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2022 Digital Nomad Podcasts That’ll Transform the Way You Work Abroad!

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May 25, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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So you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad? We understand the appeal, and we also get how overwhelming it can be to figure out how exactly to follow the digital nomad path. If you’re someone who likes to do their research online, check our post about digital nomad Reddit subs to find some great resources on Reddit for how to become a digital nomad!

Digital nomads come in all shapes and forms, from working abroad to volunteering overseas, both are making meaningful experiences whilst exploring the world. Most importantly, we've got you covered with in-depth reviews, answering the ultimate question: "Is it Worth it?". Regardless of what your answer would be, it's definitely a big plus to do some research by reading up on our blogs!

If that’s not your jam, though, you might be interested to do your research through your ears by listening to some podcasts. If this sounds more like you, read on to learn more about digital nomad podcasts and some recommended ones from us here at Pilot!

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Digital Nomad Podcasts

While podcasts might not be for everyone, they’re a great way to hear first-hand experiences about being a digital nomad, and to listen to people discuss areas of interest to you in a way that can sometimes contain more information than a blog post or an online article. Similarly to Reddit subs, there are several podcasts that could be of interest to current or aspiring digital nomads, so we’ve culminated a list of some podcasts that we would recommend (this is not an exhaustive list, and feel free to let us know if we’ve missed your favorite)!

  • Badass Digital Nomads: Airing every Tuesday at 12 pm EST, Kristin Wilson heads this podcast that focuses on how to successfully become (or keep being) a digital nomad. She has new guests every week with varied experiences so you can catch up on how to transition from office work to the digital nomad lifestyle from various perspectives. There is also a Facebook group with the same name you can join if you’re inspired by Kristin’s podcast!

  • Become Nomad: This monthly podcast offers insight into the digital nomad experience for new or seasoned digital nomads alike. The episodes touch on issues important to digital nomads and discuss with other digital nomads why they chose to go that route, and how they have successfully done so. They also tie in books and websites to their podcasts so you can seek out further resources if you feel inspired!

  • Digital Nomad Cafe: This podcast is geared towards digital nomads looking to “carve out their slice of the online economy.” Each episode offers a new guest to discuss tips and tricks to successfully run your own business, or operate as a digital nomad. Whether you’re a freelancer, online business owner, or fledgling digital nomad, each episode has its focus and you can filter through the themes on the website to find the podcast episodes that speak most to you!

  • Nomadtopia: With over 100 episodes, this podcast checks in with different digital nomads each episode to explore the many ways you can make your work location-independent. There is also a “grounded nomads” special series that looks specifically at the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on various digital nomads and how the pandemic has impacted the way they approach their work. Each episode’s title will tell you exactly what topic will be addressed, and the handy descriptions can also let you know if the guest is someone on a similar path to you. 

  • Zero To Travel Podcast: This podcast doesn’t focus specifically on digital nomad stories, but rather on all kinds of travel adventures. You’ll hear about people in gap years, people who have decided to travel full time, as well as stories about how various travel experiences influenced people. Guests also discuss ways to save money while traveling, how to leverage your digital nomad status, and more!

  • Travel Like a Boss: With over 200 episodes, this podcast offers weekly interviews with various location-independent entrepreneurs. You can filter through by category, or you can listen to each episode individually to hear about a variety of digital nomad experiences. 

  • Keep Your Daydream: The KYD team has episodes that cover information about remote work, world travel, RVing, family life on the road, and more. Marc and Tricia use their podcast to talk about their life adventuring around the US as a family. The podcast is weekly so it’s constantly creating content for you to enjoy!

  • As Told by Nomads: This podcast focuses on how digital nomads can be global and inclusive leaders. Every episode features a new guest, and discussions range from how to be fearless to understanding cross-cultural work and everything in between. This podcast offers some deep insight into how to be an inclusive digital nomad, as well as how to be the best version of you possible as a digital nomad. 

  • NomadMe: Unfortunately, this podcast hasn’t been updated since 2018, but the 107 episodes that are available cover a wide variety of topics relevant to digital nomads. Some episodes are interview-style, while others are just of the host, Beck Power, speaking about her experiences as a digital nomad, along with the struggles she faced along the way. 

  • The Digital Nomad Quest Podcast: Hosted by Sharon Tseung, this podcast offers shorter soundbites to give you easily digestible bits of information relevant to digital nomads, or people wanting to start their own online businesses. The mini-episodes are perfect for a quick listen during some downtime, or as a way to hone in on a very specific topic and quickly get the information you want. 

  • Tropical MBA: With a new episode every Thursday morning at 8 am EST, Dan and Ian talk about all things digital nomad from working a remote job to becoming a location-independent entrepreneur. There are over 500 episodes available, so the knowledge provided is almost unlimited. The podcast started in 2009 before the term digital nomad was really solidified, so these guys truly have a fountain of knowledge to help you begin, or continue, to successfully be a digital nomad. 

  • Workationing: Hosted by Ashley and Kari, this podcast touches on not only the journey to becoming a digital nomad, but also the personal side of being a digital nomad, such as meeting friends, having a social life, and doing more than just work as you live life as a digital nomad. Prior to the pandemic, they attempted to visit twelve countries in twelve months, and document that journey via the media of a podcast. 

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In Summary

While this list is not a complete list of podcasts for current or aspiring digital nomads, it offers plenty of titles with numerous episodes for you to listen to and learn about all things digital nomads. We hope that you’ll find some interesting insights through these podcasts and that they can help you achieve whatever your travel-related goals might be.

As for whether or not Podcasts are worth it... well, it depends on the type of leaner you are! If you're a more auditory learner, then podcasts are definitely the way to go! As for someone like me who's a big visual learner, I sometimes zone out and miss information that I would otherwise not miss. Regardless of what type of learner you are though, it's definitely worth your while to try the podcasts out!

Once you’re ready to head out on your adventure, digital nomad or not, be sure to check out Pilot for all your itinerary planning needs, and to connect with other like-minded travelers!

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June 3, 2021

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