What’s the Deal With Landthere? In-depth Review

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What’s the Deal With Landthere? In-depth Review
We take a deeper look into Landthere, an accommodation solution for digital nomads. We take a look at the locations, prices, reviews, and other important considerations before booking a stay with Landthere.
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Update: Landthere's website has shut down. To my research, there has been no announcement on their social media nor on their website of them either shutting down temporarily or permenantly.

Are you a remote worker with dreams of spending some time in Europe? Have you been intrigued by the idea of community remote workspaces abroad? If either of these sounds like you, Landthere might be a great fit for you. 

Wondering who they are? Fear not, we’re here to help. Read on for all the deets!

If you’re looking for other companies that help facilitate remote work abroad, you can also check out our reviews of OutsiteHacker Paradise, and Wifi Tribe. We have loads more reviews and intel on our blog, so be sure to take a peek!

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Image Courtesy: Landthere

What is Landthere?

Landthere offers “culturally immersive” packages to allow you to travel to one of their locations, and focus on your work while getting to soak in all the joys of traveling.

You will have a personal coordinator who helps you find the best must-sees in your city, and all locations come equipped with coworking spaces perfect for a remote worker. The local support team also speaks the local language so they can assist with any language barriers at the start!

In addition to workspaces, Landthere provides you with the whole package, including accommodation.

Not only will the high-speed internet support your Zoom calls and Teams IM chats, but it’ll be there to help you unwind at the end of the day (or to research the best eateries in your city)! You’ll also be treated to fully functioning kitchens and washers/dryers so you can live your best remote worker life while abroad.

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Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


While Landthere’s locations are restricted to Europe, they aren’t available in every country.

Their current locations span five countries and six cities. You can book one of their packages in the following cities:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Liverpool, England, UK
  • London, England, UK
  • Venice, Italy

There are also hints at an upcoming location in Miami, Florida!

landthere international locations
Image Courtesy: Landthere

Accommodation Options

When you’re working from home, you want to make sure you can separate your work and home life.

One way to do that is by having a nice place to sleep at night, and to get those three Rs (rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation). Landthere does an excellent job at picking quality living spaces in central locations to help you feel your best so you can conquer the city when you’re not working. 

Not every city will offer the same amenities, so we’ve compiled what the accommodations look like into a handy list so you can reference that if you’re trying to decide where to stay! 

  • Barcelona: one-bedroom apartment
  • Berlin: one-bedroom apartment with housekeeping
  • Dublin: StayCity Dublin (one minute from the workspace)
  • Liverpool: accommodation is in the city center with housekeeping 
  • London: one bedroom serviced apartment (there are apartments available in various locations around London)
  • Venice: StayCity Venice Mestre (eight minutes from the workspace)

All accommodation comes with enhanced cleaning, high-speed WiFi, a kitchen, and a washer/dryer. In select cities (Berlin, Liverpool, and London), you can opt to have your accommodation be non serviced for stays of over 30 days. 

landthere website bookings
Image Courtesy: Landthere

Cultural activities

Landthere offers more than just a workspace and a place to sleep.

Once you book your accommodation, you’ll receive information about additional cultural activities available to you. These are completely optional, and you can opt to take part in them or use them as inspiration for your own travel adventures.

Activities might include tourist attraction tickets, sightseeing tours, networking events, or even language classes so you can add a new skill to your CV!

What are people saying about Landthere?

Landthere was founded in 2020 and launched in 2021, so, unfortunately, no reviews are circulating online at the time of publication. Their website is also currently fairly bare-bones, and seems to be in the process of adding more details and pages. 

Landthere's Cost

Since Landthere operates in several cities, the nightly rate will vary based on where you want to go, and how long you want to stay.

You can check the availability in any given city to get a quote for how long you’d like to stay. Since there aren’t flat rates, we’ll provide you with example costs for a 30 night stay from 14 September - 14 October to give you an idea of prices:

  • Barcelona: $153.60/night
  • Berlin: $114.26/night
  • Dublin: $60.38/night
  • Liverpool: $143.29/night
  • London: $239.89/night
  • Venice: $55.66/night

Prices lessen per night the longer you stay. You can secure your stay with a €150 deposit, and then pay the remaining balance 30 days before your departure. 

Included in the costs is comprehensive medical and travel insurance. This is a great perk, especially if you’re planning on spending a decent amount of time abroad. You’ll also have the option to extend your coverage to include your work equipment if you want to do so. 

Not included in your costs are flights to your destination, any visa-related expenditures, food, and anything you might spend doing touristy things. 

landthere workspaces and location
Image Courtesy: Landthere


Curious about how remote working from abroad works? Want to read about top things to do in the city you’ll be visiting? Landthere has a recently launched blog that contains articles covering all aspects of remote work, including doing it from abroad.

Other considerations

While Landthere is designed to accommodate remote workers, one thing they cannot do is ensure your company is on board with remote work from Europe.

Be sure to notify your employers of your intentions to ensure everything is above board. Also be aware that depending on your citizenship (and visa requirements), you are not automatically allowed to work remotely as a tourist.

Make sure to do your reading on that information to double-check all the legalities of working remotely from Europe (or anywhere else)!

working remotely and enjoying the experience with landthere
Image Courtesy: Landthere

Verdict: Is Landthere Worth It?

Since Landthere is a newer company, it’s hard to say confidently whether it would be worth the nightly cost associated for those who want to work remotely abroad.

If you’re keen on having designated workspaces available to you and having local coordinators to facilitate the travel side of things, it might be worth exploring Landthere as a potential avenue to doing time working remotely abroad. 

Our Rating: 3.1/5


  • Opt-in events/activities
  • Comprehensive package


  • Lacks Verification Process
  • New company
  • European countries only
  • Expensive for short stays

Use Pilot Instead!

If you’re keen on remote work abroad, but Landthere doesn’t feel right for you, there are other options out there!

Whether you’re looking to book a trip through an organizer or planning your own, you should give Pilot a try!

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Disclosure: Pilot is supported by our community. We may earn a small commission fee with affiliate links on our website. All reviews and recommendations are independent and do not reflect the official view of Pilot.

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