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What's Up With the Travel App Lambus? An In-Depth Guide and Review

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February 9, 2022
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Miriam Jaffe
Miriam Jaffe
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Find out everything you'll need about Lambus, the "all-in-one" travel platform, including all of their features, pricing, and an in-depth review from us. Find out who they are and what they're offering now!

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While traveling is exciting, sometimes the planning isn’t, especially if you’re traveling with friends. Between having to comb through all the blogs of what to do, finding the best hostel rates, and booking everything, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed. One way you might combat this stress is by using a travel planning app. While there are many out there, we’re going to be focusing on reviewing Lambus today. Read on to find out all you need to know about this app, and whether it would work for your next adventure!

Lambus travel app logo.
Image Courtesy: Lambus

What is Lambus?

Lambus calls itself your “travel companion for every step of the journey.” You can access Lambus’ services on iOS, Android, or online by creating a free account. They break down your travel adventure into six steps (note that some features are only available with a Lambus PRO subscription):

  • Dreaming: With Lambus Discover, you can explore potential destinations, bookmark them for inspiration, or import them as a trip to start your planning. You can also use this section to add to your travel bucket list!
  • Planning: Lambus aims to support you as you plan your trip. Using an interactive map, you can plot “waypoints” of places you want to visit, and share it with your travel buddies so they can all see the itinerary grow in real time. They can also contribute waypoint ideas. You can also access shared notes where you and all your friends going along with you can plan, dream, or create important must dos together
  • Booking: Using Lambus’ booking partners, you can find the best offers for your travel (planes, hostels, etc…). Once you’ve made your booking, you can import it and all your necessary travel documents into the app for easy access. You can also find a handy splitting cost feature so you can easily keep track of who owes what to whom!
  • Before Departure: With Lambus, you can easily save all your important documents (like boarding passes, vaccination cards, etc…) in one place. You also have access to flight status updates, and for all your friends and family staying at home, you can export your trip into a PDF for their reference (or for yours if you’re going somewhere without internet)
  • On The Way: While you travel you can continue using Lambus to document your expenses, quickly determine exchange rates with foreign currencies, upload photos to share with your travel group, or find new fun things to do near where you’re staying or visiting.
  • Back Home: Once you get back home, you can use Lambus to export your expenses into an Excel spreadsheet (perfect for being able to figure out exactly how much you spent while traveling, as well as see exactly who owes what to whom so you can easily repay it).

Lambus is a German start up, founded in 2018. While it is fairly new on the market, it has received good reviews, and could be a valuable asset to your next travel adventure! Lambus also holds a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. Due to being founded in Germany, Lambus features are available in German and English. 

Lambus app preview and instructions.
Image Courtesy: Deutsche Bahn

How to use Lambus

The first step to using Lambus is to create an account. You can do this on the web, or through the app on your phone. You can then start planning your trip, and share it with friends so you can plan together in real time if you’d like! Your trips are stored offline as well, so you can access all your plans whether you have internet or not. 

The best part? The basic features of Lambus are free to use for you and your friends!

Lambus app preview.
Image Courtesy: Apple App Store

Lambus PRO

If you’re wanting to add to your Lambus experience, you can upgrade to the PRO subscription. For a one time fee (either annually or pay per trip), you’ll have access to additional features to make your travel planning that much easier. This will give you access to extended route planning, expenses export function, real-time weather updates, foreign currency conversion, unlimited data storage, packing lists, and access to flight compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled!

Lambus PRO will cost you €9.99 to use for one trip, or €24.99 for an annual purchase, which can be used on unlimited trips during your year of subscription.

Blog inspiration

While the Lambus app and website are super beneficial for planning your travel, what about if you don’t even know where you want to go yet? That’s where the Lambus blog comes in handy! There you’ll find guides for cities all over the world, travel tips, travel inspiration, and more. You can use it to fulfill some wanderlust, or to start figuring out where you want to go next. 

Lambus on Social Media

If you’re wanting to follow Lambus for updates on how they improve their features (they are a start up after all), you can follow them on Facebook, or Instagram. You might get some travel inspiration there, too!

Have questions about using Lambus? Check out their FAQ page to see if it’s answered there!

Lambus all-in-one travel platform advertisement.
Image Courtesy: Lambus

Is Lambus worth it?

As a free app and website, Lambus is full of helpful information, and makes it easy to plan a trip by yourself, or with friends.

You can plot out all of your destinations, make custom itineraries, and easily keep track of all your expenditures. These are great features to have while planning a trip somewhere, by yourself, or with others!

If you’re not feeling like Lambus is quite right for you, did you know that Pilot also has a travel app to help make your plans and itinerary? It’s free, and you can plan alongside your friends to make the adventure of a lifetime.

Sign up here to give it a whirl -  we know you want to try it!

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October 21, 2021

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