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3 Minutes on TripHobo: World’s Best… or Not Really? [Review]

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February 9, 2022
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Raeesha Ikram
Raeesha Ikram
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Here we cover the travel planning app TripHobo, including how it works and what we like and dislike about the app.

If you have decided where to backpack next, it's great! Now, it’s time to plan and sort things out. How are you hoping to do it?

You could either ask everyone you know for recommendations. Or, you could do your own research online. What else? Transport? Accommodation? Things to do once you get there? Well, it seems like you have to do multiple searches to find what you want. TripHobo is a service that claims to help you with it.

If you're looking for an alternative that's not TripHobo, why not give Pilot a try? We're also a travel planner that has tons of research material to help you find things to do and where to stay around the world.

In the meantime, back to TripHobo. In this review, we bring to you TripHobo – a one-stop for your travel planning. This travel planner website brings you everything you might need to go on a trip under one domain. Stick around and read the full TripHobo review to see if it’s the travel planner for you.

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What is TripHobo?

In 2012, the three friends Praveen Kumar, Saket Newaskar, and Karthik Ramachandra founded TripHobo, a travel planner website with the aim of making travel easier for everyone around the world. At present, there is also a mobile app for you to use the service on the go.

TripHobo has teamed up with hotels, travel agents, and other travel-related websites to bring their customers an easy experience in both planning and traveling. This is also how TripHobo makes money – they get a small commission from their partners if you choose to book a tour or plan through TripHobo.

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Image courtesy: TripHobo

How Does TripHobo Work?

Well, it’s quite simple – insert the details required of you, then you’ll be given an itinerary for your planned trip. 

When you visit the website, you have two options to choose from; plan your next vacation or find a tour and activities. If neither is what you’re feeling like, you could just browse through some of their most popular destinations or travel itineraries. 

If you choose to search for tours and activities, you can search by city, attraction, or activity. They will also give you a list of trending tour locations and best-selling tours if you’re not sure what to do. You can also choose a tour by category; adventure, luxury, private, etc. and you can choose from over 20 such categories! You’ll also be able to see the languages each tour is available for each destination. These languages also depend on the destination you choose to visit.

If you choose to plan your next vacation instead, you can do so by inserting a few details about what you want. You just have to tell TripHobo where you want to visit, the duration of your stay, your needs based on transport, accommodation, and activities, and whether you’re traveling by yourself or in groups, etc. Even if you don’t know when you’d be going, TripHobo will just assume dates for you and give you an itinerary. 

Once you’re done planning, you can pay the services directly via TripHobo – you won’t be charged for using TripHobo itself, though.

What do We like About TripHobo?

  • Customization

You can always add a custom plan on TripHobo, and it’s simple to do so too. Once TripHobo gives you your itinerary, you can switch to edit mode and edit the trip to your liking. For instance, if you want to change the time of your stay, you can simply click on the three-dots on the slot of what you want to adjust and either extend the time, reduce it, or move it. If you want to delete a day or a single activity, you can again click on the three-dots and do it. If you want to change details after booking your trip, you can simply inform TripHobo. Depending on the availability, they will make changes accordingly.

  • Multiple functions 

TripHobo offers its customers a wide variety of services. One such service is the function to add multiple destinations within one trip – one could even call TripHobo a multicity vacation planner. This might make things easier for you if you plan on visiting more than one place. You can plan one large trip instead of planning multiple ones! Another good thing about TripHobo is the flight booking service it offers via Skyscanner. Instead of looking for flights on your own, you can just click on the suggestions TripHobo gives you. TripHobo also allows sharing your planned itinerary with others and the function for others to edit it. If you’re planning to travel in a group, this might be the thing for you.

  • Access to information

Apart from the recommended tours in multiple languages, TripHobo works in other ways to give you more information. If you’re a newbie traveler, or you simply don’t know what to do, you can just browse through TripHobo’s blog and get to know about destinations, things to see, and things to do!

Image courtesy: TripHobo

What Don't We Like About TripHobo?

  • Missing activities 

Sometimes, TripHobo doesn’t know what to do about the activities it shows you in the itinerary. If TripHobo doesn’t have information on a specific destination, they might end up showing you random places to visit, as the marketplace. Sometimes, it won’t even be able to show you nearby places and activities of a destination either.

  • Flight booking 

The flight booking service offered by TripHobo may not know how flight routes work all the time. Although the flight booking service is a good thing, its efficiency depends on the destination you choose. If they’re not sure about transit flights, they sometimes can’t suggest an appropriate flight route. So, for some, this could be a minus point about TripHobo.

  • Cancellation policy

TripHobo claims that their cancellation policy depends on their partners. This could turn out to be a real headache if you plan to cancel or stop your booking. Although canceling the trip is pretty easy, a refund or reimbursement depends on the traveling agents, hotels, and accommodation you have chosen through TripHobo. So, the cancellation policy depends on the personal policies of TripHobo’s partners. So, you might have to do your own background check on the services you choose before you confirm your trip. It would make canceling easier if, in case, you might have to.

Should You Use TripHobo?

If you don’t mind finding your flight, looking for activities on your own, doing your research on services’ cancellation policies, you might be okay with TripHobo. As an intermediary service, it does make booking logistics easier. But, many other travel planner apps offer more features compared to it. So, it’s best to review the features before settling with a reliable app.

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Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

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June 28, 2021

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