Air Malta Review [2022]: Is it a reliable & trustworthy airline?

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September 20, 2022
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Robin Boch
Robin Boch
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What's it like to fly with Air Malta? Are the cheap and convenient flights worth the overall experience? Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of traveling with Air Malta!

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Planning an upcoming trip to the dreamy country of Malta? Whether you want to explore the charming coastal towns of Valletta and Sliema or Malta's sister island, Gozo, you'll need to find a way to get to Malta International Airport (MLA) first.

Chances are, you've found plenty of flights to MLA through Air Malta.

Air Malta is a smaller airline that only transports passengers between Malta and nearby countries. Unless you travel to Malta, it's not an airline you'd usually come across. That's why I'm doing a deep dive to figure out if flying with Air Malta is worth it!

Before booking a trip with Air Malta or any airline, be sure to learn about the ins and outs of the company. It's also always good to find out what other customers have to say about their experiences. 

So, let's get started with all things Air Malta!

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What is Air Malta?

The Maltese government established Air Malta in 1973. Since then, the airline has expanded. Air Malta has purchased additional planes and added new routes between Malta and various destinations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Air Malta is still the flag carrier airline of Malta. Its headquarters are in Luqua, Malta and its hub is at Malta International Airport.

Because of recent financial problems, there are rumored plans to dissolve the Air Malta company. If this happens, passengers who've already bought tickets will likely receive a refund or be rebooked with the replacement airline that would succeed Air Malta.

Popular Malta airlines: Air Malta vs. Malta Air

With their almost identical names, Air Malta is often confused with the company Malta Air. Even though they sound similar and both offer frequent flights to Malta, they're completely unrelated companies. 

Air Malta and Malta Air have different flight schedules, baggage policies, etc., and Malta Air is a Ryanair subsidiary.

Make sure you get the names right during your flight planning process! It's an easy mistake to make that might make or break your trip.

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Image courtesy of Air Malta

Where does Air Malta fly?

You guessed it, Air Malta flies to and from Malta International Airport (MLA). This is the only airport in the country and is located in Luqa, about a 20-minute drive to Valletta, Malta's capital.

Air Malta flies passengers between Malta International Airport and over 35 destinations in 20 countries. Popular routes include flights between Malta and London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Zurich.

Earn frequent flyer miles with Air Malta Partners

Just a reminder that Air Malta isn't related to Malta Air or Ryanair!

Air Malta's airline partners are Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines. So, if you're a frequent flyer on either of these airlines, you can earn and redeem frequent flyer miles! Air Malta refers to the miles as "Kmiles".

How to book, change, or cancel an Air Malta trip

After researching different flight options, you might find that Air Malta offers the best flight for your trip. 

Great! You can then book your flight directly on Air Malta's website. You can also book extras, such as a business class upgrade or additional baggage.

Decide to move your trip to another day? Or do you want to cancel the trip altogether? No worries! You can change or cancel an Air Malta reservation at any time. 

Manage your trip directly on the Air Malta website or contact Air Malta's customer service for help with this.

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Image courtesy of Air Malta

Air Malta Baggage Fees

When it comes to your Air Malta baggage allowance, the airline offers all passengers at least two free small bags. The total number of pieces and allowed weight of the bags is based on the type of ticket you buy. 

Carry-on luggage: 

  • Passengers who booked the cheaper class options, including Sale, Go Light, Go Safe, So Smart, and Go Flex, are allowed one piece of hand baggage (40x55x25cms) and one small bag (40x30x15cms). 
  • All other ticket options include two pieces of hand baggage (40x55x25cms each). These options are usually a bit more pricey.

Checked luggage: 

For the checked bag allowance, there's a big difference among classes. 

  • Sale and Go Light passengers don't receive free checked bags, though they can add a checked bag to their ticket for an additional fee. 
  • If you've booked Go Safe, Go Smart, or Go Flex ticket you can check one free 23kg-bag. 
  • Business passengers can check one free 32kg-bag. 
  • Smart Business and Business Freedom passengers can check two free 32kg-bags. 

Air Malta's Food and Drink Options

When it comes to food and drinks, Air Malta doesn't offer economy passengers complimentary refreshments. But you can purchase meal deals, snacks, and more from Air Malta's in-flight catering menu

Business class passengers get complimentary meals and drinks on most Air Malta flights. 

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Photo by Isaac Struna on Unsplash

Air Malta Customer Service

If you have any general queries, you can contact Air Malta's customer service department through telephone, email, or an online form.

If you have a question about a specific Air Malta flight reservation or want to make or change a booking, then you can call +356 21 662 211.

But it's worth noting that customers tend to complain about delays and unresponsiveness from Air Malta customer service, especially when requesting refunds and retrieving lost luggage.

Air Malta Reviews

No matter how good of a deal the flight is, you always want to get a second opinion before booking! 

Negative Air Malta reviews are typically related to customer service and communication issues. 

Many customers have experienced flight delays, cancellations, overbookings, and lost luggage. They also tend to report a long response time and delays in receiving refunds.

However, there are plenty of very satisfied Air Malta customers as well! People are pleased with the airline's value, cleanliness, comfortable seats, good legroom, and hospitality.

The overall onboard experience when flying with Air Malta seems better than that of many competing airlines.

Are Air Malta flights worth it?

When the price is right, Air Malta can be a great way to get you to and from Malta!

Air Malta is a reliable and safe way to get between Malta and other nearby countries. Prices are often similar to budget airlines such as Transavia and Vueling

Air Malta offers all passengers at least two small pieces of baggage, as well as a positive inflight experience. 

On the downside, many customers have complaints about customer service and communication with the company. 

These drawbacks can influence passengers' overall experience. We recommend being extra-prepared for your Air Malta flight to reduce potential issues in advance.

Our Rating: 3.8/5


  • Budget-friendly ticket prices
  • Cleanliness and hospitality
  • Luggage allowance higher than most budget airlines


  • Frequent flight delays and cancellations
  • Issues with customer service and communication
  • Limited refreshments and entertainment offerings
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Photo by Mike Nahlii on Unsplash

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September 20, 2022

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