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4 Best Rio de Janeiro Tours you can't miss in 2022!

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July 26, 2022
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Amanda Lawrence
Amanda Lawrence
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Have you ever wanted to travel to Rio de Janeiro, brazil, but were overwhelmed by the tour packages and companies? Traveling to this Brazilian seaside city doesn't have to be complicated! This guide will show you some unique and in-depth tours in Rio de Janeiro that give you the most bang for your buck!

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Rio de Janeiro is a bustling seaside city with pristine white sand beaches, surrounded by beautiful mountains. 

Rio is lovely to visit at any time of year, but the best time to visit would be between December and March when the temperatures are the most pleasant. However, February is also a popular month due to the celebration of Carnival. 

A tour is one of the best ways to see Rio de Janerio if you are visiting for the first time or coming back to explore more. But the tour options online can be overwhelming, and it's hard to know which tour would suit you. That's why we created this guide!

In this article, we will go in-depth on a few Rio de Janerio tours that we think will give you the best experience for the cost and help make your trip to Rio de Janerio a memorable one! 

Rio de Janeiro tours
Image courtesy of Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

4 Best Single-Day Tours in Rio de Janerio!

1. Guided Bike Tours in Small Groups

Hosted by: Rio by Bike

Length: 3, 4, or 7 hours

Price: Depending on the length - $42.81, $53.51, or $240.82 (for two people)

Rio by Bike will take you on a guided bicycle tour through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rio. 

This scenic bike tour is perfect for those who want to explore Rio uniquely and safely. Depending on the length, you can visit different neighborhoods. 

Where will you go?

On the 3-hour tour, you will visit famous Rio highlights like Copacabana beach and Sugarloaf mountain, as well as some neighborhoods like Botafogo. 

The 4-hour tour and 7-hour tour takes you to additional places like Flamengo Park and the colorful Selaron steps.

What will you do?

Your experienced local guide will take you through Rio like a local, helping you navigate traffic while providing information on the scenery around you. If you choose the 7-hour tour, a delicious local lunch is provided along the way. 

Why This Tour? 

This tour is provided by a local company and guide that can show you Rio de Janerio from a locals perspective. 

The intimate small group setting is perfect for making new friends, and the flexible cancellation policy allows you to cancel right up until the day before your tour if you change your mind or your plans.

This tour includes a mix of famous landmarks and hidden gems to give you an authentic and enjoyable day while checking some boxes off your must-see list. 

The three tour lengths also allow for more flexibility when deciding which itinerary is best for you.

Rio island
Image Courtesy of Cerqueira on Unsplash

2. Pedra da Gávea Guided Hike Tour 

Hosted by: Nattrip Ecotourism and Adventure

Length: 8 hours

Price: Depending on transportation options $53.25, $78.67

Jump or be thrown out of your comfort zone! 

This tour is an authentic adventurer's tour, not for the faint of heart. Nattrip Ecotourism and Adventure will take you on one of the most challenging hikes in Rio to the summit of Pedra da Gavea, which is over 842 meters above sea level. 

On this tour, you should be prepared for ticky terrain, the use of ropes, high heights, and the most beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro you will ever see!

Where will you go?

On this 8-hour hiking adventure, you will trek up the ​​Pedra da Gavea, a towering mountain in the mountain in Tijuca Forest. 

The spectacular view of the Bay of Guanabara and some of Rio's famous beaches are worth the challenging trek. 

What will you do?

Get in more than your daily 10,000 steps with this tour! 

Your experienced guide will make sure you and the rest of the group stay safe and healthy as you trek to the top of the Pedra da Gavea to take in the views. Your local guide will also help you spot animals and birds native to the area.

Why this tour?

This tour provides accident insurance for all guests. It is perfect for adventure junkies who want to try this challenging hike with the safety net of a local guide. 

It is the best way to experience a genuine thrill without much risk, and the one-of-a-kind views at the top will be the cherry on top of a fantastic day.

3. 6-Stop Highlights of Rio with Lunch

Hosted by: Rio Carioca Tours

Length: 9 hours

Price: $96.33

Where will you go? 

You don't need many days in Rio to see all it offers! Explore all the incredible sights in Rio de Janerio on this 8-hour guided tour from Rio Carioca Tours

This tour hits some main attractions like Sugarloaf Mountain, Maracanã Stadium, Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, Sambadome, and Christ the Redeemer.

What will you do?

In the morning, head off to visit Christ the Redeemer and take in the sweeping views of Rio de Janerio. Your guide will then take you to Sugarloaf mountain on the famous cable car. After enjoying a local buffet lunch, you will visit the colorful Selarón Steps and see the stained glass inside the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Next up is a visit to the famous Maracanã Stadium and Sambadome and learn more about the Brazilian passion for football and samba. 

After your adventurous day of sightseeing, you'll have to check out the nightlife in Rio de Janerio to complete the experience!

Why this tour?

This tour hits all the notes in one day, making it easy to visit plenty of Rio de Janeiro's top attractions without all the fuss of getting from A to B. 

It includes a local lunch, transportation, and a guide, so all your daily needs are taken care of. 

The cancellation policy is super flexible, giving you until 24 hours before the trip to change your mind and receive a full refund.

Rio de Janeiro excursions
Photo by Thales Botelho de Sousa on Unsplash

4. Rio's Best Hidden Beaches Small Group Tour

Hosted by: Viação Normandy do Triângulo

Length: 6 hours

Price: $100

Where will you go?

Grab your sunglasses and hat! S2 Rio takes you along all of the best-hidden gem beaches near Rio de Janerio. 

First, you will stop at São Conrado to take in the sights and try and spot some hang gliders. 

Afterward, you will go west to one of the newer regions of the city, Barra da Tijuca, heading along the coast and stopping at other beaches like Pepe, Barra da Tijuca, Reserva, and Recreio dos Bandeirantes. 

Finally, rest at Macumba, Prainha, and Grumari beach. These three beaches are nestled in a national park to enjoy the pristine white sand beaches and take a dip!

What will you do?

Along this tour, you can relax and enjoy the calming waves at some of Rio's best hidden-gem beaches. Enjoy food from a local beach stand, stroll in the rolling surf or take a dip in the South Atlantic!

Why this tour?

This tour is perfect if you are looking to trade the heat of the city for the heat of the beach! 

Not only do you avoid all the crowds, but you get to check out some of the less touristy beaches, where the people of Rio de Janerio come to swim and relax. Avoid all the stress of driving in Rio traffic on this convenient, guided tour. 

Rio de Janeiro beaches
Photo by Antônia Felipe on Unsplash

Get Touring and Start Planning

Visiting this vibrant city is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Everything will run smoothly if you have a plan. Whether you are going alone or on one of these tours in Rio de Janeiro, you'll need the perfect travel plan and should give Pilot a try!

Pilot is your brand-new travel planner that helps you discover and build travel itineraries connecting you to resources everywhere. Make the planning experience more fun by collaborating with your travel buddies! Pilot makes it fun and easy to share and relive your favorite travel memories with many useful features! 

Did we mention that it's completely free? Try it out now! 

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June 16, 2022

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