Where to stay in Madrid: Top choices and guides that'll elevate your travels!

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Where to stay in Madrid: Top choices and guides that'll elevate your travels!

“Hala Madrid!” is the unanimous voice of cheer for every football enthusiast in the world. But is it the only reason to celebrate Madrid? Not really! If you keep Madrid at heart, go visit already!

The sunny capital of Spain is welcoming you with all its glory. If you want to meet new people, soak in the bustling city crowd, party all night, or simply gaze at the fading sunshine, Madrid has it all. A extraordinary destination filled with limitless things to do and experiences to create.

But is it all sorted yet? If you are a newbie in tripping, you must be going all confused with several choices regarding where to stay in Madrid. It’s indeed tricky to sit at home and knows it all! After all, you have to look at the wallet, right?

But... If you're here just browsing to see if Madrid is a destination for you, why not check out our other covered destinations, such as the beautiful Warsaw or the bustling Amsterdam? Our guides will surely put some amazing ideas on that trip planner of yours.

Want to learn more about staying in Madrid? Let Pilot gather all the research for you. We’ll guide you on finding some of the coolest neighborhoods to stay in in Madrid, where you can chill, eat, drink, and socialize.

Is Madrid Safe for Travelers?

Before getting into the business, let’s get an overall idea about how Madrid treats its travelers: Is it safe to travel to Madrid?

Be sure that Madrid is one of the safest retreats among the grand European capitals. If you are a solo traveler, you’ll possibly take many walking routes to explore the corners of the city. Just keep your senses awake because you might face pickpocketing. The trick here is to safely stack the luggage in the room and walk as lightly as possible.

Now you might wonder, is it safe to walk in Madrid at night? It is pretty safe, actually. There is security personnel at almost every turn who keep an eye on everything. So, walk free anytime.

Where Should I Stay in Madrid for The First Time

A first-timer in Madrid and wondering where to book a stay and keep it pocket-friendly? Here we'll list out for you a handful of cool staying options around the coolest neighborhoods. Watch out.

Sol-Gran Via: Best Choice for Sightseeing

Sol-Gran Via airbnb rooms

Let’s start with the prime query that hits the travelers’ minds before anything. 

Where should I stay in Madrid for sightseeing? Well, Sol-Gran Via is a neighborhood that connects with multiple sightseeing spots like Puerta del Sol, Gran Via, etc. the connecting road lies at the center, where you’ll find several local transport options.

A wide range of luxurious as well as cheap staying options is available here. Sungate ONE is one of the most well-known budget hostels that leads to Retiro Park, a significant landmark.

Madrid De Los Austrias: Best for History Enthusiasts

Madrid De Los Austrias airbnb room

Los Austrias serves is one of the most prominent neighborhoods that hold on to history. It surrounds Plaza Mayor, Almudena Cathedral, and a small area that includes La Latina, another major traveler’s destination for an affordable stay. If you’re a history fanatic, you can stroll around to get the old town charm.

You’ll find affordable hostels like The Hat Madrid, Ganivet around the Sunday Flea Market Cava Baja, and local pubs and bars.

Malsana: Young Traveler’s Paradise 

With amazing nightlife options, Malsana serves as the young traveler’s paradise. You can explore countless bars, pubs, restaurants, wine bars, and live music venues.Check out Calle Fuencarral, Plaza de dos de Mayo, or the Museum of ContemporaryArt Conde Duque.

For some budget-friendly accommodation, check out Hostel One Madrid. It offers ideal accommodations for backpackers. You can also try Hostal Adis as it has bars and cafes all around.

Chueca: Destination for Night Owls

If nightclubbing is a thing for you, then Chueca is your game. The area is filled with amazing pubs, restaurants, cafes, and clubs. Also, the neighborhood is very friendly. In fact, Chueca is the spot where Madrid Gay pride usually happens. The area also has some famous places that include Mercado de San Antonand Plaza de Chueca.

From budget-friendly to luxury, you find a plethora of accommodations over here. For example, if you're looking for some budget-friendly places, try Bastardo Hostel and room007 Chueca hostel.

Lavapies: Hub for WorldCuisines

Lavapies is your answer if you want to explore the blends of cultures in Madrid. You can try various international cuisines in stunning pubs and cafes around the place. The neighborhood also offers an interesting mixture of culture and diversity. From creative people to hipsters, you can find it all here.

For affordable and budget-friendly accommodation, you try Ok Hostel Madrid. The hostel is surrounded by numerous bars and ethnic counters. You can also choose Las Musas Hostel. There are amazing bars nearby. Go get some drinks and delicious food.

Salamanca: Best for Luxurious Stay in Budget

Salamanca is easily one of the best residential areas in Madrid. From world-class restaurants to boutique bars and cafes, you can find everything around here. Don’t forget to check out Calle de Goya, Calle de Velasquez, and Calle de Serrano if you plan to stay around this place. Also, don’t forget to check out the shops.

But don’t worry, Salamanca offers luxury that too within budget. You can try Abba Madrid or NH Madrid Príncipe de Vergara. Both of these are 4-star hotels, but they also have some affordable and budget-friendly rooms.

Best for Football Fanatics

Real Madrid FC Los Blancos Stadium

Well, if you’re a football fanatic, then you already know about the mighty “Los Blancos.” Real Madrid is widely considered the biggest football club on the planet. For starters, their trophy cabinet ranges from 34 league titles to 13champions leagues. You can catch them live in their all-white glory at Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the home ground of Real Madrid. 

Want to vibe with the mighty Santiago Bernabeu? We have some options for pocket-friendly accommodation. For hostels, you can try Hostal Falfes, and for apartments, you can look for Santiago Bernabeu, the best Madrid views. 

What Should You Avoid Doing in Madrid

While tripping around Madrid, do remember not to try everything you chance upon. You might ask, what should I avoid in Madrid? Well, here are a few tips.

  • Don’t stroll around wearing flip-flops. 
  • Don’t expect lunch before the clock hits 1 pm.
  • Don’t carry expensive belongings in hand while walking in a crowded place.
  • Avoid eggs in the breakfast of branches; it’s a dinner thing.
  • Avoid expensive restaurants if you really care about your wallet.

Plan Your Vacation to Madrid

Are you still under the rock and asking yourself how many days do I need in Madrid? 

Well, that’s pretty subjective and depends on your bucket list and budget. You won't have to worry about that with Pilot!

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