7 Best Restaurants in Bangkok: An Adventure Through Flavor

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December 31, 2022
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Camila Wanderley
If you love food, then Bangkok is the place to be since you can explore everything from street food to Michelin-star restaurants. No matter what you decide to eat, you'll love the rich flavors of Thailand. If you're still deciding where to go, here are the seven best restaurants to visit to discover Bangkok's flavors.

Bangkok is truly a land of adventure, with plenty of things to do and to eat. It is a gastronomic hub where you can find some of the best traditional Thai foods as well as a blend of international cuisines. You will taste familiar flavors and discover new ones you didn't think you'd end up loving so much. 

The Bangkok food scene is pretty eclectic, and you will find deliciousness in Michelin-star restaurants and from food stands on the corner of the street. What matters most is your willingness to try something new and delight yourself in the array of flavors and aromas.

With that in mind, we've picked some of the best restaurants in Bangkok for you to try. Visit all of them if you can, and experience unimaginable flavor combinations.

Top 7 Restaurants in Bangkok You Need to Try

7. Thipsamai Pad Thai

Price Range: $

Thipsamai Pad Thai is famous for—you guessed it—its pad thai dishes. Opened in 1947, it is Thailand's oldest pad thai eatery and has several branches spread across Thailand today. It is a must-try for those who want an authentic Thai gastronomic experience. 

A simple menu with five different types of pad thai invites you into a delicious and authentic voyage. Order the Superb Pad Thai, with jumbo prawns that shine over the noodles, or try a pad thai omelet, where the noodles come wrapped inside a blanket of eggs. 

Watch cooks prepare your meal over charcoal-fired wok pans and smell the aromas of beef and vegetables being charred to perfection.

Image Courtesy of Thipsamai Pad Thai

6. Wattana Panich

Price Range: $$

Wattana Panich serves one of the best beef soups and noodles in Bangkok. You immediately walk into the restaurant and sense the savory and umami aromas of beef simmering inside a rich broth. The design of the place is simple and understated, perfectly creating the feel of a traditional, family-owned Thai restaurant. 

Order the beef noodles or the soup with rice on the side. Feel the tenderness of the beef as it melts in your mouth and the warm seasoning of the broth. They also serve a delicious braised goat stew on traditional Thai rice noodles.  

Sign of a restaurant in Thai language
Image Courtesy of Wattana Panich

5. Issaya Siamese Club

Price Range: $$$

Issaya Siamese Club pays homage to the rainy season in Thailand. The restaurant serves traditional Thai food in an impeccable setting, with an outdoor terrace and a beautiful indoor dining room. Here you can taste the flavors of each season with authentic ingredients prepared with progressive international cooking methods. 

Every morning, the chefs at Issaya go to the local market and gather the freshest ingredients, making sure every dish is colorful and flavourful. Experience a farm-to-table dinner with signature dishes like the Mussman Curry Lamb Shank and the Jasmine Flower Flan. Aromatic herbs take over the room as dishes arrive at the table.

Rice dish on decorated dish
Image Courtesy of Issaya Siamese Club

  4. Gaa

Price Range: $$$

Gaa blends modern Indian fine dining with a traditional Thai setting. Located inside a 60-year-old townhouse, this restaurant offers unique flavors and an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the restaurant's bite-sized menu and taste local ingredients with Indian cooking techniques. 

Although Gaa does not serve traditional Thai food, it is an experience worth sharing with friends and family. They work with a tasting menu, where every dish is an explosion of flavors and colors. Fresh fish and vegetables are bathed in spicy curries. There are also vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free accommodations to suit every palate. 

high end lobster tail dish
Image Courtesy of Gaa

3. Le Du

Price Range: $$$

Le Du is a synonym for 'seasons' in Thai. This restaurant, featured among Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, incorporates seasonal produce to create amazing dishes. Inspired by centuries of culinary tradition, the place works with local farmers and producers to serve only the best and most authentic Thai food there is. 

Here you can try a four or six-course tasting menu, which changes seasonally. The menu explores traditional dishes with a modern and European twist, making sure everything is colorful and tasty. The presentation is also impeccable, so snap a picture before digging in! 

High class dish on table with someone pouring a sauce
Image Courtesy of Le Du

2. Suhring 

Price Range: $$$$

Suhring is a German restaurant elevated to the level of haute cuisine. It carries central European influences on its menu and interior design, working with the childhood memories of the twin brothers who own the place. 

Dine surrounded by elegant vegetation and taste smoked eel with cucumber and parsley, a duck liver wafer with apricots, or blue lobster and scallops with sweet potatoes and hazelnut. It will be an adventure through flavor. 

Although Suhring does not serve Thai food, it is still one of the best restaurants in Bangkok, and definitely worth a visit if you have some extra money to spend. 

Person pouring green sauce onto a plate of food
Image Courtesy of Suhring

1. Paste 

Price Range: $$$$

Paste is a Michelin star Thai restaurant, so you can only imagine the deliciousness crafted inside its kitchen. It mixes Thai customs and culinary traditions with contemporary preparation methods and technology. The result is a combination of the old and the new—a unique and authentic dining experience. 

Start with Hokkaido scallops served with lychee, sea urchin, and young coconut. Then, indulge in 12-hours-braised Australian beef rib with long pepper, roasted tomatoes, and mushroom soy sauce. Alternatively, you should try out the smoky southern yellow curry with sweet Australian spanner crab, hummingbird flowers, and Thai samphire. 

These are just a few examples of the delicacies Paste has to offer. They have three different tasting menus with a varied number of dishes. You can also choose from the a la carte menu, meant to be shared and eaten with steamed jasmine rice. 

Although it's a bit pricey, a visit to Paste is well worth it!

Bowl of chicken curry
Image Courtesy of Paste

Eat Your Way Through Bangkok!

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The best restaurants in Bangkok are the ones that cherish local ingredients and culture, even when working with international cuisines. With each bite, sense the aromatic herbs of Thai food taking over your nose. Feel how the spiciness blends perfectly with the sweetness of tropical fruits. 

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December 31, 2022

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