Where to Stay in Rome: Best Neighborhoods and Times to Visit

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April 28, 2022
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Mousumi Gharami
Mousumi Gharami
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When in Rome, well, you know the rest! Because, the Italian capital is a world in itself. Starting from a timeless historical journey to the modern urban jungle, Rome has come a long way. As a travel destination, Rome is one of a kind. You can catch spectacular sunsets, blazing nightlife, friendly neighborhoods, and unique cuisines to treat yourself with.

If you're looking for places to stay outside of Rome, we've got you covered as well. Why not check out our guides of neighborhoods to stay in Amsterdam, or the amazing places to stay in Madrid?

As for Rome itself, if you are planning to trip around the Eternal City, Pilot is at your service. We’ll find the best neighborhoods with cheaper deals on accommodations. Read on.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Rome?

Well, if you visit Rome during the summer season, you will likely face a tourist storm. June to August is the peak season for tourists, and the climate stays warm and humid. The hotel rates also spike around this time of year. If you plan to visit during this time, make your ticket reservations at least six months prior.

However, we recommend you to visit Rome between October to April. You'll face little to no tourist surge, so the prices will also drop. With exceptions like Christmas in December and Easter in March or April, the hotel prices remain reasonable. The temperature is unlikely to reach below the freezing point, but you'll need some warm clothes. However, if you're in a time crunch, then we suggest you make a list like what to see in Rome for three days.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Rome?

Now that you've got a general idea of the best times to visit Rome, we've got the the important question of the hour.
You might be wondering, what is the best area to stay in in Rome? 
Well, the answer is, Many! But you need to think of your pocket too. We list out a handful of affordable staying options around the best neighborhoods in Rome.

Near Piazza Navona – Rome City Center

Places to stay near Rome City center, the Piazza Navona
Courtesy of Turismo Roma

Wondering, where should I stay in Roman City Center? Well, you’ll find plenty of accommodations near Piazza Navona. The most popular attractions like Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain are nearby. However, the hotel prices are slightly high, and you won't find any metro stations nearby. But if you love strolling around, this area is your game.

For budget-friendly accommodations, you can try Baghirova In Rome Guest House. It is a fantastic architecture built around the 16th century. New Luxury Sweet Home Cappellari – Campo dei Fiori is another option. It provides cheap accommodations with clean rooms, free Wi-Fi, and allows you to prepare your own Italian Meal in the kitchen.

Trastevere – The Bohemian Neighborhood

If you like to party, Trastevere is the place for you. The area has countless bars and restaurants to check out. The neighborhood is bohemian and friendly. Since it’s close to the river, it appears vibrant and energetic. Although you won’t find nearby metro stations, trams will connect you with the entire city.

For pocket-friendly shelters, check out Landlord. It is one of the cheapest places in Rome, ideal for backpackers. You can also try Trastevere’s friends. With beds, spacious rooms, complimentary breakfast, and a lounge, the place is great for budget travelers. 

Monti – Find Shelter Near the Mighty Colosseum

If you're looking for a place to stay in close proximity to the Colosseum, then Monti is for you. The area has a calm and classy neighborhood. You can also find countless bars, pubs, and restaurants nearby. All the major tourist attractions are in proximity, except the Vatican Museums. Apart from the Colosseum, other famous nearby attractions are the Piazza Venezia and Roman Forum.

For some budget-friendly accommodations, you can try Mecenate Rooms. The place is perfect for anyone wandering on budget, including couples. You can find private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, a TV, and breakfast. You can also go for B&B Colosseo Panoramic Rooms. Its location is right athwart the mighty Colosseum, so close that you might get a glimpse of the Colosseum from some rooms.

Prati – Live Near the Amazing Vatican

Comfy room to stay at in Prati Rome, near the amazing Vatican

It is a small district of Rome. River Tiber can be seen on one of its sides. The Vatican can be seen on its other side. The area is quite big. Thus, make certain to find accommodations near the Vatican as well as a metro station. Even though Prati is far away from most of the major attractions, it is near the Vatican, and that says it all. 

For pocket-friendly places, you can try A Peace Of Rome. The location is just 7 minutes walk from the Vatican. It is a historic place that offers modern furniture and comfortable rooms. You can also try Saint Peter’s Keys. It is ideal for backpackers and solo travelers with clean beds, spacious rooms, and breakfast included.

Near The Spanish Steps – For The Shopping Freaks and Fashionistas

The Spanish Steps is easily one of the famous tourist spots around Rome. The steps begin from Piazza di Spagna and stop at Piazza Trinità dei Monti. You can easily find a plethora of hotels and plenty of amusing things, like Piazza di Spagna to Pincio Hill. The area speaks fashion so you can also find various shopping malls.

For budget-friendly accommodations, you can try Condotti Boutique Hotel. The place is right around the infamous Spanish rooms. It offers cozy rooms yet comfortable and decorated. Another option is Rhona’s Rooms. It’s right near the Via dei Condotti, and is just 200m away from the Spanish Steps.

Esquilino – The Public Transportation Hub

Courtesy of Airbnb

It is very likely for you to visit Termini Station while in Rome. If you visit Rome by train, then finding accommodations near Termini is an excellent choice. Even though this is not the cleanest area in Rome, you can easily find some budget options to stay.

For cheap accommodations, you can try Freedom Love B&B. It is a perfect place for couples with clean and comfortable rooms. Another option is Smooth Hotel Rome Termini. The rooms are small but classy, and the location is just 10 mins walk from the station.

Plan Your Visit to Rome!

While we talk about cheaper accommodations, we don't mean dirty or any less maintained ones. The list we provide here and anywhere on our blogs are always quality yet budget accommodation that many others also consider as prime locations to stay in popular destinations like Rome!

After you've decided on which neighborhood to stay in, find your best solution on hotel bookings with our Travel Planner App. And if you still need motivation regarding fixing your trip, do consider checking out our newsletter FlightDeck. It contains much more travel content targeted directly at those who takes travel to heart, from our own community submitted crazy travel stories to breaking new travel news.

Happy Staycation!

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June 3, 2021

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