Tumi Luggage Review [2024]: Are premium bags worth it?

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Tumi Luggage Review [2024]: Are premium bags worth it?
In your search for luggage, you might have stumbled across Tumi. But is Tumi really one of the best-value luggage brands? I took a deep dive into their bestsellers, and this is what I found...
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The search for the perfect luggage can be frustrating and time-consuming. Whether you're a frequent flyer or sporadic adventurer, you still have to find the ideal travel gear.

TUMI offers everything from backpacks to carry-ons. But is TUMI the luggage brand for you? 

Buying the wrong bag can seriously backfire. Bad quality luggage is a liability when you're on the road. Before settling on a brand, it's also important to know how to choose the best backpack or to decide whether you simply need a duffel bag. 

Buying a premium bag is usually a more sustainable traveling solution even if it is a daunting investment at first! I just think about it as a long-term investment, and the more money I spend on a bag, the longer I expect to be using it.

That being said, it also means you need to buy a bag that'll last. Especially if you're paying a hefty amount of money for it!

So, is TUMI the brand that can offer this to you? Its bags have built a reputation for building secure, sturdy, and reliable bags. But is this enough to justify their price tag? Let's find out.  

Tumi Logo
Image Courtesy of Tumi

What Is TUMI?

TUMI Holdings Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end bags and suitcases. The company was founded in 1975. The TUMI headquarters are in New Jersey. Tumi is known for its ultra-functional, soft, black-on-black nylon bags.  

Bags are not the only products that TUMI sells. They also supply accessories, including pens, belts, and electronic equipment. But TUMI has made a name for itself in the bag and luggage industry. Today, TUMI's products are sold in over 75 countries with more than 1,900 stores and points of sale.  

According to the Fortune 500, Tumi is one of the four largest vendors in the bag and luggage industry worldwide. Other competitors include Away, whose products we've also reviewed.

I travel with my tumi luggage and another smaller purse
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Where to Buy TUMI Bags?

TUMI bags are sold on many platforms. From retail, wholesale and online. You can buy TUMI luggage at company-owned outlets, a variety of partnering stores, and of course, online!

Best-Seller TUMI Bags

Here is a breakdown of some TUMI favorites:

Search Backpack- Alpha Bravo 

tumi search backpack alpha bravo
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Price: About $582 

This TUMI backpack is a solid, midsized to large bag with many awesome features. It weighs only 1.36 kg and is made from ballistic nylon. Lightweight yet spacious, this modern backpack is designed for daily commutes. But rest assured, the Alpha backpack can double up as an overnight bag too.  

One thing to love about this bag is how 'tactical' and organized it feels. The TUMI backpack features pockets and compartments designed to hold a wide range of items, including documents, water bottles, business cards, and laptops. Speaking of laptops, the bag fits up to 15' devices. 

You'll notice the bag's comfortable design after long periods of walking. That's where the price tag starts making sense. Tumi is a brand that knows what they're doing. 

Special features:

  • Side zip pockets
  • Padded tablet pocket
  • Top carry handle with leather
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Can double down as a Tumi laptop bag or overnight bag

Tail 4 Wheeled Duffel Packing Case- Alpha

tumi tail 4 wheeled duffel packing case
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Price: $1,395.00

This TUMI suitcase is engineered to give you a slick travel experience while still being as functional as possible. TUMI is well known for its excellent bag organization, and this bag lives up to that reputation. 

There are compartments for socks, underwear, t-shirts, pants, and shirts. And if you don't need so many compartments, simply lay them flat to create one big compartment. 

Other features of the bag include:

  • Zip dividers and pockets
  • Collapsible dividers
  • Retractable top carry handle
  • Built-in TSA combination lock

Continental Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry-On- Alpha

tumi continental dual access 4 wheel carry on
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Price: $895

This 4-wheeled Carry On TUMI bag provides an unmatched convenience for travelers. The bag belongs to TUMI's Alpha collection. The Continental dual access features a top-notch design that allows you quick access to the main compartment when you're on the go. 

This TUMI bag has diverse functionality and premium performance. It combines business and travel features that give travelers the tools they need to travel leisurely. It's a perfect choice for digital nomads that want to keep all the essentials on hand. 

Premium features on the Continental Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry On TUMI suitcase:

  • Hanger bracket
  • 2" expandable zipper
  • Zipper pocket with removable USB cable
  • Built-In combination lock
  • TUMI Tracer
  • 3- stage telescoping handle
  • Built-In USB port

Women's Ruma Cross-Body Bag

tumi womens ruma cross body bag
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Price: $175

If you're looking for a bag that gives you quick access to your essentials, then this is it! The TUMI cross-body bag is a magic solution. It's an excellent bag that can fit your keys, passport, wallet, lotion, and other little must-haves. 

You can rely on this TUMI bag for your everyday needs as well. It has an ultrachic design that compliments any style. Its lightweight and functional features make excellent incentives for women on the go.

Best features of the Ruma Cross-Body bag:

  • 4 card pockets
  • Quick access back pocket
  • Detachable leather key ring
  • Double entryways to the main compartment
  • Adjustable cross-body straps
  • TUMI Tracer
  • A key leash

International Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry-On – Alpha

tumi international dual access 4 wheel carry on alpha
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Price: $895

A dual entry bag to the main compartment is a slice of heaven in the world of digital nomads. The International Dual Access 4 Wheeled Carry On Bag features a convenient design for travelers. It's yet another winner from the TUMI Alpha collection. 

This TUMI carry-on luggage meets all the standards of a carry-on bag. This is the little brother of the TUMI Continental Dual Access, making it great for quick getaways. 

Best features of the TUMI carry-on bag:

  • Zip pockets
  • Hanger bracket
  • Bottom grab handle
  • Built-in USB ports
  • TUMI Tracer
  • Built-in TSA combination
  • Retractable top and side handle panels

What Is TUMI Tracer?

TUMI Tracer is a metal plate with a 20-digit code. It's an innovative feature that can be found on many of the TUMI products. The tracer makes it easier to link lost luggage with its owners. Talk about peace of mind! 

a stack of my favorite tumi travel suitcases
Image courtesy of TUMI 

Are TUMI Luggages Worth It?

Yes, TUMI bags are worth it if you're looking for great design, functionality, and durability.

TUMI bags are well crafted to give travelers a premium feel when they're on the road. The versatility of the bags in terms of functionality and design attracts patrons from all over the world. The company tailors its bags to address a variety of consumers' needs. You'll struggle to find a TUMI luggage bag that won't meet or exceed your expectations.

While TUMI bags are relatively costly, the quality warrants the price. TUMI bags are a sustainable investment. Their durability and quality ensure they won't be prone to wear and tear. TUMI always incorporates high-quality products and raw materials in their production to ensure the bags last. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5 


  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Versatile designs
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Double-zip entry 
  • Tumi Tracer
  • Adjustable straps


  • Relatively expensive
  • Minimal variety of colors

Ready to Pack the TUMI Bag of Your Dreams?

If you're convinced TUMI is the brand for you, then it's time to decide where this new luggage will take you. Pilot is here to help with your planning!

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