Akasa Air Review [2024]: Should I Fly With Them?

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Akasa Air Review [2024]: Should I Fly With Them?
Whenever I see a new budget airline pop up, I'm dying to know if it's good enough to fly with or if I should avoid it all together. Akasa Air boasts sustainability, great customer service, and affordable prices. But since they're so new, I'm giving you all the details in my in-depth review so you can decide if they're trustworthy yourself... 
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Flying with budget airlines always comes with its risks. You can sometimes luck out and get amazing value for money. Unfortunately, other times cheaper airline companies skimp out on service, comfort, and quality!

If you’ve flown with airlines like Sunwing and Vueling, you may have had a taste of what budget airlines are all about! But even with their quirks, low-cost carriers offer travelers a way to get around the world on a shoestring. 

We can't overlook that, at least in my opinion!

So what's the word on Akasa Air? It's new to the world of budget airlines, originating in India, and promises compassionate customer service, great value on their fares, and quieter cabins. That sounds too good to be true for me...

So the real question is should you book with a brand new airline? Or should you simply avoid them at all costs?

Before you make any decisions, I'll get into everything you need to know about Akasa Air before you book a flight.

Akasa Air logo & slogan that I took a picture of
Image Courtesy of Akasa Air

What Is Akasa Air?

Akasa Air is a budget airline that operates from Mumbai, India. 

Founded in December 2021, they have just started taking to the skies. Their first official flight left Mumbai in early August 2022! 

Akasa Air claims to offer customers a new experience of flying with a budget airline. They do this by prioritizing respect, positivity, and empathy in their customer service. 

Akasa’s Air’s fleet is small but mighty. With 72 planes on order, which are expected to be complete by March 2023, they’ve come prepared to offer travel services around India. 

Their Boeing 737 MAX planes are leading the way in the industry with sustainability in mind. Each plane focuses on fuel efficiency, which means lower operating costs.

However, these Boeing planes have been up for much debate in the media. After they were grounded due to two serious incidents, Boeing has assured the public they are ready to take to the skies again. There have been no incidents since and they’ve been given the all-clear to fly. But this is food for thought!

Akasa plans to service India with low-cost carrier flights, outpricing the rest of the market and making air travel accessible to everyone. You can access their services via their website or by downloading their app on IOS or Android. 

Who Owns Akasa Air?

Akasa Air is owned by billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who owns a 46% stake in the company. After investing $35 million, Jhunjhunwala brought other investors in to help boost this new airline's fleet.

Where Does Akasa Air Fly To?

So far, Akasa only flies to Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. Not many options right now, but they plan to take travelers to the rest of India soon.

Akasa Air has announced they’ll be flying to Kochi, Chennai, and Delhi shortly.

If you’re looking to book a flight, you can do so on Akasa Air's official website. Alternatively, try websites like Skyscanner if you're looking to compare flight prices with other low-cost carriers.

group of Akasa Airline cabin crew
Image Courtesy of Akasa Air

How to Speak to Akasa Air’s Customer Service Team

If you need to contact Akasa Air’s customer service, there are a few ways to do this. 

They have a 24/7 phone line that you can call for support before or after your flight. And you can also stay connected with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you have a simple question, you may want to try the FAQs section on their website. 

Baggage Policy

Stop, breaking news: a budget airline that includes luggage! Whoop, whoop! 

Akasa Air includes 15kg of checked luggage and a 7kg hand luggage allowance per passenger.

Are you planning a long trip through India? Then you might need a little more luggage. In these instances, pre-booked excess luggage with Akasa Air starts from around $15 for 3kg. Make sure you pre-book these extras so you don't get stung at the airport! 

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel your Akasa Air flight, you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Visit the manage my booking section on their website
  2. Click on cancel flight
  3. Enter your flight PNR/Booking Ref. number along with your email/last name
  4. Select the option to cancel your flight
  5. Review your booking details and confirm the cancelation

There are different cancelation charges depending on what type of fare you’ve booked.

Akasa Air 737 Max airplane in the air
Image Courtesy of Akasa Air

Positives of Akasa Air

Cheap Flights

Akasa Air offers unbeatable prices for air travel in India. They nail it when it comes to flights for travelers on a budget! 

This airline also offers special fares for the armed forces, medical professionals, senior citizens, and even students.

Luggage Included

A rare sight on budget airlines, some checked and hand luggage included in ticket prices. This is a refreshing change and long may it continue!

Easy Booking System

Whether you use Akasa Air’s app or book through their website, the flights, routes, and prices are easily laid out. 

Having multiple payment options allows excellent flexibility. So you can pop it on one of your travel credit card while in India and worry about the rest later! 

Flexible Flights

Sometimes life gets in the way of your travel plans and you need to change your flight. Akasa Air has brought in an option called Flexi flights. 

Some of the Flexi flight benefits include changing flights for free 4 days in advance and smaller cancellation charges. These flights do come at a higher cost though so that all depends on your budget.

Negatives of Akasa Air

Minimal Online Reviews

Trying to find an honest review of Akasa Air is impossible. This is to be expected as they are a new company. But it’s always reassuring when you can hear about other people's experiences before you fly. 

On the other hand, their great prices might outweigh their current lack of online presence!

I think that this is the biggest gap for their airline currently. I, like many other travelers, rely on hearing about other's experiences so it's hard to be trusting of the company without this online pressence.

Limited Routes

For now, Akasa Air only flies to 3 destinations: Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. This is very limited when backpacking around India. Here’s to hoping new destinations will be added to the flight map as their fleet grows.

Leaked Customer Data 

Unfortunately, cyber attacks do happen and Akasa Air was a victim of this. 

An attack occurred where customer data was leaked to unauthorized individuals. They’ve confirmed that no travel details were revealed, just names, genders, email addresses, and phone numbers! Not a great start to operations.

I look out the airplane window whenever I can, like this photo
Image Courtesy of Jakub Chlouba from Unsplash

Is Akasa Air Worth It?

After my detailed research, I can safely say that Akasa Air is only worth it for a specific kind of traveler.

Go with Akasa if this sounds like you... If you’re looking for a great deal on a specific flight in India, then it'd be a good match. Having great features like luggage included, options for free changes, and new planes, makes Akasa Air appealing.

But, with the lack of reviews and leaking customer data, it's hard to know whether to trust Akasa Air or not. If either of these things make you shy away from the airline, then there are alternatives out there that you could turn to!

I think it's an airline to keep your eye on. If you find a great deal and don’t mind being a bit of a pioneer then go for it. Otherwise, sit back, relax and wait for Akasa Air to grow and for reviews to be more readily available.

My Rating: 3.2/5


  • Cheap flights
  • Financially stable due to investors
  • Large fleet of sustainable planes
  • Some luggage allowance included in price


  • No reviews
  • Leaked customer data
  • Limited flight routes
  • Using controversial Boeing 737 Max planes

Take the Leap With Pilot!

If you’re keen to travel around India and give Akas Air a try, then go for it! Flying with a budget airline gives you great value for money. Plus, you can spend the rest of your hard-earned cash exploring your destination. 

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