BÉIS Luggage Review [2024]: Does it live up to its popularity?

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BÉIS Luggage Review [2024]: Does it live up to its popularity?
Looking at BÉIS luggage for your next travel luggage to bring on your adventures? Not sure if they're as good as they sound? I went through thousands of reviews in-depth so you won't have to. Find out what I really think of BÉIS!
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On FlightDeck, we've covered an extensive bunch of luggage brands, like Away, Monos, and even Samsonite.

I'm a firm believer of owning a quality suitcase that'll last a long time. Being a frequent traveler myself, I'm always on the lookout of the next travel suitcase to bring with me on all my travel adventures.

I've recently came across Beis Luggage and thought to myself, is this it? Can BÉIS really be the lightweight and feature-rich suitcase I've been looking for?

I've done all the research so you won't have to. Here's what you'll need to know that most suitcase reviews don't mention, including whether BÉIS luggage is for you.

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What Is BÉIS Luggage?

BÉIS is founded by the famous Canadian "Pretty Little Liars" actress Shay Mitchell. Founded in 2018, Beis aimed to disrupt the typical travel luggage industry by offering a travel suitcase brand that's lightweight, versatile, and stylish, all whilst being affordable.

Shay built Beis with the mission of making chic luggage available to everyone.

BÉIS claims to have created bags with function in mind. Comfy straps and plenty of space to store your travel goodies included, for example. Beis range includes large suitcases for travel and carry-on totes that can double up as a gym pack. Plus, a whole bunch of accessories.

From neutral colors to bags made from recycled materials, BÉIS has created multiple collections for every travel occasion.

Love the look of its luggage? Keep an eye out for the regular special offers at BÉIS.

Quick summary of BÉIS top features:

  • Quality and durable material, fit for long term use.
  • Built-in weight indicators.
  • 2-in zipper expander for suitcases
  • Chic yet comfortable to carry around
  • TSA-Approved locks
  • Exterior straps & trolly-compatible design.
beis luggage shay mitchell
Image courtesy of BÉIS

BÉIS Overview: Best Sellers + What's great about them

Beis range of chic, minimalist product essentials packs it all.

Let's review some of Beis Luggage products and what they have to offer. Keep in mind almost all of their product comes with Beis Limited Lifetime Luggage Warranty.

While most of Beis products are covered here, Beis offer a whole bunch of accessories like packing cubes, luggage covers, wallets, and cosmetic cases. I personally think that unless you love the design, you can definitely get these for cheap elsewhere.

Keep in mind that the prices are in USD and availability mentioned below may fluctuate. For the most up-to-date pricing, features, and availability, make sure to check Beis official site!

Carry-on Rollers

Price: $198

Beis hard shell Carry-on Rollers is one of their best sellers for travelers. It's ideal small carry-on size accomodates the travelers who love to pack light and also helps avoid paying for a checked bag fee.

The Carry-on Rollers, as the name suggests, a carry-on friendly luggage that fits in most major airline's overhead compartments. The suitcase also comes with 360˚ rolling spinner wheels. The luggage is also equipped with a cushioned, silicone grip and an expandable interior that adds an additional 2 inches.

Beis Carrry-on Rollers also comes with their standard TSA-approved lock and weight indicator.

The carry-on roller comes in 6 different varieties of colors to choose from, including Beis's classic beige, black, grey, navy, atlas-pink, and maple.

In addition, you can also go with Beis's soft-sided collapsible carry-on roller for the same price, which gives you the better ability to compact and store them and quick access to your laptop, keys, and portable charger.

BEIS Carry-on Rollers
Image courtesy of BÉIS

Check-in Rollers

Price: $298

Beis Check-in Rollers was designed to feature a chic-looking hard-sided, well-designed luggage that is both expandable and functional. This is the ideal suitcase for those that are looking for a check-in luggage that's both functional and well-designed at the same time!

The Check-in Roller comes with compression straps and dividers to help you stay organized from one place to the other. These compression flaps, straps, and a 2 inch optional expansion with pockets really helps you stay organized throughout your trip.

No more rummaging through your suitcase at the airport to look for that one thing you've packed!

The Check-in Roller also comes with a "Dirty Bag", which is Beis built-in separate pouch that helps keep your dirty clothes separated from your ready-to-wear clothes.

The large Check-in Roller suitcase comes in 21'' and 29'' inch sizes and the same 6 colors featured in the Carry-on Rollers. The 29'' suitcase is 30.5 inches tall, 18.7 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, giving you up to 112 liters of capacity to pack!

You'll also be able to get the 29'' soft-sided collapsible check-in roller in black, which comes with an easy access to the body with a zip front opening!

beis luggage
Image courtesy of BÉIS

Tote Bags


Featuring the same well-designed chic look, Beis also has a variety of work and travel tote bags. Aligned with the brand, these totes are both well-designed and functional, not to mention compatible with Beis luggages!

Whether the occasion, Beis probably has the tote for you. Some of the features that come with Beis totes are removable laptop pouches, trolley-passthroughs, water-bottle pockets, and more!

The Weekender

Looking for a stylish bag that you can pack for that end-of-the-week break? Then The Weekender could be just the bag for you!

Beis Weekender, Mini Weekender, or Convertible Weekender was Shay's first designed bag for Beis, but also the bag that emcompasses all of Beis products: chic but super functional.

With over 7500 positive reviews, The Weekender features a bottom shoe pocket, luggage strap, and a padded interior. The bag also features a padded laptop sleeve and an inside pocket fit all those cables, pens, diaries, and others.

Whether for a city break, gym, or the office, it could be your next big buy. Yes, this is the perfect bag for those looking for a weekend bag with multiple uses!

beis the weekend bag
Image courtesy of BÉIS


Price: $48-188

Beis backpacks are made for the everyday travel where luggages are too much but tote bags are too small. With different designs and compartments, Beis has just about all kinds of backpacks for any occasion you'll need them for!

beis the expandable backpak
Image courtesy of BÉIS

Where Can I Buy a BÉIS Luggage?

Looking for a place to buy a Beis luggage?

The main way to purchase a Beis product is through their main website. Just make sure you're on the right region/country!

If you're still skeptical of its functionalities and would like to try one before you buy, BÉIS has a store locator. Check out the product before you buy!

Beis ships worldwide to multiple countries.

How to Clean a BÉIS Bag

One of the most effective ways to look your best while traveling is to keep your luggage in tip-top shape.

While Beis products are affordable, they're still considered a luxury suitcase brand. With quality materials, you'll want to make sure they're well taken care of to maximize Beis luggage's lifetime.

Then you need to follow these insider luggage cleaning tips:

  • Use warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth to clean the whole of your suitcase or bag.
  • If there are tough stains, you can use a stain remover and a bit of elbow grease to remove them.
  • If you need to remove smells, use a little baking soda inside the bag or suitcase. Close it up for a few days. Then come back and hoover up the baking powder.
  • For unwanted scratches and scuffs on the outside of your suitcase, use a BÉIS Buffer (Update: It looks like they've since discontinued the product).

What Are People Saying About BÉIS Luggage?

BÉIS products look stunning and have all the features you could need in a piece of travel luggage. But how do they perform and what are Beis customers saying about the product?

Let's review what people are actually saying about Beis.

In general, the verdict from Beis luggage reviews are that people love their products! Reviewers especially love the comfort, style, and performance of the Beis luggage.

Features like expandable luggages, front pocket for accessibility, perfectly sized pouches for water bottles, and cool features like weight limit indicators are specifically mentioned by those who love Beis products!

As well as useful and ultra-functional features, people love the price tag of BÉIS's products. Reviewers say they are affordable, high quality, and actually do last! Another big consideration that travelers mentioned is that Beis product, if taken care of properly, can last quite a long time! This is perfect for frequent travelers since Beis products offer both functionality, style, and durability!

However, with every successful brand comes some constructive feedback.

Mainly, reviews of Beis Luggage frequently talks about the lack of a better customer service and lower shipping costs. One of negative feedbacks Beis got was that Beis customer support were often slow when trying to return a defective product or sending in a query.

Is this a deal breaker for everyone? Not necessarily. But when things go wrong, you may need to speak to someone.

Overall, if you can handle waiting for support, you may gain a travel bag for life. One that's both innovative in its design and completes your travel look!

BEIS Travel Carry-on Roller and Weekender bag
Image courtesy of BÉIS

Is BÉIS Luggage worth it?

As far as travelers go, luggages is a travel essentials used by all. So, is Beis luggage worth it for travelers? Are they the solution they claim to be for you?

If you're looking for a stylish yet functional quality luggage, I'd definitely say so! With features like weight-limit indicators, Beis makes it easy to lighten up the load without the need of a scale.

Not to mention, Beis has basically made a product for all of the travel occasions. Need a bag for work? Beis Work Tote. Need a travel carrier for your pets? Beis Pet Tote or Regulation Pet Carry-on. Need an everyday bag during your trip? Beis Weekender or Beis Backpack.

That said, the brand's look is very distinct. Chic, functional, and modern, to be specific. Speaking of standing out at baggage claim with a beige chic luggage! Beis products only suit a specific type of traveler and style preference, even when Beis offer other styles and colors.

Beis travel luggages are also not the most shock-resistant or durable suitcases in the market.

So, it all comes down to your personal preference of style and function. Do Beis travel bags fit your style and need? If so, I'd recommend picking up a Beis bag as your travel companion for your future adventures!

My Rating: 4.6/5


  • Chic yet functional
  • Huge range of products
  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of compartments + pouches
  • Weight-limit indicator


  • Distinct look & style
  • Slow customer service
  • High shipping rates

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