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5 Best hostels in London 2023: The perfect fit for every traveler!

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5 Best hostels in London 2023: The perfect fit for every traveler!
Looking for the perfect budget accommodation in London England without any major compromises? Read on to find our cherry-picked list of the top hostels in London.

When I was younger, traveling to London was my dream. I always dreamed of waking up in the morning to the enticing smell of English breakfast. I mostly desired to walk down the grey yet beautiful streets, take the famous "tube," and become part of the massive crowd of locals going to work. Little did I know after arriving in London, there were so many other things to admire and fall in love with!

Usually, most travelers get lost in London's maze-like streets to see the famous red busses and telephone booths, her queen's impressive home, and the giant clock overlooking the Thames River. However, I loved London thanks to its diversity.

On one corner of the street, you can find local, traditional English food and drinks. On the other, you can find authentic cuisines, fashion, or art from Ethiopia, Greece, Japan, Bolivia, and any other country you can imagine. 

London is the city where you can meet people from across the world. Everyone has connected thanks to their love of England's capital. As a traveler, the best way to feel the incredible diversity of London is to find a lodge at a hostel. There are many different types of hostels with different services and rooms. But importantly, they are all affordable for everyone.

So, if you are looking for a place to find new friends and cheap accommodation in such a massive and expensive city like London, then a hostel is the best choice.

Here's a quick rundown:

Best for privacy and independence: Astor Hyde Park Hostel

Best for traveling on a budget: 8 Seven Sisters

Best for family: Generator London

Best for a quiet experience: Park Villa

Best for reputable hostel brands: Wombat's the City Hostel London

london subway
Photo Credit: Pixabay

But first, what's a hostel?

Hostels tend to target young and solo travelers, backpackers or couples, and large groups of friends. Or in other words, hostels target people who wish to have a low-cost stay, socialize with people from around the world and share hearty meals with new friends. Thus, even if you are older or planning a family vacation, don't feel discouraged to book in a hostel. 

Hostels usually have large dorm rooms with shared bathrooms. Most hostels have only female and only male dorms so that you can feel comfortable. But if not, all hostels have mixed dorms, and be sure that all hostels in London are safe.

When booking in a hostel, it usually implies booking a bed in a bunk-bed room. In some cases, the dorms are en-suite rather than sharing bathrooms with the hostel guests. So, if you feel uncomfortable running around in the hostel to find a bathroom, check out the bathroom services before booking.

There are also private rooms with bunk beds or double beds that often have en-suite bathrooms, ideal for couples or families. 

How do you find a hostel?

Obviously, London has millions of visitors yearly. Thus, if you booked a last-minute trip, it can be hard to find accommodation. It is always better to book in advance. Although, depending on the season, you might find a bed as a walk-in guest at a hostel. So, if by chance you find yourself stranded in London looking for a place to sleep, don't hesitate to walk-in in a hostel. 

Many hostels have their own website to book with them. Frequently, it is easier to book through a booking agency or website. But other websites are specifically for hostels in London and England. Hostels have different rooms and services, so always check the options before booking your room through the website. 

Photo by Igor Sporynin on Unsplash

How much does it cost to stay in a hostel? 

Hostels are much cheaper than a hotel. But it still depends on the hostel's location, the services, and the room's space or type. Sometimes in London, you might feel like the hostels that are supposedly cheap to be expensive. But remember London is a costly city. So, if you try to compare a room in a hotel and a bed in a hostel, you will soon realize that hostels are indeed cheap. 

As mentioned already, hostels' prices vary on different conditions.

The closest a hostel is to the city center then the more expensive it is. Also, the closer it is to social amenities or tourist attractions again, the more expensive it is. Yet, there are always exceptions. Similarly to hotels, a hostel can have better services, facilities, and of course, friendlier and welcoming staff. These make a huge price difference.

The average price for a bed is about $20, while a private room in a hostel is about $70.

What is the best hostel for you?

Before choosing any accommodation, we always think about what is essential for us. For instance, maybe for someone, privacy is an essential value. For others, it's the neighborhood's ambiance, while for others, it is the price. Similarly, if you are looking for a hostel, think about what is important to you. 

That's why I would say there is no single hostel that is the best. It all depends on each individual's likes and dislikes. For example, I love visiting historical places and museums. Therefore, I prefer my hostel to be as close to tourist attractions and the city center as possible. Or close to the underground, a train station, or a bus stop.

Here is a list of the best hostels in London according to people's choices: 

1. For those seeking privacy

Astor Hyde Park Hostel

astor hyde park hostel
Photo Credit: Astor Hyde Park Hostel

This Victorian manor-like hostel will make you feel like you are in a period movie. Astor Hyde Park Hostel has a beautiful, enormous lounge with an aristocratic ambiance you'll fall in love with. It has a giant projector screen to watch films alongside other travelers and friends. 

Meanwhile, all the dorms and private rooms are spacious with en-suite bathrooms. Also, all the rooms have secure lockers to keep your belongings safe. Thus, you can easily feel safe and enjoy your privacy. Also, the hostel has a massive kitchen and dining area. Meaning, if you prefer to quietly have your meal without any disturbance, then this is the perfect hotel for you. 

Lastly, Astor Hyde Park Hostel is not named randomly like the famous massive park everyone loves. It is called so because the park is only one minute away from the hostel. The hostel is the perfect spot for a quiet walk in the park for someone who loves being free and independent. Or to feel the sun while lounging on the grass during the rare sunny days of London.

Some quick stats:

  • Price: $
  • Location: South Kensington, London, England
  • Free Wifi, linen, city maps
  • Excellent cleanliness

2. For those traveling on a budget

8 Seven Sisters

8 seven sisters hostel london
Photo Credit: Hostelworld 

For those looking for a good hostel experience but at a low price, then the No. 8 Seven Sisters hostel is your dream place. The hostel only has dorm rooms, both single-sex and mixed. There are large rooms with 4 and up to 22 beds. The price for a bed can be as low as $10. 

The hostel is always bustling with young travelers and backpackers. It is perfect for students who are looking for both cheap rooms and cheap beer. The hostel also contains a traditional English pub and beer garden, perfect for making new friends, joining a pool table or darts competition, and having a tasty pint of local beer. On the weekends, guests can also enjoy fantastic live music. 

If you prefer some more modern entertainment, there are other options, such as a gaming tournament on the PlayStation. Or simply binge on a trendy series on Netflix in the common room. 

Some quick stats:

  • Price: $
  • Location: Seven Sisters, London, England
  • Free Wifi & linen
  • Excellent staff

3. For those traveling with family 

Generator London

generator hostel london
Photo Credit: Generator London

Generator hostels exist in multiple locations, which includes London. Make sure to check out our review of Generator Hostels if you want an in-depth review of the accommodation!

Traveling with kids sometimes feels exhausting.Generator London is one of the hostels that allow underage guests. However, it should be noted they should always be accompanied by at least an adult. The staff here are always eager to help and satisfy every little thing of the guests. Thus, as a parent, you won't need to worry over the cleanliness of the room, a change of bedsheets, or breakfast.

Furthermore, here you can have a private room with two to up to ten beds. Perfect for large families or if you simply desire some extra space to feel comfortable. 

Lastly, you should not worry if you are not particularly fond of walking with your kids for hours. The hostel is three minutes away from the Russel underground station and six minutes away from Kings Cross train station. 

Some quick stats:

  • Price: $
  • Location: WC1, London, England
  • Free Wifi & linen & city maps
  • Excellent staff

4. For those who prefer a quiet experience

Park Villa

park villa
Photo Credit: Hostelworld

If you are looking for a quieter hostel experience, this Georgian restored boutique hostel would be excellent. It is ideal for older adults or even young travelers and students who need quiet time to finish their work and assignments. 

The hostel has a regal ambiance that gives off luxury vibes. All the dorms and private rooms feature oak wood floors, bunk bed pods, cotton bedding and are mostly en-suite. They undoubtedly make you feel relaxed and warm. 

The lounge area is spacious and welcoming, so it is ideal for having a quiet time with your friends, partner, or family. Furthermore, there is enough space for everyone who might want to work or read a book.

Some quick stats:

  • Price: $$
  • Location: Bow, London, England
  • Free Wifi & linen
  • Excellent cleanliness & staff

5. For those who prefer reputable hostels

Wombat's the City Hostel London

Wombat's the city hostel london
Photo Credit: Wombat's The City Hostel London

Wombat's Hostel is a famous hostel chain in Europe. You will find them in Germany, Austria, Hungary and lastly in London, England. Once you enter Wombat's hostel, you feel their positive vibes and energy. The quality of their rooms and common areas are definitely amongst the highest in London. Thus, here you will feel safe at all times. 

Furthermore, the hostel is only a few minutes away from famous tourist attractions such as the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the City Hall. 

Lastly, the hostel features an amazing huge bar and a courtyard for exciting evenings. Also, it has a cozy hangout area in the lobby, a large kitchen and dining area, and all the other necessities a backpacker would need during their travel.

Some quick stats:

  • Price: $$
  • Location: E1, London, England
  • Free Wifi & linen
  • Excellent overall rating

Stay at a hostel in London!

Overall, staying at a hostel is a genuinely fantastic experience. Hostels offer you the chance to meet other travelers like yourself. They allow you to share stories, tips on traveling and have delicious meals with people from all over the world. 

In London, hostels always feel quirky, colorful, or quaint and quiet. Surprisingly, they are the ultimate way to understand England's traditional lifestyle. Specifically, the pub lifestyle, the English breakfast, being part of one of the most popular cities globally, and even feel like a noble living in a mansion.

Furthermore, thanks to the friendly staff it is always easy to ask questions to find your way in the always busy London. 

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FlightDeck’s Editorial Process

In a world increasingly scarce of authenticity and trust, we want to make sure that the content we release to travelers around the world is accessible, accurate, authentic, and a-written with the same love of travel we all share.
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