8 Things to Do in Bangkok: Top picks to make your trip unique!

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September 14, 2022
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Grace Reveley
Grace Reveley
Want to visit Bangkok but not sure where to go? Or have you been before, but want to experience new things in Thailand's capital city? Then look no further… Make the most of your trip by trying these top things to do in Bangkok in 2022!

Bangkok, the electric capital city of Thailand, is known for being a popular destination for backpackers.

Bangkok welcomes more than just enthusiastic backpackers, the city embraces every thrill seeker, cocktail lover, and history buff.

The city’s streets are full of parties, ancient temples, and friendly locals, making this the perfect place to start your Thailand itinerary. There is no doubt your visit to Bangkok will be one to remember.

Before you head off on a trip of a lifetime, make sure you are prepared to see Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more through this blog so you don't miss out on these amazing things to do in Bangkok.

Backpackers dust off your backpacking gear, partiers get ready for the best bar hopping, and history buffs prepare yourself for beautiful sights. Get ready to be inspired by this Asian gem!

8 Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's fascinating culture, lively hostels, and stunning architecture attract many tourists from all over the world.

This city has been named one of the safer cities in Southeast Asia and is a great place to explore with your friends or as a solo traveler.

I have rounded up some of the best things to do in Bangkok. It's impossible to put all the fun things to do in Bangkok into one list, but these activities were some of my favorites when visiting Bangkok.

This bustling city welcomes every type of traveler, so keep reading to find out what to do in Bangkok that will match with your personal preferences!

Top things to do in bangkok
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8. Visit a Floating Market

Glide through the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market with an expert guide as they lead you to the very best goods. Just 100 km from Bangkok, this market will give you a unique perspective on what the locals sell and trade.

Traveling in a boat through the market is my favorite way to experience this vibrant market.

If you have never heard of floating markets, this is your wake-up call. The bright colors of this Damnoen Saduak Floating Market are a feast for the eyes.

Don't fancy the long boat ride? You can view the market from the riverbank. It's the best place to snap a photo of the market and capture the culture of Thailand.

Things to do in bangkok
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7. Take a Night Food Tour

There is no better way to get introduced to Bangkok than whizzing around the streets in a tuk-tuk trying local dishes. Tom Yum Goong and Tom Kha Kai are some of the dishes you need to try from local street vendors and tiny restaurants.

A night tour around Bangkok gives you another view of this beautiful city. The vibes are definitely different when comparing daytime and nighttime!

Doing this trip with a local guide gives you access to the hidden gems of Bangkok and some great local information. You're likely to try the most authentic gems! Something your tummy will thank you later for.

6. Enjoy Drinks at a Rooftop Bar

A 360-view of the city and a delicious cocktail in your hand, sounds perfect right? The rooftop bars of Bangkok have slightly overpriced drinks but incredible views of the city.

My favorite bars for rooftop views are Mojjo Rooftop Lounge & Bar, 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar, and Flashback Rooftop Bar.

Bangkok is famous for its roaring nightlife, but if you’re feeling fancy, rooftop bars are the way to go! The open area breeze, live music, and high-quality service are a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle happening in the city below.

5. Explore the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo

Take a royal visit to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo and be prepared to be speechless!

You'll be met with golden structures, plenty of tourists, and emerald buddhas. This palace will introduce you to Thai Buddhism and all its wonders.

As one of the most popular attractions, you will be queuing up to get in if you don't arrive early. So, set those alarms, neck some coffee, and set off for a day of culture. 

Take note of these tips that will make your trip to Wat Phra Kaeo and The Grand Palace easy.

It's Open!

If anyone tells you the attraction is closed, they are likely a con artist. Make sure you check the official websites for information. The entry tickets can be purchased inside.

Bring Water

Remember to bring water with you as it gets very hot exploring here. You can thank me later.

Dress Code

Make sure you cover your shoulders and knees when visiting these historical and religious attractions.

Since Thailand is still conservative and traditional in many ways, you won't be allowed to enter unless you’re dressed appropriately! They do offer long robes to wear but this adds to the queues and takes forever to get fitted.

Skip the line, by preparing your clothing beforehand.

4. Shop at Rod Fai Train Night Market

As the light fades and the city comes alive at night, Bangkok’s Ro Fai Train night market welcomes visitors from all over the world. Be prepared to bargain!

The market is split up into three sections, where sellers offer vintage clothes, souvenirs, and some interesting goodies.

Make sure you keep yourself safe when visiting night markets in Bangkok. Always wear a money belt to secure your cash and stick to main tourist destinations.

nightview of places in Bangkok
Photo by Kittitep Khotchalee on Unsplash

3. Party on Khao San Road

No trip to Bangkok is complete without letting loose on Khao San Road. The electric bars and party all-night clubs make this area the perfect place to dance the night away.

Whether you’re staying in a hostel in this area or just visiting for some nightlife, Khao San Road offers unlimited partying and really affordable drinks!

But Khao San Road isn't all partying. Many local street food vendors are also serving up tasty food at ridiculously cheap prices.

My favorite places to party on Khao San Road are The Club and Brick Bar. Whether it's vodka buckets on the streets, loud music, or meeting lifelong friends, Khao San Road is where memories are made and well, forgotten!

2. Visit the 24-Hour Flower Market

Moving from vodka buckets to romantic days out, this flower market is one of my favorite hidden gems in Bangkok.

When you step inside, you’re hit with every floral scent you can imagine. Known as Pak Khlong Talat, this flower market is now considered one of the largest in the world.

As you wander the market, bask in the romance and purchase some wonderful flowers for your significant other. Or grab them to brighten up your hostel room.

The orchids, roses, daisies, and carnations will transport you back to what Bangkok used to be like years ago. It's blooming gorgeous!

Open 24/7, every day of the week, so this is a must-do on your trip to Bangkok!

attractions in bangkok, thailand
Photo by Darren Ee on Unsplash

1. Cycle the City

There is no better way to see the city of Bangkok than by bike. You may think of Bangkok as a city that doesn’t sleep, but cycling can take you to places offering peace and tranquility.

Peddle through time as you visit some hidden spots in Bangkok. You can take a tour and learn from an experienced guide or do it alone. Either way, you’re guaranteed to see this urban city in a new light.

Here are two of my favorite places to see by bike.

Wachirabenchathat Park

Popular with locals, this scenic park has beautiful paths through rows of towering trees. If you want to escape the chaos of the city, cycle here!

Kung Bang Kra Chao

If you’re looking for lush green space in the heart of Bangkok, quick, get on a bike, and cycle to Kung Bang Kra Chao. Located on the side of the Chao Phraya River, this oasis is the perfect spot for a cycle and a picnic.

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September 14, 2022

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