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Air Europa Review [2023]: What's It Like Flying With Them!

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Air Europa Review [2023]: What's It Like Flying With Them!
Whether you're jet-setting off from bustling Madrid to the canals in Venice or from idyllic Majorca to the colorful Canary Islands, Air Europa is brimming with low-cost prices. But does it live up to all the hype? Let's find out!
Jessica Bergin
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Jessica Bergin is a Barcelona-based Australian writer, photographer and videographer who has worked in the travel industry for half a decade. Her passion for adventure, travel, culture and lifestyle has helped her navigate a successful career in the writing, photography and videography industry.

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Navigating the world of budget airlines, like Air Europa, can sometimes feel like navigating a maze filled with delayed flights, long queues, hidden fees, and oversold tickets.

Sure, you thought you were happy snagging a great deal. But once you get to the airport and experience the downsides of budget flying, all you feel is stress and annoyance.

The gap between expectation and reality can be vast. So, it's up to us to decide what's most important. And I'm constantly searching for a balance between affordability and reliability—you probably are, too, if you're here.

If part of your strategy is booking with low-cost airlines like Air Europa, you're probably wondering whether this air carrier is worth your time and money.

I've done an in-depth review of Air Europa and everything it offers to ensure you get all the info you need. My comprehensive guide touches on all aspects of the airline, from baggage allowances and diverse flight routes to common comments on its customer service.

My guide is your go-to resource for those scanning the skies for budget-friendly options and pondering if Air Europa is the right fit. Let’s get right into it!

air europa logo
Image Courtesy of Air Europa

What Is Air Europa Airlines?

Air Europa, a Spanish low-cost carrier, is one of the country's leading airlines.

Dating back to 1986, this budget-friendly alternative airline hones in on over 30 years of experience in the field. The airline focuses on charter flights in and around Europe, especially in Spain and along the Mediterranean coast.

Air Europa's Boeing 737-800, which straddles a range of 5,000 km, offers flights of up to 180 seats, including 12 in business class. Its Boeing 787 Dreamliner features a twin-engine and typically seats up to 323 passengers.

Offering onboard entertainment, Wi-Fi service, meals, and a fair few other things, traveling with Air Europa can be a pleasant experience.

Alongside Spain's rival, big-name airlines like Vueling, Iberia, and Volotea, Air Europa also competes with some of Europe's more well-known airlines like Aegean and Eurowings.

With so many affordable options on offer, what sets Air Europa aside from the rest? Let's investigate!

air europa flight
Image Courtesy of Air Europa

Where Does Air Europa Fly?

Air Europa is known for its predominance in Spain and Europe. That said, the airline actually operates across 3 continents!

With a total of 40 destinations around Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, Air Europa is Spain's 3rd largest operating airline.

So, where does Air Europa fly to? You can find the full list on Air Europa's official website. But I'll list out some of the top destinations that this budget-friendly airline flies to:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Alicante
  • Malaga
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Copenhagen
  • Frankfurt
  • Miami
  • Cancun
  • Sao Paulo
  • Havana
  • San Juan
  • Punta Cana
  • Santo Domingo
  • Agadir
  • Tel Aviv
where does air europa fly map
Image Courtesy of Air Europa

Is Air Europa Safe?

When it comes to Air Europa, passengers can generally breathe easy.

The airline adheres to international safety regulations and standards, ensuring that both their fleet and crew are well-maintained and well-trained.

Its aircrafts undergo regular safety checks, and the pilots and cabin crew receive ongoing training to handle various situations and to ensure passengers' well-being.

Air Europa is considered one of the safest airlines with a risk index of 94.7%—due to the fact there have been no hull losses since it was founded in 1986 and there's only been 11 reported serious incidents.

In addition, the airline is transparent about its operations, and any significant developments or changes relating to safety are communicated openly. Travelers can stay informed by checking the airline’s official communications or reputable aviation safety platforms.

Book Affordable Air Europa Tickets

Directly With Airline

Booking directly with any airline, including Air Europa, is one of the most straightforward ways to secure affordable flights.

By visiting its official website, you can immediately access the airline's full range of services and flights, allowing you to explore various options, compare prices, and choose the most convenient and budget-friendly journey.

Also, booking directly often entails exclusive deals and offers not available through 3rd party sites, giving you the potential to secure additional savings and benefits.

Is There an Air Europa App?

Yes, Air Europa offers a dedicated mobile app to make your travel experience smoother and more convenient.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app is another way you can book flights directly with Air Europa. Its app also allows for easy check-in, access to your boarding pass, and the ability to manage your booking.

You can even stay updated on flight status and schedules!

With the app’s user-friendly interface and features, managing your travel with Air Europa is a breeze. The mobile app provides a seamless experience from the initial booking to landing at your destination.

Use Deal Sites Like Skyscanner

Another option is going to travel deal websites like Skyscanner.

Skyscanner gathers flight prices from various airlines, including Air Europa, and allows you to compare rates, routes, and schedules in one place.

By using filters and setting price alerts, you can ensure that you stay informed about the best deals and discounts available, allowing you to snag Air Europa flights at competitive prices.

Don't pay more than you have to for flight tickets. Instead, save that money so that you can do more things or eat good food!

Economy Class in Air Europa

Air Europa’s economy class offers a comfortable and budget-friendly travel experience, especially considering it's a "low-cost carrier".

Air Europa's economy class has a pretty good space between seats and menus for different diets. You'll also have access to entertainment, including documentaries, movies, and music.

Want to purchase Wi-Fi? You're in luck—it's also on offer. But if you plan to sleep for most of your flight, the airline's in-flight entertainment system will do.

Now if you want to know about baggage allowance and seating choices in economy class, that's where it gets a bit more specific. Air Europa offers 3 types of economy tickets:


The Lite Economy Class is the most economical choice, specifically designed for budget-conscious travelers who prioritize savings.

  • Baggage: Passengers are allowed one piece of hand luggage, but checked baggage comes with an additional fee.
  • Seat Selection: Available for a fee.
  • Changes and Refunds: You cannot cancel or change these tickets, and they're non-refundable.


Offering a middle ground, Standard Economy Class combines affordability with added benefits and features, catering to a wider range of travelers.

  • Baggage: In addition to hand luggage, passengers are permitted one free checked bag weighing up to 23kg and measuring no more than 158cm (in all dimensions).
  • Seat Selection: Complimentary seat selection is provided, subject to availability.
  • Changes and Refunds: Ticket changes are possible with an associated fee, and refunds are available under specific cancellation conditions.


Once the highest tier of economy, Flex Economy is still a great option for many flyers. This class offers a range of perks and flexible conditions for those seeking premium convenience and adaptability.

  • Baggage: In addition to hand luggage, passengers are permitted one free checked bag weighing up to 23kg and measuring no more than 158cm (in all dimensions).
  • Seat Selection: Seat selection is complimentary, giving passengers access to preferred seating.
  • Changes and Refunds: Featuring the most lenient policies, Flex Economy allows ticket changes with minimal fees and offers refunds.

NEW: Economy Plus

This new tier of economy boast more space and privacy, along with perks like an amenities kit and priority boarding. And it doesn't stop there... It also gives you access to a special menu!

This option is available for flights from/to Madrid, Caracas, Cancún, San Pedro de Sula, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Punta Cana, Havana, and Salvador de bahía.

The main difference between Flex and Plus is the seats and access to free food.

  • Baggage: In addition to hand luggage, passengers are permitted one free checked bag weighing up to 23kg and measuring no more than 158cm (in all dimensions).
  • Seat Selection: Premium seat selection is complimentary.
  • Changes and Refunds: Varied flexibility depending on route.

By closely comparing these options, travelers can identify which economy class best aligns with their specific needs, preferences, and budget.

air europa airline
Image Courtesy of Air Europa

Is Air Europa's Business Class Worth the Upgrade?

Business class features priority check-in, free on-board Wi-Fi, power ports, and an exclusive menu. It also has extra legroom and "flatbed seats" that will make your flight more comfortable.

Business class passengers can also enjoy the VIP lounge in both departure and connecting airports and heavier check-in luggage of 32kg at no extra cost.

What's Air Europa's Baggage Policy?

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

For a budget airline, I was impressed by the baggage policy.

Air Europa allows you to bring a carry-on suitcase weighing 10kg if you're an economy passenger. If you're in business class, you get 14 kg for your cabin luggage.

The maximum dimensions for your bag, whether you're in economy or business, are 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

You're also allowed to bring a personal item as well. This bag can measure up to 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm and will be stowed under the seat in front of you.

If you need more luggage, purchasing additional hand luggage is impossible. That said, you can purchase additional checked baggage allowance.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Both business class and economy passengers can bring checked baggage with them. That is unless you're flying on an economy lite ticket. In this case, you would need to pay a fee to check a 23kg suitcase.

With a small surcharge, you can also increase your checked luggage weight to 32kg. If you need the extra weight, booking online and beforehand is more cost-effective than paying the extra fees at the airport.

If you booked a business class ticket, your free checked luggage can weigh up to 32kg.

Extra Baggage Pricing

So now that you know what's included depending on your ticket, what if you need extra luggage allowance? I've included a screenshot from the Air Europa website specifying what you would need to pay for baggage depending on your ticket:

Baggage Pricing Chart
Image Courtesy of Air Europa

Reserving Seats on Air Europa

With 3 different seat options, including business, economy, and XL seats, Air Europa makes booking a seat easy. Seats can be selected in advance starting from a price of US$5.

Air Europa's website has a section called "Manage Your Booking," where customers can access the seat selection. Travelers can also choose seats at the airport.

But if you're trying to save money, it's best to do it online beforehand.

air europa seating
Image Courtesy of Air Europa

Air Europa Flying Experience

Checking In & Boarding

Air Europa tries to offer a hassle-free and efficient check-in and boarding process.

You have access to online check-in, available 48 hours before departure. This lets you secure your boarding pass and select your seat from the comfort of your home.

You can also check in at in-person counters at the airport if necessary. This will be the same time you'll need to check in your luggage.


Air Europa’s seating arrangement on its Boeing 787s in economy class is set in a 3-3-3 configuration. This is a standard layout, similar to other European airlines like Air France and KLM.

If you're flying business class on the 787, you'll see a 2-2-2 seat arrangement instead.

In contrast, if you're flying on its smaller 737 aircraft, you'll find a 3-3 configuration in both the economy and business class seats.

No matter the aircraft you travel in, you'll find a seat pitch of approximately 31 inches in economy, and between 33 to 51 inches for business class seats.

What do all these numbers mean? Generally, you can expect ergonomically designed seats with adjustable headrests and ample legroom.

Depending on the class and aircraft, you may also have access to USB ports and power outlets, allowing you to keep your devices charged throughout the flight.

Entertainment & Food

Air Europa takes pride in offering a diverse in-flight entertainment selection to keep passengers engaged throughout the journey. This is available for both economy and business class passengers.

Personal entertainment systems are equipped with a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and games, catering to all tastes and ages.

Regarding dining, Air Europa serves various meals, snacks, and beverages, depending on the flight duration and time. The airline is committed to catering to different dietary preferences and needs, offering a selection of meal options that can be pre-ordered.

Just remember that depending on your flight and ticket class, you may need to pay for food and drinks. Don't expect to eat for free. Instead, check ahead of time!

Most reviews talk about the food being quite decent, generally exceeding expectations for a lower-cost carrier.

How Is Air Europa's Customer Service?

Many reviews claim that Air Europa's customer service team is polite and direct. With quick replies and many ways to call from foreign countries, it seems to be a reliable service.

Air Europa's customer support teams have different phone numbers for different countries, regions, and purposes, so it's best to check its website to make sure you have the right contact information.

air europa flights
Image Courtesy of Kevin Oetiker on Unsplash

Air Europa vs. Iberia

If you're looking into Air Europa, you've likely come across Iberia as well. But how do you know which one to pick?

Many people are in the same situation and need to weigh the pros and cons of each to find the better fit for their travel needs.

Both airlines are based in Spain and offer extensive route networks, but they have their individual strengths and areas for improvement. Let's look into specific areas to see how they compare to one another...

Pricing and Value

Air Europa is generally perceived as the more budget-friendly option, attracting travelers looking for affordability without compromising on comfort.

Iberia, while more often the pricier option, offers a more premium experience, especially in higher travel classes, with added services and amenities.

Onboard Experience

As I've mentioned, passengers appreciate Air Europa for its generally comfortable seating and in-flight entertainment. There are also a lot of reviews that mention the airline's friendly cabin crew.

The availability of power ports and a variety of content keeps travelers engaged.

Conversely, Iberia scores points for its high-quality cuisine and more spacious seating arrangements.

Frequent Flyer Programs

Iberia’s frequent flyer program, Iberia Plus, is well-regarded for its generous rewards and range of partner airlines, allowing passengers to earn and redeem points more flexibly.

Air Europa’s Suma program also offers various benefits and partnerships, but some travelers may find Iberia Plus more rewarding depending on their travel habits.

Customer Service and Reliability

Both airlines have had their share of mixed reviews regarding customer service and flight reliability.

While instances of delays and cancellations can occur with either airline, travelers need to consider their priorities and read up on recent passenger experiences to make an informed decision.

What Others Say About Air Europa

So, what’s everyone saying about their experience with Air Europa? Opinions are mixed, but many travelers appreciate the bang for their buck that the airline offers.

Many customers are commenting on the decent prices for both short-city hops and long-haul flights. Air Europa sure seems to be the place to find a mix of affordability and creature comforts when it comes to air travel.

Onboard, it’s mostly thumbs up. People seem to dig the comfy seats and the entertainment options available. And let’s not forget the friendly vibes from the cabin crew—that’s always a win!

Plus, those little extras like USB ports and power sockets at every seat? Yeah, that may seem like no big deal. But for those of us who fly budget airlines, we know these little features aren't always available!

But no airline is perfect, right? Air Europa has faced a bit of heat for the extra charges—think seat selection and that sought-after extra legroom. Especially for the travelers without those fancy frequent flyer perks or those flying on ‘lite’ or ‘standard’ fares.

There have also been some grumbles about delays and cancellations, but let’s be real, it’s kind of the norm in the airline world. Especially post-COVID.

The vibe around Air Europa is generally positive, with the airline nailing it for many in terms of affordability and onboard perks.

Is Air Europa Worth It?

If you're looking for low-cost flights for your next European trip, Air Europa has great prices that compete with other budget airlines. At the same time, you can expect service and amenities similar to more expensive competitors.

I personally haven't come across a low-cost carrier with such a good reputation, and generally positive customer reviews and experiences.

Check-in luggage availability is average for Europe, so if you're only traveling with a carry-on, you can purchase the lowest-tier economy ticket with ease.

One downside is that if you do need extra check-in luggage, the pricing is quite steep. Buying extra luggage online provides customers with a discount, so make sure you're well-organized.

Remember, though, baggage is a non-refundable service, which means you won't get your money back if something changes.

Another disadvantage of Air Europa is its meals, especially in economy—you need to buy them and the portion sizes aren't great. That said, maybe you'll be able to forget that because it's got reliable in-flight entertainment that'll keep you occupied for the entire flight.

My Rating: 4.0/5


  • Cheap flights with competitive prices
  • Discounts for purchasing additional luggage online
  • Decent customer service
  • Reliable in-flight entertainment system


  • Expensive additional checked baggage fees
  • Non-refundable baggage service
  • Menu food is limited in size

Hit the Skies With Pilot!

If you're sitting on the fence about booking with Air Europa, I hope I've helped you with more helpful information to make your decision an educated one!

Whether you decide to fly with Air Europa or look at its competitors, it's time to start thinking about other important trip-planning items. I'd recommend keeping everything in one place to make sure you're organized. Have you thought of a convenient trip planner?

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Jessica Bergin is a Barcelona-based Australian writer, photographer and videographer who has worked in the travel industry for half a decade. Her passion for adventure, travel, culture and lifestyle has helped her navigate a successful career in the writing, photography and videography industry.

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