Best Airbnbs in Paris: Find and Book All the Hidden Gems! [Guide]

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Best Airbnbs in Paris: Find and Book All the Hidden Gems! [Guide]
Airbnb is most people's solution when it comes to budget accommodations, but there are a bunch of hidden gems in Paris that'll take your breath away. Check out our top recommended places!
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While scouring through the neighborhoods of France to look for an amazing place to stay might seem like taking a page out of soap operas, the reality is most definitely different.

Sure, booking a hostel in Paris might be a great way to save money on accommodation while you travel, sometimes you want to treat yourself to a nice, unshared space. It’s true that many hostels have private rooms, but nothing can compare to coming back after a long day of sightseeing to a space that’s your own.

If that’s a priority for you, you might want to stay at an Airbnb in Paris. Keep reading for tips on where to find the best Airbnbs in Paris!

Where to stay in Paris

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements. They each have their own feel and their own tourist attractions. That being said, they aren’t all tourist hot spots. Parisian sights are spread out all over the city, so no matter where you stay, you won’t be near everything. For that reason, be sure to find a place to stay that’s near a metro station to make transport easier!

The arrondissements start north of the Seine and swirl out clockwise. The 1st through seventh arrondissements are the most centrally located, but none of them are too far out that you’ll feel removed from Paris. The more central you stay, the closer you are to the famous landmarks. These arrondissements are also the most walkable.

paris neighborhoods diagram
Image Courtesy: Sapphire & Elm Travel Co

Quartiers in Paris

In addition to arrondissements, there are distinct neighborhoods in Paris, called quartiers. If you’re looking to browse Airbnbs specifically by quartier, follow the links below to see all that each quartier has to offer!

Top rated Airbnbs 

Similarly to hostels, there are Airbnbs for every price point, and vibe. You might want a bed and breakfast, a full apartment to yourself, or anything in between. There are over 500 properties in Paris, but we’ll give you some recommendations to make looking feel a little less overwhelming. 

Studio near Republique Square

With a superhost, it’s no surprise this rental has a rating of 4.76 stars/5 from its 288 reviews. Near Goncourt (metro stop), this studio has a washer, kitchen, cooking basics, linens, WiFi, and one queen sized bed. Reservations start at €49/night.


This rental describes itself as a “small cocoon,” but you’ll find yourself near must-sees like the Musée d’Orsay, and the Jardin Luxembourg. Hosted by another superhost, you’ll enjoy your stay in this homely space complete with kitchen, cooking basics, and linens. This rental is located on the fifth floor with no elevator. Reservations start at €97/night.

Private room near l’Arc de Triomphe

If you’re alright with a private room in a flat, this cozy space is perfect for you (and good for budget travelers as well). Complete with a lock for your private room, you’ll also have access to the shared facilities in the flat like a washer, kitchen, linens, and WiFi. There are two beds in the space, but you would only occupy both if you booked with a friend. Reservations start at €35/night. 

Private room close to arc de triomphe
Photo by Paris Photographer | Février Photography on Unsplash


A popular form of rental in Paris are lofts! Since many apartments in Paris are on the smaller side, these take the most advantage of all the space available to you, in a fashionable way. As this is Paris, the cost of such rentals can massively vary, but here are three recommendations for budget conscious lofts in Paris!

5th floor Champs Elysées dream

With a 4.78 star rating, this loft space is not only fully stocked with a kitchen (and an elevator), but it’s located within a five minute walk of the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées. Reservations start at €54/night.

Five star rated location

Located almost right on the Champs-Elysées, this is another centrally located, 4.73 star rated loft. You’ll find a newly renovated space complete with kitchen, free parking, room darkening shades, linens (replaced every week for stays over seven days), and WiFi. You’ll never be far from the action here. Reservations start at €56/night.

Cozy loft in Canal St Martin

If the trendier corners of Paris feel more like what you’re looking for, this loft couldn’t be more perfect. With two beds, it’s an ideal space for traveling with friends, and the kitchen spaces means you can take full advantage of the entire rental. With a washer and patio as well, this would make for a cozy space for a longer rental as well. Reservations start at €53/night. 

Airbnb near cozy loft in canal st martin
Photo by Marie Dehayes on Unsplash

For the views

Paris’ skyline is iconic in more ways than one, and what better way to enjoy it than in an Airbnb with a view? For a picturesque setting, check out these rentals!

Eiffel Tower views

For a quintessential Parisian view, this terraced rental will give you beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower as you step out to enjoy a fresh air breakfast, or a nightcap under the stars. Complete with everything you could need for a perfect stay, this unit also allows pets if you travel with your furry friends. Located within a two minute walk of Sacre Coeur, you’ll be a few steps away from must see attractions. Reservations start at €107/night. 

Over the rooftops of Paris

Another located near Sacre Coeur, this unit is perfect for up to three guests. With a 7th floor (don’t worry, there’s an elevator) terrace, you’ll be able to fully bathe in the sunlight both inside, and on the balcony. With a 4.9 star rating and a superhost, this is a perfect place to stay during your sejour in Paris. Reservations start at €115/night.

rooftop airbnbs with a view in paris
Photo by Isaiah Bekkers on Unsplash

Paris Experiences

In addition to offering you a place to stay while in Paris, Airbnb also offers experiences. These are in person activities hosted by locals to help you experience the area. You could learn to bake a croissant, go on a walking tour, or even have a photoshoot. There are so many fun experiences from which you can choose to make your trip to Paris that much more memorable! You don’t have to be staying in an Airbnb property to take advantage of experiences. For a full list of experiences in Paris, head here!

Newly introduced as well are online experiences! You can book these from the comfort of your home, and take part in them from anywhere in the world. There aren’t as many options for online experiences, but they exist if you’d like to give them a try. 

airbnb in paris with great host experiences
Image Courtesy: Airbnb

Airbnb tips

While booking an Airbnb is fairly straightforward, it’s important to know that the nightly cost is not the entire sum you’ll be paying. When you input your reservation details, your full price will be quoted to you, which will include a service fee, cleaning fee, and taxes. 

Something else to know is that in Paris, entire units (this doesn’t apply to private rooms) can only be rented out for a maximum of 120 days during a year. Due to this, many spaces aren’t available year round, so keep that in mind as you browse! If you'd like to see other options, why not check out some of the amazing hostels in Paris that will surely not disappoint?

view overlooking paris france
Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

Allons-y à Paris!

Airbnbs are a great alternative to hostels, especially if you’re someone who wants their own space.

As always when booking accommodation, be sure to read the reviews carefully, and do your research for location. That being said, no matter where you choose to stay in Paris, you won’t be lacking for choice of what to do!

If you’re headed to Paris, be sure to check out our helpful posts about what to eat in Paris, what to do at nightday trips to take, and what souvenirs to buy to ensure you’re fully prepared!

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