is definitely something that's fun for you and your friends, families, and significant other! If you're open to trying out new challenges, The Adventure Challenge is something I think you'll have fun trying out.

However, I do acknowledge that this might not be for everyone. For example, the book does not include supplies and some activities might be expensive. In that case, I recommend to try out other activities on the book or look for experiences online.

However, if you're open to trying new things, whether you're planning on purchasing the solo, couples, family, or friends edition, you'll have tons of fun with this book! Fill your day with an underlying sense of adventure, eager to scratch off the next mysterious challenge! 

Our Rating: 4.2/5


  • Help foster meaningful connections!
  • Great customer reviews
  • Refreshing activities!
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone. 


  • Supplies not included
  • Challenges might not be everyone's favorite.
  • Challenges geared toward younger audiences. 

Get out of your comfort zone!

The Adventure Challenge sparks the desire within to get out into your surroundings and try something new. In cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself, you'll find that your daily life and relationships improve.

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December 26, 2022

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